Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2016

My Story of M

Anonymous submission
I’ve been a Stickman reader since 2010 and this would be my first submission. We all heard about and know about the phrase “You can take the girl out of the bar but you cannot take the bar out of the girl“. Well I took the girl out of the bar and I took the bar out of the girl too. This is a true story. This is the story of my ex, M.

It was 2012 and I was in an unhappy marriage. During my trip to Bangkok with one of my closest friends, he asked me if I’ve ever been to a gogo bar. I’d never. He proceed to bring me to Rawhide where I had the time of my life. We proceeded to bar hop till we reached the now defunct Sheba’s. That is where I met M.

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M was dancing naked and I was mesmerized not by her perfect body but by the occasional smile she flashed. For the first time, I told my best bud, “You can pick anyone but her”. We ended up buying M and her cousin drinks, they sat down with us and then we barfined them.

We went to the infamous short time hotel outside Soi Cowboy and once in the room, M simply went to pee and made no effort to close the toilet door. She was very nonchalant about it, then surprise, surprise during the sex, I couldn’t finish the game. When we left the short time hotel, I was wondering why. We went to Insomnia which is now known as Insanity and then went our own ways. I confided in my bud that this girl, M, is special. Silly I know, right? Little did I realize that I would end up embarking in a 3-year long relationship with her.

I ended up visiting Bangkok several times and met up with M. Slowly we started having a relationship and my marriage ended up a divorce when I found out that my wife was fxxxing a company contractor. As my bud put it best, “Just as well, a good reason to end the relationship since there is no love.”

Now that I as officially single, I decided to take the plunge and I asked M why she was working in a gogo bar. She told me her story and I believed it. Every word of it. I told her that if she wishes to leave the bar and get a normal job, I would find a way to help her out. She asked me if I was for real. I told her I was and she left the bar.

Now that it is not easy for M, she is young, attractive and can earn 5000 baht a night if a customer takes her long time but she gave it all up and chose to work at a sandwich kiosk for 300 baht a day. I paid the rent and tokk care of all expenses and gave her a small allowance and she was happy. We eventually broke up but I guess it’s due to us not talking much to each other in the later stages of the relationship and also the fact that I was not in Bangkok on any kind of visa. I was flying in and out every 4 weeks which took a toll not just on my savings but also did not gave her any sense of security. One day she came back, we sat down and she told me that she loved me, just not the same way as before. I accepted it and we broke up. She stayed with me 1 month after we broke up due to her new room not being ready. We slept on the same bed but there was no intimacy whatsoever but I still sent her off to work, we still had dinner together.

It was a good 3 years that we had together. We both did not have anything bad to say about the other and I will always remember her bringing me out for lunch with her first salary, suddenly reaching across the table, holding my hand and telling me. “Thank you… if you didn’t take me out from the bar, I would still be in the bar.” To me that is the one thing that I did for her that I am proud of. I changed her life. Today, M is now a manager at a novelty shop in a shopping mall. She told me she is never going back to the bar scene.

Detractors can say that time will tell.. but I truly believe that I’ve changed her life… if she had wanted to go back to the bar scene. She would have when she left me.

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In the 3 years that we are together, M never asked me for anything, monetary or otherwise. The only thing she asked me for is a pair of 20 baht earrings and an ice cream cone. I gave her money of course and she is always thankful for it and save it up. I bought her phones, clothing, gave her a netbook, brought her on trips to Singapore and Hanoi. I am not rich by any means but I did manage to take the bar out of the girl.

It isn’t easy like I mentioned for a young and attractive girl like M. A perfect body as well. She can easily earn 5000 baht a night but she chose to get out and even if you are a detractor, you know it takes a lot to get out from that kind of lifestyle. I thank M for the memories. In fact she told me that she wanted to meet me on Monday cause the saving account plan that she started when she was with me has matured and she can take the money out and she wanted to buy me lunch and bring to the movies. I am looking forward to seeing M. She reminds me of the good I’ve done.

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