Stickman Special:  Red Shirts, On The Frontline

I am running updates covering the political protests in Thailand.  Updates will be sporadic so check in often to see what's new.

Political commentary is hardly my forte so please don't expect the same approach I take with other parts of this site where opinion and analysis play a big part.  I will merely tell you what I see with my own eyes and include a lot of photos.  That's about it.  The absence of analysis and opinion is deliberate.

Red Shirt Protest Update19 April 2010
The Spirit of Thais20 April 2010
Bangkok Fights Back!20 April 2010
Entering Fortress Dang21 April 2010
Situation Update21 April 2010
Skytrain Bombed!23 April 2010
Adventure Tourism in Downtown Bangkok
* Stickman Weekly for 25 April
25 April 2010
Situation Update26 April 2010
Situation Update30 April 2010
Situation Update3 May 2010
Situation Update5 May 2010
Situation Update10 May 2010
Situation Update12 May 2010
Situation Update15 May 2010
Troops At Nana, The Red Shirt Crisis Intensifies!16 May 2010
Bangkok Gets Its Edge Back
* Stickman Weekly for 16 May
16 May 2010
Brief Situation Update18 May 2010
The Clean Up Begins As Bangkok Burns!19 May 2010
The Clean Up Continues21 May 2010
Red Shirts Crisis Reviewed, No Longer Neutral
* Stickman Weekly for 23 May
23 May 2010
The Aftermath25 May 2010
The 2nd Anniversary  UPDATED 2012 19 May 2012

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