Stickman Readers' Submissions April 5th, 2024

Quick Trip Once Around The Block – 30 March To 2 April


Although I am not a regular contributor, I am an active reader and fan and appreciate everyone’s input to this site. That being said, I thought I would send Stick and his readers my thoughts on my last trip to Bangkok. I currently live and work in Singapore so whenever I have a Friday or Monday off, I try to book a quick trip to have some fun. Mid-last week I found out I had Monday off for Easter, so I booked my tickets and hotel for Sat – Tues (30 Mar-2 April). Cost me around $500 US for round trip tickets and 3 nights at the IBIS Bangkok on Sukhumvit 4. This is about $3,200 cheaper than when I was traveling to Bangkok from Florida!

1100 AM – 6 PM (30 March)

He Clinic Bangkok

Arrived in Bangkok around 1100ish, Immigration wasn’t too bad, maybe 15 minutes and hired an AOT (1,500 baht) to take me to the hotel. I understand this is expensive, but I enjoy the non-hassle of it all. Got the hotel around 1230ish, thinking I will drop my bags till check-in at 2 and head down the road for a few beers, but surprisingly my room was ready. So, I unpacked my bags real quick and headed towards Nana Plaza. I usually start my days in the beer bars around the entrance of Nana Plaza where I’ll have a few drinks, play some pool, and get into the flow of things before the sun sets. In one of the bars, I ran into a middle-aged stunner, at least to me, and started talking to her, drinks started to flow (hers, her friends, and mine) and before I knew it was 6 PM. I paid my bin, 3,500+ baht, and headed back to the hotel to shower and change clothes.

6 PM (30 March) – 330 am (31 March)

Looking and feeling great for a middle-aged man acting like he’s in his 20s I headed back to the beer bars, had a few more drinks and decided to go to Det 5 and visit the owners (Khun Lek and Bob) who I’ve known since the mid-90s. For those that have been around a while, Det 5 used to be under the bridge on Soi 0 which was my jump off point before heading to Nana back in the day. I arrived and the vision I had of the old Det 5 was replaced with an upgraded experience. Gone was the 6 – 12 girls sitting at the bar looking for some action and was now replaced with respectable looking customers enjoying dinner. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed in the changes and that Khun Lek and Bob were not in. I’ll try again some other time. So it’s still around 730 PM and decided to take a quick trip to Thermae, now most of you know it’s not open yet but believe it or not I have NEVER been, so I had no clue. One girl, waiting outside for a new customer, educated me quickly on the opening time and what time it was busy, and asked me if I wanted a date. No, thanks, and I head back to Nana. By this time, it’s past 8:00, Nana clubs are open but very few customers. I pop into Twister to say hi to a server I’ve known for almost 30 years, caught up to her and noticed a few Asians sitting behind me and over heard them speaking Japanese. I am somewhat fluent in Japanese (lived in Japan for 16 years), so I started talking to them and joking around and we all decided to do some bar hopping around Nana. I think we hit every bar where we weren’t the only customers and ended up finding ourselves at Hillary 2 around 1 – 2 AM. The place was full of lovely potential and when my Japanese friends wanted to head out to go to Thermae, I decided to stay. I wish this portion had a “happy ending” but after drinking from 12 PM – 3 AM I was not in the right of mind to do much. I painfully woke up the next morning alone. Boooooo….

CBD bangkok

930 AM (31 March) – 8 PM (31 March)

No hangover but I still feel like shit most of the day. Didn’t do much accept drink water, try to eat, and take a 3 – 4 hour nap.

8 PM (31 March) – 530 AM (1 April)

Headed back to Nana, still feeling the effects of the night before so I started slow. By midnight I was feeling good and done with the go-go tour and decided again to stop off in Hillary 2 to see the talent. By the way, I’m not a big pay-bar fine kind of guy, I go to go-go’s mostly to look and talk to a few girls here and there. When I am hunting, I usually head to a free-lance spots, which might be the answer to the 6,000 baht all-inclusive price of the go-gos? Free-lancers only…Discuss amongst yourselves! As I was walking around, I spot a familiar face, not anyone I’ve met before but someone I found on Bumble (dating app) and been talking to from Singapore for a week or so before I arrived. I had no idea she would be there and when I approached her and called her by her name she was surprised and had no idea who I was (lol). I sent her a WhatsApp message which proved we’ve spoke before and since she was alone, we started drinking together. She was in her early 30s, thin, blond hair, colored contacts, open white blouse, short jean shorts, fake tits, and high heels. Very attractive in my book. I did notice that the pace in which she drank was impressive, she downed beers like men drink shots. We talked about what to do next, I was open to going back to my hotel or going somewhere else and she wanted to go to Hillary 3, Soi 11 because it stayed open late. Hillary 3 has three floors, which the top floor is a disco that stays open till 430 AM. Tons of talent there and it was my first time. I will be visiting again a bit earlier next time. Headed back to the hotel finally, she looked amazing without anything on, and before we started, I forgot I had no “wraps”. Went downstairs to the lobby to get a few and by the time I got back to my room she was passed out. I didn’t have an issue, I was tired too and ended up making it up the following morning a few times between sleeping. Amazingly, she slept off and on for 12 damn hours, 530 AM till 530 PM until I finally turned all the lights on and told her I was hungry. She left 30 mins later and I finally ate some food. I didn’t do much Sunday evening. I had an early flight on Tuesday and I hate flying drunk or feeling like shit. Went to sleep and headed to the airport around 530 AM.

wonderland clinic

Here are some notes I made from some of the bars I went too in Nana.

Twister. Mixed talent, some stunners, some not so much. Saturday was busy, early Sunday evening dead.

Billboard. I’ve been to gogo bars / strip bars all over the world and I would argue that Billboard is in the Top 3 of any I’ve ever been too. The talent there is ridiculous. Music is good and not very loud. Only problem is that it’s not big enough. Not enough seats for all the customers, and that was on Saturday and Sunday. Unbelievable!

Geisha. Ok. Nothing special on stage. Hostess looked better than the dancers. Their evening show was amazing. Must see!

Butterflies. Didn’t impress me. Might have been because it was Sunday. (Note: I went to a few more but didn’t take notes as I was hosting my Japanese friends)

Also, just FYI, the three apps I use is Tinder, ThaiFriendly, and Bumble. They are good for meeting those that are in the business and those that are looking for real BFs. Next Trip: 19 April – 22 April, Pattaya for Songkran.

Take care everyone!

nana plaza