Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2016

Random Ramblings on the Road

This submission is just random thoughts whilst travelling / drifting around Asia, keeping my eyes and ears open for opportunities with no real set plan and the means to just go where the wind takes me as such and just maintain a peaceful and happy existence avoiding any stress and problems along the way as much as I can.

I firstly wish to share a few thoughts on the last sub from the good man Mega. Over the years I have really enjoyed his very honest submissions detailing his experiences in South-East Asia. The last writing from Mega included some of his experiences from the Philippines, namely Angeles city. I am happy Mega enjoyed his time there, but in my opinion, Angeles City, especially the Fields Avenue and Perimeter areas are some of the shittiest representations of the Philippines for sure.

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Anyone wishing to experience the real Philippines and its lovely culture in general should avoid any of the hooker-dominated cesspits and get to some of the natural places and cities. It’s extremely easy to meet girls in the Philippines anywhere, whether you are young, old, fat, ugly or whatever. If you are a white guy that’s enough as for some, and for some strange reason here they really respect / idolize white people, and even more so if you are a nice guy and have some self-respect.

If you are the guy that drinks daily and is withered from the booze and have a belly that gives the impression that you are about to pop out a kid anytime (again from the copious amounts of booze), then expect the respect levels to drop and not so many women will fall at your feet, well not the better ones anyway, you will always still have the filthy hookers to fall back on though.

Back to the last Mega sub. With the utmost respect to Mega of course, I really did sense a strong dislike toward Thai hookers in the sub, and it was mentioned a number of times throughout the piece. I can completely understand why Mega thinks this way for sure, as I too think whores to be mostly despicable, opportunistic and lazy creatures at the bottom of the food chain in any country, or at least that’s where they belong respect-wise.

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He speaks of Thai hookers and their golden pussies, to which I agree. Their pussies have only become golden to them through guys paying way over the odds, to which alcohol plays a huge part too. I am still to meet a man yet that becomes more intelligent and makes better decisions with a skin full of booze. However I have seen the same in Malaysia, and the Philippines where the girls ask just far too much for sex, and most of the time it’s in the alcohol-fuelled environments where alcohol and guys dicks rule their thoughts. Just to clarify, in the Philippines I would never consider paying for pussy, at least directly though.

My situation is good for me only though, but I am middle-aged, look young, fairly handsome, fit and am very polite and well-mannered to people which goes a long way with the ladies here. To sum it up, I am not a beer-swilling, Neanderthal pig who stopped evolving at the age of 21, so yes ladies actually find me attractive. Mr. Mega, I think you have spent far too much time and money entertaining Thai hookers and it’s time to move on to greener pastures. A guy like you can get girls anywhere and I assure you you would be welcomed with open arms by the girls of the Philippines and could be dating regular stunners without too much serious commitments or cash outlay, and almost always on your terms, whilst retaining your freedom.

I see the girls asking stupid money for sex all over the place and I have to laugh. I was recently in Boracay, just to tick it off the list really. The place is full of hookers. They come from the provinces and get the most basic accommodation, try to cash up and them on their way they go. There were three occasions that I went to bars. The first two nights were normal bars with Westerners. I got to meet some of Australia’s finest examples of the Bogan chicks where every third word is fxxk or cxxt and they get pissed out of their minds, a fine example to set for the locals to form an opinion of girls in the West.

One night I went to a very well known hooker bar just to see the antics. It was the same shit as Thailand really, girls trying to catch your eye, etc. I look right through them and they have no chance getting a single peso from me as I don’t fxxk whores just on principle alone that they just don’t deserve the money when the average poor girl in the Philippines may earn 200 pesos a day or less for a 10-hour shift in a store. However there were the usual fools there drunk and stupidly paying high prices for girls that clearly were ready to cheat as much as possible and to do as little as possible for the maximum amounts of money.

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I can sense their ways a mile off and know their game all too well. When one stays very sober in amongst hookers it’s so easy to see them at play, and I get pleasure in telling them that I don’t pay for girls. Some of the whores in Boracay were asking for 5000 pesos short time which is totally absurd! I encourage all foreigners in all countries to stay sober, and avoid paying whores and let their earnings decline and give your time and money to girls that are worthy of it.

Actually, in my younger days I had a brief love for the bar scene and played up quite a bit, but the love didn’t last long as the more I saw of it, the more I disliked the whole scene really. I was generous to the girls, tipped, was very nice and got drunk and partied. I soon wised up and realised that my generosity will only be taken advantage of, I will be constantly lied to, and they will always want more. Morals are usually last on a whore’s list of the things important.

My outlays were minimal, but if I had my time again I would not even have been that generous really as any extra money given to a whore is just a waste whether you are rich or not so much. I will never ever understand the guys that get too involved with whores and spend considerable money trying to form relationships with them. And the guys that send money to hookers overseas, well they are just plain stupid really. No matter how much money you have why would you send money to a whore that you now will just be lying and cheating you? This world is full of good girls you can meet so why throw away good money. If you have that much cash and are intent on wasting it then come to the Philippines and go to the squatters areas and simply give some cash away and change some of these peoples lives and I guarantee they will never forget it and will show you respect and appreciation you have never seen before. Seriously though, rich or poor, get your shit together guys and boycott the lazy hookers worldwide.

There are many Filipinas here too that want your money for sure, but it’s up to you to filter out the bad and focus on the good. Like Stick said recently, meet girls in everyday life, be it the gym, library, the sporting clubs etc. This trip I am slowly interacting with more and more local people through just being friendly and outgoing, being positive and magnetically the right people are being drawn to me, and not just girls either.

I actually have girls here I spend time with on a friends level and no sex occurs and its quite refreshing indeed. Sure I think they want the happy ever after, but I am clear about my intentions, don’t ever lie to them and things flow smoothly. I find here that even though you don’t want a long-term relationship, here girls are just happy to spend time with you for the person that you are. Guys if you have a bit of style, charisma, talent and good manners, and don’t spend your days in bars, getting fatter and more stupid from alcohol consumption and on the never-ending mission to ejaculate, then you will be attractive to women worldwide.

Life is simple about balance, whether it be work, money, health or anything. Follow your true path and be polite and respectful and you will go a long way wherever you are. I will post more about my random thoughts and travels as they occur. Cheers.

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