Living and Working in Bangkok 2007 Update

Another year has passed, another year to look back over, and to consider life in these parts.

Not a lot has changed in the past 12 months, in my own life that is, but a lot seems to have changed in Thailand, and I for one am not that optimistic about the immediate future. We had the coup back in September which saw the Prime Minister ousted, and essentially booted out of the country – well he was actually outside the country but he has been told not to return. And then this very month, December, we have seen the government introduce new regulations concerning funds sent into Thailand from abroad, which resulted in the stock exchange losing a record 15% of its value the very next day. We now also have the possibility of retrospective legislation that may go through which would effectively make many foreign owned and run companies here illegal. It's same old same old I am afraid, and foreigners continue to be made to feel that they are nothing more than uninvited guests – funny that, because that is exactly what we are.

More than ever before – and I have been harping on about this for some time now – I believe that Thailand is a great place to be enjoyed. Come here, have some fun, spend some money, and then go home. I just don't think it is the best place to work or to do business any more. Sure, many will disagree – and many people do very well here, it has to be said, but I can't help but feel that a lot of people really lose their shirt.

For me personally, I will continue to battle on. I have started to spend more and more time out of Bangkok, and that has been a big factor in restoring the smile to my face. I find that Bangkok has worn me down and at the weekend a jaunt into the countryside leaves me refreshed and ready to face another week.