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The Die is Cast Part 11

Chapter 11. An Epilogue

For some time, Alan had been seriously thinking of selling the big manor house and buying a smaller property nearer the Artemis works as he thought it would release some capital into the business, and hopefully into his pocket. With the change in his circumstances he was beginning to reconsider the decision so sought the advice of his family. When he asked his sister Cynthia she admitted that although she had previously advised he get rid of the manor house, with a baby now on the way and the need to accommodate his Thai family he should keep it on…. if he could afford it.

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When he asked the opinion of his brother Peter he declared although it may have previously been far too big for him as an old bachelor, it was now perfect for his changed circumstances. He pointed out he had no mortgage on the property and also suggested neither of their businesses needed the money that the release of capital would give. He reminded Alan that he was actually not short of a bob or two and could easily afford it, so therefore should keep it on for the convenience it would give to his life.

His friend David confirmed the opinion of his siblings reiterating the advantages of providing accommodation for his Thai family when they visited and providing a home for Rose’s friend Mitsu who would offer crucial support for Rose during her pregnancy and after the birth. David did however warn Alan they needed to begin the process of getting a work permit for Mitsu to live and work in the UK which with Alan’s permission, David’s secretary Angela would progress. Mitsu has settled into her new job and as her bodyguards Sam and Mick took her out at least once a week to one of the local hostelry’s she was not completely short of a social life.

Everything seemed to be falling into place for Alan and he was now looking forward to his new role as a father.

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Alan realised that for a time Rose’s pregnancy would prevent her accompanying him on their trips to Thailand. His motivation for their frequent visits had always been to satisfy Rose’s desire to see her family. Alan knew he now had to continue to visit Thailand to maintain the joint business venture they had established. However, he suddenly felt no desire or motivation to visit the kingdom without Rose accompanying him and discussed this at length with her. At that moment he was willing to give up the joint venture and concentrate on his life with Rose and his future child in the UK.

Rose was a pragmatic Asian girl and knew she had to protect the exceptional situation she had found herself in so needed to keep her husband motivated. She knew that the joint venture at Siam Chonburi in Thailand would be the source of their future income and felt Alan’s reduced salary as chairman of Artemis would probably not be enough to satisfy their (her) needs. So, she sat Alan down and explained a few facts of life to him from the perspective of a Thai female.

Rose declared that Alan must maintain the joint venture with Woody although she appreciated his reluctance. She felt he should still visit Thailand regularly and find new friends and interests in the Kingdom to keep him involved. She suggested he make some new pals in Chonburi and Pattaya and maybe develop his friendship with Paul in Udon Thani. She understood men’s physical needs and did not worry if he had sex with a few Thai girls along the way and told him she would turn a blind eye as long as he was discrete and did not do anything stupid to jeopardise what they had. She understood the convention that successful Thai men often accommodated a “mia noi” or minor wife (mistress) but hoped Alan would not employ that arrangement.

Alan was shocked, his demure wife was basically advising he should become a monger something he had never been or ever been interested in (other than a couple of transgressions on his first visit before his relationship with Rose). He realised he was not the man of the world he thought he was but was merely a naïve babe in arms.

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Alan accepted he needed to return to Thailand soon and with Rose hesitant to travel due to her condition, Alan asked his brother Peter if he fancied joining him for a visit. Peter had been waiting with a desperate patience for a trip but knew his wife would want to accompany him which was the very last thing he wanted. Alan and Rose understood Peter’s predicament and hatched a plot.

The next Saturday Alan and Rose allowed themselves to be subjected to one of Hyacinths (sorry Victoria’s) dinner parties. Once they had exhausted the usual pretentious nonsense that Victoria and her friend Petunia invariably tendered, Alan bought up the subject of a prospective trip to Thailand. Alan explained he needed his brother to take a look at the accounts and administrative functions of their joint venture.

Rose described the delights of the 12-hour plane journey, the two-hour delays in immigration at Bangkok airport and that she would enjoy the experience as a fundamental joy of travel. Alan extolled the charm of the 6-hour journey on a local bus to their home in Chonburi with no air conditioning but knew she would relish the experience of travelling with the locals with their livestock on their laps. Alan stated that knowing Victoria’s liberal solidarity with the third world and global warming she would be willing to cope with the general absence of air-conditioning in 35 degrees of heat they often encountered. When Alan described the quaint squat toilets and absence of toilet tissue, Rose thought they had maybe been laying it on a little too thick.

However, they had underestimated Victoria’s inherent pretentiousness and stupidity. She sniffed, harrumphed and pursing her lips in a manner that resembled a cat’s arse declared “OK I will let Peter go with you but for no more than 10 days” She continued “whilst he is away, me and Petunia may go away for a long weekend in Tuscany”.

Alan thought to himself, if a man couldn’t get up to sufficient mischief in Thailand in ten days then he was not really trying. He had always hated Hyacinth’s attitude to his brother and the complacency in her fortunate situation and felt like telling her that her privileged days were finally numbered once Peter experienced Thailand but kept his own counsel.




Alan made the arrangements for their visit to Thailand. A first-class flight on Thai Air deposited them safely at Bangkok airport. Alan booked the AOT Limousine service to take them to Pattaya, not the cheapest option but convenient and comfortable. The driver dropped them at the Secrets bar and boutique hotel in Pattaya soi 14 just off the infamous Walking Street. Alan had explained to his brother they were on a mission to remove the proverbial hump from his back so would not be wasting time staying in the big corporate hotels. They needed to be near the action and did not need the conferencing facilities the big hotels offered or the inconvenience of paying “corkage” …. the double occupancy charges the greedy corporate hotels imposed when you took a female companion back to the room.

They checked in, threw their bags on their beds and after a quick shower made their way into the bar at Secrets. It was 5 pm so Alan suggested they have a cold beer and take advantage of their very good restaurant. Alan was pleased to see Jenni the hostess he met on his last visit and was surprised that she remembered him. She joined them, Alan introduced his brother to her and bought her a drink. Jenni was an attractive woman in her late thirties and much to Alan’s surprise recalled their last conversation when Alan expressed doubts that a younger girl like Rose would be interested in him. Jenni had offered positive advice at the time and enquired how things had turned out. When Alan declared they had got married and were expecting their first child, Jenni screamed with delight and gave Alan a huge hug. She was ecstatic that her advice had apparently worked.

Alan and Peter ordered food and asked Jenni to join them for dinner which she happily agreed. Alan explained that this was his brother’s first visit to Thailand and he intended to take him around a few bars in Walking Street that evening. However, he anticipated that they would later return to the Secrets bar and wondered if she could arrange for a couple of young ladies to accommodate his brother on their return.

Jenni laughed and assured him she would do this for him. Alan handed her 6000 baht in advance knowing his brother had yet to understand the protocol.

After putting themselves outside of a pleasant dinner the two brothers made their way into Walking Street. In his introduction to the Go- go bar scene they visited Baccarat, Heavens Above, the wonderful Sapphire club and even the notorious Windmill bar. Alan was however reluctant to remove his brothers training wheels on the first night and they returned to the Secrets bar around midnight.

Jenni was waiting with two delicious young girls Wan and Nit as promised. Alan suggested Peter dispense with any ceremony, take these two delightful young ladies to his room without delay, which he sensibly did.

Alan was left with Jenni, Alan remarked he had regretted not taking Jenni last time he was there. Jenni suggested he rectify that tonight ….so he did.

The next morning, they all had breakfast together and spent a pleasant day at the Noon Nong park courtesy of the Secrets management and their limousine service.

That evening Alan and Peter again explored the bars of Walking Street, this time Alan removed Peters training wheels and allowed him to bar fine a delightful creature from the Sapphire club whilst Alan returned to Secrets and took Jenni to the ZAB bar to listen to the Issan band playing there before taking her back to his room.

The next morning, they checked out and the Secret’s limousine service took them to Amata Nakhon in Chonburi. They booked into the small hotel Alan knew before making their way to the nearby Siam Chonburi plant, where Alan had his joint venture. Alan explained his house was not far away but felt it was probably more appropriate they avoid the domesticity and stay in a local hotel.

It was almost lunchtime before they arrived at the plant, Alan introduced Peter to his Thai partner Woody who gave him a tour of the works. When they returned to the office Woody’s secretary Praew was waiting with Coffee and a few comestibles. Alan noticed an immediate spark of interest between Peter and Praew.

Although Praew had become good friends with his wife Rose he admitted he did not know her very well. He did know she was single, 35 years of age, was originally from Udon Thai and had a business degree from Khon Kaen university. However, for the first time he noticed just how attractive she actually was. Praew offered to show Peter around her office so Alan took the opportunity to go into the works and see his friends Phanon, Somchai and Chaow and catch up on the progress of their various projects.

After a while Alan returned to the office to see Peter and Praew sat together pouring over a spreadsheet and totally absorbed in the task. Woody called Alan into his office as he wanted to show him the drawings of some new parts they had been asked to quote. Alan was particularly interested in a small inlet manifold which the volumes were right for their gravity die and the sand prototypes perfect for his pal’s foundry in Udon Thani.

At around 4.30 Alan suggested to his brother they return to the hotel. To his surprise Praew offered to give them a lift. As they walked towards her vehicle (a very well cared for Toyota Yaris), Peter sheepishly explained that Praew had asked him out for dinner that evening. Alan was surprised and delighted for his brother and after calling him a sly old dog suggested a pleasant restaurant near the hotel. Praew dropped them at their hotel advising Peter she would collect him in two hours’ time. Not wishing to play gooseberry Alan declared he would leave them alone and pay a visit to a nearby bar he had previously enjoyed. It had a pleasant ambience and a very pretty girl singer who murdered some classic western songs.

The next day Praew drove them into the plant and Alan suggested they should both suck a lemon to remove the smile from their faces before walking in to reception. Alan seeing that his brother intended to repeat his arrangement with Praew, took a taxi to the Hirota plant to see Makota and his friend Takeshi who was on a visit from his UK plant, to maintain his relations with their principle customer. At lunchtime Alan took another taxi to check on his house in Bangsaen and later popped into his local bar to catch up with his Scandinavian pals before returning to the hotel around midnight.

The next morning, they checked out of the hotel and when he finally extricated Peter from Praew’s fond farewells they took a taxi to Andrea’s nearby Patternshop. Alan introduced his brother to Andreas who gave him a short tour of his facilities. They did not stay long and took another taxi to the airport as they had a flight booked to Udon Thani. Alan had booked them into the impressive Centura hotel for one night, so they could catch their breath and he could elicit his brother’s observations on the operation in Amata Nakhon. They spent the late afternoon enjoying the swimming pool and later Alan took Peter around the adjacent central plaza eventually taking dinner in the pleasant Leam Charon fish restaurant which was very good value. Over fresh oysters, squid, prawns, tom kha soup, Som tam and many other unidentifiable Issan delights, Peter gave his impressions of what he had seen so far.

Peter confessed he was overwhelmed by the experience of Thailand. In four days he had sampled four delicious women which had already doubled his previous lifetime achievement, but to answer his brothers intended question he declared he was very impressed with Woody’s operation and having now seen the factual accounts because of Praew, felt Alan had probably underestimated the real potential of this joint venture. Alan thought it not the right time to explore Peters statement too closely so suggested they take a tuk-tuk to explore Udon’s nearby girly bar district.

They were dropped off at the Day and Night complex in Sampanthanit Rd, a covered area containing about 20 bars. It is a very pale shadow of the delights of Pattaya, but they found a bar with some pretty girls and enjoyed their company for a couple of hours before returning to the Centura around midnight. They did not take any girls back knowing they would be charged “corkage” by the Centura hotel.

That morning they were being collected by Alan’s friend Paul to visit his nearby foundry that had produced the sand prototypes for the intercooler project. Alan suggested they dispense with the boring buffet breakfast at the Centura, so they checked out and took a Tuk-tuk to the Irish Clock pub in Sampanthanit Rd that Alan claimed served the best English breakfast in Thailand. Peter thought his brother had mildly exaggerated the claim but thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. As they finished a minibus pulled up outside the pub. Paul was there with his pretty diminutive step daughter Ratana. Hugs were exchanged, introductions made, and they loaded their bags and mounted the minibus. As usual Alan could not fail to be amused at how the petite Ratana took control of driving the large vehicle.

When they arrived at the site Paul took it upon himself to show Peter around their various facilities. Ratana stopped Alan and asked him how Rose was keeping. Alan knew that Rose had developed a bond with her and her mother Phai in the short time they were together on their last visit. When he told her that Rose was expecting their baby, Ratana screamed with delight and gave Alan an unexpected hug that fair drained the life out of him. When Alan caught his breath, he gave Ratana an affectionate kiss on her forehead but was surprised when she broke away and planted a full unexpected passionate kiss on his lips.

Not knowing how to react he thanked her for her interest and described how his wife Rose loved her and would be very happy that she had asked about her. Ratana smiled and they caught up with Paul and Peter who were being introduced to his artist partner Chang and his son Pravat in the foundry. As the tour progressed Alan was unsure what to make of that encounter with the step daughter of his new friend.

Paul had arranged that Alan and Peter stay at their hotel Chey K for the evening and Ratna would drive them there. Paul apologised that he could not accompany them, but he and his partner Chang had a prior appointment with the headmaster at the school their wives taught at that they could not get out of but assured them his daughter would take care of them.

Ratana drove Alan and Peter to Chey K, the small hotel and restaurant that Paul’s Phet industries owned. Ratana was excited to report that Paul had recently approved refurbishing the four bedrooms on the top floor to the same western standards as the four hotel rooms on the middle floor and their friend Alec had just completed the work. This was to give them a couple of extra hotel rooms when the Artist school was busy. At the moment Kul and Kwan had a room each and sometimes Ratna stayed in the third room if a room was not available on the middle floor. Ratana admitted staying occasionally in one of the western style hotel rooms was one of her secret pleasures.

When they arrived at Chez K, Ratana introduced Peter to Kwan and Kul the two Thai ladies who ran the enterprise. Both ladies were in their early 40s but still very attractive. Kul was becoming a little plump but still had a very pretty face whilst her friend Kwan retained the body of an 18-year-old though her face was beginning to show the slight ravages of her age. They immediately made a great fuss of Peter showing him to his room, ignoring Alan and Ratana much to Alan’s amusement.

Dinner that evening was a delicious selection of Thai and Issan dishes and they were the only customers. Kul and Kwan danced attendance on Peter and it became clear that both ladies were somewhat infatuated by his brother. By this time Peter had begun to understand the opportunities Thailand presented and was more than willing to accept them.

Alan recognised that he and Ratana were surplus to requirements so at the end of the meal he suggested they repair to Aussie Mike’s bar opposite and leave them to it. Alan noticed how Kul and Kwan had closed up the restaurant with indecent haste and were leading Peter up the staircase to the bedrooms. They had switched the lights off before Alan and Ratna had crossed the road and entered Mikes bar, he could not help noticing it was not yet 9.30 pm.

Alan laughed and as they took stools at Mike’s bar exclaimed “Goodness that was interesting I think those two ladies are going to devour my brother tonight”. Ratana smiled “yes they are the same with my step father Paul but they both have good hearts; my mother does not mind and turns a blind eye to it”. Alan was only just beginning to understand the Thai mind-set and their pragmatic attitude to relationships.

The gigantic Mike came out to the bar, gave Ratana a paternal kiss and Alan a firm handshake. As he poured beers for them he remarked “I heard you had bought your younger brother with you this trip?” Alan grinned and observed “I think he has been abducted by those two sirens over there”. Mike chuckled and said “that happens sometimes but don’t worry they are good girls and will be gentle with him”

Mike’s wife Pong joined them and after giving Ratna a maternal kiss ordered another round of drinks. If he was honest Alan felt a little jealous of Peter and asked, “what has my bald-headed brother got that that I clearly haven’t got?” Ratna smiled “he is younger and more handsome than you for sure” Alan remarked “well I didn’t expect you to be quite so honest and hoped you might sugar coat the truth a little” Mike laughed and observed Ratana had no filter and always told it like it was.

Alan was amused and certainly not offended. Ratana looked at Alan and exclaimed “you are clearly the sen yai…big noodle of your company and I think everyone respects you”. She went on, “it is the same with my stepfather Paul, everyone in our families think they are in charge but when Paul speaks quietly everyone know he is the real boss and they listen to him”. Ratana continued “I know my stepfather is a lot older than you, but I think you are same-same as him, which I like”.

Mike smiled and when Ratana went to the toilet he declared that Alan was now in trouble that the formidable Ratna had just thrown her hat at him, which was a very rare occurrence indeed as she was extremely selective in her affections. Pong suggested to Alan he take a deep breath, go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

Although Ratana was tiny, only 5 ‘1 tall and probably tipped the scales at less than 50kg, she was a very pretty girl and had been described as an Asian Kiera Knightly. She was full of energy and the acknowledged driving force of the Phet organisation.

At midnight they left Mikes bar, returned to Chey K and climbed the outside stairway to their rooms. Alan gave Ratana a chaste kiss at the entrance of her apartment as he entered his own. He had hardly taken his shoes off before he heard a knocking on his door.

Ratana entered his room and without a word undressed him and led him into the bathroom. She shed her own clothes and joined him in the shower. Although skinny she was pleasantly proportioned with small shapely breasts, a very slim waist and a neatly trimmed mudgeon completing the feast. After soaping each other down for far more than cleanliness necessitated they eventually dried each other off and repaired to bed.




Ratana drove them all back to the foundry the next morning and Alan had a long discussion with Paul about the inlet manifold he wanted him to quote for. It was a simple, almost agricultural design, nothing like the complicated jacketed manifolds he was used to seeing. Although surprised the Japanese car industry still employed such old-fashioned designs it was a high-volume requirement and he was happy they had the chance to quote for it. He recommended a single impression pattern for the prototypes and suggested he discuss the project with their mutual patternmaker pal Andreas to submit a joint quotation. They both appreciated the potential value of the project and Paul promised to contact him before the end of the following week. Paul, Alan and Peter exchanged warm handshakes and Ratana dropped them off at the welcoming Udon Thani airport for their return to Bangkok. She gave Alan a knowing smile and stated she looked forward to seeing him again soon. Alan was quite enamoured by Ratana and could not help feeling his life was about to become further complicated, but in a very pleasant way.




Alan had booked them for two nights into the infamous Nana hotel in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok to complete his brother’s education. They had an afternoon appointment with their Thai solicitor Wannaporn at his office in Asoke. Alan felt his brother should know all his business contacts in Thailand, principally so he could cover his interests if necessary but also to give Peter an excuse for his own visits in the future. Peter and Wannaporn got on like a house on fire sharing a few acquaintances from Wannaporn’s time in the UK. It was almost 6.00 pm before they finished so Alan suggested they not return the Nana hotel and eat locally in the Asoke area. Wannaporn suggested the Bradman bistro, a nearby Aussie bar. The food and conversation were excellent and when Wannaporn finally left them Alan directed Peter to the adjacent Soi Cowboy. This was a collection of 30 or so girly bars in a pedestrianised street Alan considered the best piece of real estate in Thailand.

They found their way into the Tilac bar, a very clean and well-run bar that was popular with tourists and expats for the extensive selection of dancers on stage. Later Alan showed Peter the impressive Baccara bar at the other end of the soi. There were some beautiful girls there, but it was clear there was too much competition for their attention from the substantial Japanese contingent, so they made their way to the nearby Dollhouse. Alan had always liked the western owned Dollhouse and was not surprised when they found themselves with two delightful young fillies who they took to the Country roads music bar before taking them back to the Nana hotel by taxi.

The next day Alan caught up with his brother at midday and they took a light lunch in Hanrahan’s bar before returning to their rooms for an afternoon nap. That evening after enjoying a quality steak at the Swiss owned Heidelberg restaurant Alan introduced Peter to the legendary Nana Plaza entertainment complex. Now Alan felt confident Peter could handle the excesses of the “big mango” they explored the three storied Sodom and Gomorrah which provided employment for some 400 girls in about 30 bars. In somewhat of a traditional British “lager frenzy” they visited a number of bars, the Angelwitch, Rainbow 4, Bangkok Bunnies, Billboard, Mandarin and at least one Ladyboy bar which were the ones they could remember. Still (just) sober enough to realise they had between them spent enough to finance a small military campaign in sub Saharan Africa, decided to depart and found themselves in the agreeable Stumble Inn opposite the Nana hotel, with the intention of having a “last one for the road” before retiring to bed.

There was a competent Thai guitarist pounding out some western classics and the brothers felt comfortable in the gentle ambience of this bar. They were joined by an English guy named Dave who was something to do with marketing for the bar. Alan had met him on a previous visit. Dave was an east Midlander and considered somewhat of an authority on the Bangkok scene. Alan considered him a harmless cove but was fascinated by his two female companions, he introduced as Ploy and Jae who worked in the bar. Ploy was an exotic creature in her mid-twenties who Peter bar fined and took back to his room at the adjacent hotel with indecent haste. Jae was a little older, clearly from the Issan and well into in her thirties. Alan was fascinated with her, she was attractive, well-dressed and her English was excellent, which suggested she had experience of western men. She delighted him with her unusual sense of humour so he bar-fined her and took her back to his room at the Nana hotel. With this entertaining lady he enjoyed one of the best evenings he had encountered in all his time in Thailand and was determined to see her again on a subsequent visit.




On the flight home Peter thanked his brother for his support and guidance and exclaimed the trip had changed his outlook on life. As an accountant he appreciated everything in life was unfortunately about money. However, he recognised although women in Thailand needed money to survive they did employ a little grace, and although it was all an illusion, did impart some semblance of joy in its extraction. He could now see how in the west, women like his selfish wife Victoria and her deluded friend Petunia had clearly lost the plot. Their delusion and sense of entitlement beggared belief. He assured his brother he was returning to the UK with a completely new perspective and things were about to change in his life.




Over the next few months Alan took another couple of visits to Thailand. He spent some time with Rose’s family and on the first visit explained the dilemma of his wife’s instructions to her uncle Joe. Joe understood and explained Thailand could be described as an “all you can eat buffet” but this need not be taken as a direct instruction to overindulge. If a man used discretion and employed a sense of balance he would find the females of Thailand could sustain him without the need for destructive excess. As always Alan appreciated his friend’s advice.




In February Rose gave birth to a boy they named Joseph Edward, and it would be almost a year before Rose and young Joseph began travelling again. In the meantime, on his visits to Thailand Alan had enjoyed the ministrations of Jenni in Pattaya, Ratana in Udon Thani and very occasionally Jae the young lady from the Stumble inn in Bangkok, just to keep the metaphorical hump from his back and periodically clear his tubes.

Back home, Mitsu had taken over Rose’s part time sales position in the UK and adopted the role as nanny to young Joseph. Both Rose and Mitsu were thrilled with the arrangement. Mitsu was working towards her British citizenship and also found herself a job teaching Thai and Japanese languages at a local community college one evening a week. Her bodyguards Mick and Sam provided her transport and had also enrolled on the course much to Mitsu’s and Roses amusement and delight. Once a month Mitsu took over the care of young Joseph whilst Rose took over her class to give her a change of scene. Alan was pleased with this arrangement as it gave his Rose intellectual stimulation and some rare adult contact.

It was one evening when Rose was covering for Mitsu on her course Alan had returned home late. Mitsu had put Joseph to bed and it would be a few hours until Mick and Sam returned Rose home. Mitsu declared to Alan she had not had any male comfort for some time and desperately needed servicing. In front of the fire Mitsu performed a perfunctorily strip tease for Alan as he made himself comfortable on the sofa. There was no doubting she was the most magnificent female he had ever seen. He finally understood the attraction that women in history like Cleopatra and Helen of Troy that were able to prompt wars between nations.

He observed the perspiration on her magnificent naked body and on seeing her superb shapely breasts considered that Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo would have snapped their brushes in frustration at not being able to capture her beauty. Alan surprisingly, as much as he loved his wife did not feel any semblance of guilt as he buried his tongue in her delicious little mudgeon. Someone had to do it and Alan could not perceive any one more suited to the task. In the post coital ennui, they agreed they would never repeat or mention the experience, but Alan knew he could now meet his maker safe in the knowledge he had experienced female perfection.




The foundry at Chonburi continued to prosper from the growing automotive industry in Thailand as Woody and Alan reorganised their expanding company. They now had six tilt- die machines with an additional two static die stations operating on 3 shifts They were also considering investing in the low pressure die process that Artemis had successfully applied in the UK. Alan’s Thai language skills where finally beginning to develop, much to the delight of his Thai colleagues.

On Rose’s first return visit to Thailand her cousin Khim turned up to help her with the infant Joseph. Khim was now 16, growing into a lovely young lady and her help with young Joseph was becoming indispensable. Alan welcomed her presence and always went out of his way to make her feel valued and cherished, constantly giving her small gifts. Although Khim acknowledged Alan’s kindness he need not have worried, Khim worshipped her cousin Rose and adored baby Joseph. Whenever they set foot in the kingdom, Khim was always at hand to help.

Peter finally tired of his wife Victoria’s pretensions and his threat to divorce her gave her a shock. When she realised what she was about to lose, she moderated her worst excesses and accepted his quarterly visits to Thailand with equanimity. In Thailand Peter had set up the delightful Praew as his mia noi (mistress) in a pleasant apartment near the plant and also made occasional visits to the sin city of Pattaya and Chez K in Udon Thani to celebrate his newly acquired emancipation.

The Wedding of David and Cynthia was the major event in their community that year. It was held at the Manor house and was a resounding success. Alan was best man and gained revenge on his best friend by giving an appropriately embarrassing speech as David had done at his wedding.




The whole extended family (plus Mitsu) were all in Thailand at the house in Bangsaen in Chonburi for his son’s first birthday. It was February and in Thailand the weather was beautiful with a cooling breeze blowing from the sea. Alan was amused at the competition between Khim and Mitsu for the care of the infant Joseph.

Alan smiled at Rose’s Father Edward and her Uncle Joe arguing passionately about the operation of the barbeque knowing her mother Kanita and her sister Kae were in the kitchen preparing enough salads to feed a company of light infantry. His brother Peter was dancing attendance on his delightful mistress Praew as their sister Cynthia was rubbing sun lotion on her husband David’s back.

Alan was pleased to see his three favourite girls Rose, Khim and Mitsu sitting in their bikinis on the opposite side of the pool from him. His beloved Rose had lost the weight from her pregnancy and once again looked wonderful in her bikini. Young Khim would gratify any man with Lolita inclinations and Mitsu was…. well just magnificent by any standards.

As Alan sat with his son Joseph asleep in his arms seeing his friends and family around him, he considered he was the luckiest man alive.



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