Living and Working in Bangkok 2011 Update

I've pretty much made the decision that this will be my last year in Bangkok. It's been a great run, but the way both Thailand and I have changed means that the two of us are less compatible today.

I came to Thailand as a young man seeking adventure – and I found it! I had some really great times here, met a lot of characters, both farang and Thai, and came to love this city.

The Bangkok I arrived to was one which was still struggling to come to terms with the Asian economic meltdown. Businesses were going under, many people had lost their jobs, salaries had dropped and while the economic outlook was gloomy, the Thais remained friendly and welcoming to foreigners.

Many foreigners, especially those on expat packages, were leaving and the expat population was said to have dropped. It was a good time to arrive with apartments vacant all over the city and plenty of opportunities for English teachers.