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Stickman website was recently compromised by hackers attempting to source private e-mail accounts and financial information.

The content posted DID NOT come from Stickman.

We want to reassure readers that our subscriber list was not compromised and remains safe.

We would also strongly caution anyone not to divulge their personal or financial information to hackers.

We are working to restore the site entirely and the articles; please bear with us while we complete this process.

We are pleased to announce Stickman will continue to write for Stickman-Bangkok once tourism returns and things are back to normal.

We would also like to state the Stickman site is an Independent platform and no longer associates itself with any other website or social media platform.

The site owner remains committed to supporting the Entertainment Industry and all its wonderful people who have helped make Bangkok one of the most exciting cities in the World.

We will be back soon !!!


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This site started as a small hobby way back in 1998 as a personal homepage so friends back home could keep up with what I was up to in exotic Thailand. That personal homepage was noticed by others who seemed to enjoy my take on expat life in Thailand and from there it grew and grew and grew. After 17 years in Thailand I eventually decided it was time to move on but the site lives on and I still enjoy offering thoughts and opinions on life in Thailand, especially Bangkok, for expats and frequent visitors.

Stickman Weekly Column

The most popular section of the site, Stickman Weekly is a weekly column published every Sunday since April 2001 for expat residents and regular visitors to Bangkok and includes news and gossip from expat society with a slant towards that for which Bangkok used to be well-known, its naughty nightlife.  Find out where the most popular bars are, learn about the lifestyles of Thai bargirls and Bangkok escorts, read interviews with the movers and shakers of Bangkok expat society.  Stickman Weekly has long been Thailand’s most widely read online column for expats and regular visitors.

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Readers’ Submissions

Over 9,300 articles and stories of readers’ experiences in Thailand and neighbouring countries covering a wide range of topics from holidaying in Thailand, travel and expat lifestyles in Thailand and South-East Asia, dating Thai women, Thai bargirl experiences, trying to understand the culture and matters of the heart.  Think of it as Thailand-related experiences, informed opinion and amateur storytelling.

Living & Working in Bangkok

Everything you need to know about living and working in Bangkok, the Thailand expat lifestyle, accommodation, employment, medical care, the internet, Thailand work permits, mobile phones, Bangkok tailors, living and working with Thai people and other general advice.  This is the article to read if you are moving to Bangkok / Thailand and at 100,000 words, it’s the length of a book!

Teaching English in Bangkok

This 50,000+ word article on teaching English in Bangkok was put together to provide an overview of the English teaching industry in Thailand, particularly Bangkok.  It is written for those considering teaching in Bangkok / Thailand, especially those who may have never taught before. This tells you what it’s really like to work as an English teacher in Thailand, the good and the bad!

Travel in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most exotic destinations and holiday spots in South-East Asia but what are the best beaches?  How much does a hotel room cost?  What are the best Pattaya hotels?  Where is Isaan and should you visit?  What dangers and Thailand scams should you be aware of?  Where is Ko Chang and is it the same as Ko Samet?  All of these questions, and many more, answered in this 50,000-word article!

The Bangkok Property Guide

A guide to buying, renting, and selling property in Bangkok, along with detailed reviews of Bangkok’s best condos and apartment buildings. Everything you need to know about Bangkok property, including tips and easy to understand info on property laws for foreigners.  Featuring exclusive deals and detailed write-ups on the best and latest Bangkok condo projects, and exclusive offers including cash back deals on all Bangkok property. Stay tuned!

Thai Bargirl Investigations & FREE Thai Girlfriend Advice

If you are involved romantically with a Thai bargirl or a lady who used to be a bargirl in Thailand, consider verifying that all is as it seems.  Has she really left that bar?  Is she no longer barfineable?  Are you the only guy in her life?  Verification of what she is up to is available, as is unlimited free advice.

Thailand Photo Galleries

Passionate about photography, I have included various photo galleries with images from Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui and Pattaya as well as more remote and less visited places such as the Isaan region.

Protests in Bangkok 2013 / Coup d’état in Thailand 2014

Coverage of the Bangkok protests, the Bangkok shutdown and the Coup d’état.  Photo essays, commentary, all covered from the perspective of foreign visitors with the question, Is it safe to visit Bangkok at this time answered!

In Focus, Bangkok Images

BKKSteve of Bangkok Images presents a monthly photography column focusing on photographic instruction, a feature photo, a blog entry, images and commentary from a weekly local photo outing, readers’ photos / experiences, and answers to readers’ questions.  It’s a weekly photography column with a Thailand slant.

The Red Shirt Protests in Bangkok, 2010

My reports of the red shirts protests which too place in Bangkok in April and May of 2010 are widely
regarded amongst the best reports I have produced on this site and received massive traffic at the time.  It’s never easy with politics and the need to be unbiased.  These reports from the front-lines received critical acclaim and included quality photographs of all of the action in what was an intriguing time in Thailand.

Flooding in Bangkok

A recount of reports about the flooding in Thailand in late 2011.  The mainstream media’s coverage of Bangkok flooding covered the entire city, whereas I concentrated only what happened in the downtown area – where many foreigners live, work and play.

Thailand Visas

Answers to all the basic questions about a foreigner can you stay in Thailand.  What are all of the different types of visa and how do you go about getting one?  What is 90-day reporting?  Are deportation and blacklisting the same thing?  A brief history of the visa loopholes foreigners have exploited to be able to reside in Thailand long-term, along with common sense advice on how to stay in Thailand legally – and not merely a rehash or translation of the law.

Bangkok After Dark

A Bangkok tourist guide from 1967, scanned and republished in its entirety.  Find out what was Bangkok like 40+ years ago.  What were the prices back then?  Where were the hot spots?  Were there escorts in Bangkok back then?  There’s even an ad for the new Nana Hotel.  Find out if they really were “the good old days!”

Thailand Characters

The original Thailand characters photo gallery, a collection of photos of Thai people taken in 2004 and 2005.  With a ready smile on their face and no aversion to having their photo taken, Thais are great to photograph.

Bangkok Escorts

BangkokEscort.com provides a true girlfriend experience for business travellers and holiday makers in Thailand.  Their professionalism and honesty, along with their service-orientated companions, makes them stand out as the best escort agency in Bangkok.

Thailand Personality Interviews

Why do Christopher G. Moore’s novels take up half the shelf-space in Asia Books stores?  Would you want to work in the same line of business as Captain Courageous?  What does Bernard Trink do now that he no longer writes the Bangkok Night Owl column?  Is Boss Hogg Thai?  Does Marc still run the Eden Club?  Find out more about the big names of Bangkok.

Thailand Book Reviews

The book review section has been updated with a new look and I am now once again in the business of reading and writing reviews of books set in, or about Thailand.

Teacher Tim

Teacher Tim’s thoughts and tales from the classroom in Thailand.  If you’re thinking about teaching in Bangkok, or anywhere in Thailand, this foreign ajarn tells you what it’s really like!

About This Site

Some basic information about the history of this site and how it all began.  If you disagree with anything on the site, happen to appear in any photos or would like anything amended, edited or removed, details about how to get that actioned are here.