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Through The Eyes of Women and Society – We’re The Bad Guys


I have been thinking about the women back home that I have known through the years that were attractive or beautiful and had men doing anything they wanted. These women during their very brief period of youth and beauty were little bitches able to use high status men as utilities to get pretty much whatever they wanted at men’s expense.  In some ways us westerners in Thailand have the same power due to having more money than the locals. Whilst we men don’t use beauty to get money we can use our money to be with the beauty our hearts desire. This power can be very alluring. I think of women and their fading beauty and what that means to them not being able to continue using men as utilities whilst with us men our wealth and money will continue in perpetuity even as our looks decline. It must be frightening to be a woman looking in the mirror and seeing the decline knowing full well what that means in terms of the type of man they are able to attract. As the years go by the men get poorer, sleazier, less powerful with less wealth and resources and then comes the time that no man is interested.  The entire marketplace of men has been exhausted and cats become the final solution.

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Look at ageing female celebrities and the men they have been with over time and you will see it’s all true. Frightening. Sad. Meanwhile pigs like me are off gallivanting around in Thailand with smiles on our faces whilst being completely free from female control, manipulation and wealth extraction. I see a lot of happy pigs around the traps here. Fellow bullet dodgers or at least the walking wounded. If we conducted a survey of women I suspect we would find that most of them are against anything which reduces their ability to take men’s money and pigs like me who travel to Thailand regularly are definitely bad for their business models. In the past I was told I just needed to be more alpha, more masculine, more aggressive with women but then I watched on and saw Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and other so-called alpha males with money, fame and status get divorced and trampled on by their women.

You know – I consider the very best accomplishment of my life was not getting married. Not even once. I didn’t make that mistake even once in my life. Was I smarter than other men? Did I simply study the situation more closely than other men? Or was I just lucky? Motivational gurus are fond of the saying “luck is preparation meeting opportunity”.  I was extremely well prepared.  I studied a lot and I benefitted from the writings of men on the internet in the early men’s movement in the early 2000’s.  I learned from the lived experiences of other men.  I watched other men get destroyed including close male friends, one of whom ended up committing suicide and I learnt valuable lessons.  So yes – I do agree that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.  The difference with me is I took flight. I was well prepared to take flight and I did indeed meet much opportunity here in Thailand.  I met people and found a way of life that brought me happiness, contentment and freed me from female manipulation.  It freed me from female wealth extraction and freed up the majority of my time back in the western world to work hard, earn and save my money and removed even the possibility of divorce and losing half of my assets.

What I have learned at age 39 is this: when I am with a woman, there is a great deal of stress, anxiety and sadness.  Over here in Thailand I have very little drama and no anxiety in my life and happiness and contentment are my default feelings.  My anxiety issues in the past were situationally based.  Caused by being around women that made me anxious due to their irrational fears and their bullshit and them putting that shit on me.  Who needs that shit anymore!  Certainly not me.  I’m never going back to a traditional conservative relationship with a western women back home in Australia.  Never, ever, ever!  Over here in Thailand I get to deal with people on terms I like.  I’m the one in control and power.  That’s not the case with us men in the western world.  We’re the ones on the defensive all the time and the laws and the courts favour women and there’s nothing we can do about it except walk away.  Sure some men start groups and the like and I have a deep level of respect to those men who try – men like big John from the Society for Men’s Freedom but it’s not going to solve the core underlying problem which is our western society has reached such a high level of technological and societal development that women’s true colours are on display instead of hidden like they are here in Thailand due to poverty and a lower level of societal development.  I truly believe that feminism is female nature politicised.  It’s in all women and just needs certain environmental factors to be present in order for it to manifest itself just as our true male nature and desire for freedom and sexual variety comes out in environments like Soi 6 Thailand.  If feminism is female nature politicised then MGTOW is male nature politicised.  The big difference of course is society and the law will make it much harder for you as a man to express your true nature where its business as usual for women to express theirs.  Business.  As.  Usual.

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Last night I went to see a very beautiful long-term ladyboy friend of mine in Soi 6.  It’s June.  Low season.  There were very few foreigners in soi 6 and lots of women and ladyboys and word on the soi was this low season is proving to be particularly hard to make money.  There were literally over a thousand prostitutes competing with each other for male attention and business.  My ladyboy friend remarked that she had only had a few customers in the last 3 weeks and was struggling to survive.  The incentive to perform in this situation in an environment like this where if you don’t perform and get customers then you don’t eat is incredible.  These people have every incentive to go above and beyond to make sure that you have a great time.  Compare this situation to back home where YOU are the one that is expected to perform.  To work hard, compete with other men and if you’re lucky you’re the one who gets the young beautiful woman who has many men competing for her affections.  If you do manage against all odds to have one of these women choose you then you’re in for years of hard work attempting to keep her happy which is an impossible task with women.  Then of course you have a society and a legal system that is set up in such a way as to make her the superior party after the state with you coming dead last.  Fuck up for whatever reason and you’re the one who loses the lot.  In a wealthy society and a system like this – where is her incentive to perform?  She has none!  Without poverty or at least the threat of poverty there is no incentive for a woman to perform and make you happy as a man.  In fact – her incentive is actually not to perform for in the event of divorce she knows she will get most of the assets and if you have had kids with her then she has already got from you what she originally really wanted in the first place.  Divorce will mean you’re gone, she gets the assets and she still gets paid by you!  What a great deal for her!

Think about it like this – the female primary interest is high status men.  Men with good jobs.  Good financial status.  Own home in nice, expensive neighbourhood.  Assets.  Good retirement scheme.  The male primary interest is sex with a variety of young, beautiful women.  The male has to travel overseas to poorer countries to get his needs for youth and sexual variety met because he has been so brilliant at building a society that is so technologically advanced which has freed women and with this freedom their mask has slipped and they have revealed their true natures.  A woman merely needs to walk into an office to be surrounded by high status men that are sexually appealing to her.  The equivalent of a sexy pin-up poster for men is a photo of a high status, rich, financially successful man in a suit.  The male primary interest is socially unacceptable to be seen to be interested in or spoken openly about whilst the female primary interest is business as usual for women.  Added to this we have feminists who scream, yell and hiss “don’t treat me as a sex object”, “women are more than sex objects” and the like.  Not that us men would ever want to be with the typical feminist sexually.  It’s galling to think that women can insist on us men not treating them as sex objects but if we men ever turn the tables and say stop treating me like a success object, walk away and then get on a plane and leave the country well that’s completely unacceptable.  This is the society we live in gentlemen and the situation we find ourselves in as men and somehow we’re the pigs if we go after our primary interest but women going after their primary interest is fine.  Socially acceptable with societies blessing and full support.  Wow!  Just wow!

Let’s bottom line this, shall we?  This is about your money.  It’s about your resources in terms of your money, assets and time/labour value.  It’s about the state and women having power and control over your time.  Us men make wealth.  Women want it.  The state needs it in the form of taxes extracted from the fruits of male labour.  Women need to control us in order to efficiently extract money from us.  A MGTOW man who walks away and chooses freedom is very dangerous and against the best interests of western society.  He can’t be controlled by a woman.  He’s not easily taxed.  He may choose to work less and pay less taxes or else opt out entirely and try to live off the grid.  A man like this is of no use for women and society.  He may be into cryptocurrencies and start mining for them in order to get off the traditional fiat/paper currency financial grid that is rigged so badly against him.

I’m going to leave you with some homework.  Go watch the movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas.  The best parts are on YouTube.  I think it captures the essence brilliantly of a man who has had enough and just can’t take it anymore and it’s more relevant today than ever.

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Michael Douglas is us.  We’re the bad guys.

All the best Gentlemen

The Pretender

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