Stickman Readers' Submissions December 11th, 2015

Mutiny On The Bounty Re-Enact Again And Again In Thailand – A Broken Dream

Every schoolboy read about Captain Bligh and Fletcher Christian 1789 landed in Tahiti where all the young naked native girls surrounded them. They had also seen a lot of that in movies and magazines.

So they grew up with the idea that nice women could be found in the east they only have to go there to get them. This idea is ingrained in their mind at an early age- the exotic east.

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After 5 months of screwing Polynesian girls in Tahiti the crewmembers of Captain Bligh were not quite ready to get back to Britain. It was too short a stay for them but Captain Bligh got his schedule to keep and to deliver his Breadfruit nursery plants to the West Indies. They intended to grow them in West Indies and used them as a staple diet for the black slaves because bread and potato were considered too expensive for feeding the slaves. Actually Captain Bligh was still a lieutenant on that trip because the Lord Admiralty didn't think he deserved to be promoted to the rank of Captain yet- but later he was promoted.

It was indeed paradise in Tahiti. Foods grew in abundance and fishes in the sea easily caught to support a small population. Making love in the bushes was a natural thing to do for the Tahitians girls. Making love anytime, any place. No sexual hang-up, no inhibition. Freud would have a hard time to explain if any of these Tahitians consulted him for any neurotic behavior or psychosomatic problems.

They were served roasted pigs cooked in pit fire and young naked girls performing welcome dances for them. It was the sort of things that only happened in dreams.

So finally they had to leave and even before they sailed very far the mutiny too place. They sailed back to the island and later went into hiding on Pitcairn Island. And the worst thing they did was to burn the ship "The Bounty". Who actually burned the ship was not known it was not Fletcher who did it. They could no longer sail back to Britain or to any other Island. The Ship even if not burned would later had to be abandoned I guess, because they didn't have supplies to repair and up keep the ship in good condition. The ship could be easily be spotted by the Royal Navy sent out to arrest them and bring them back to Britain to stand trial. So someone had to burn the ship. In my opinion if Fletcher had sailed back to Britain to stand trial, a 50-50 chance the Lord Admiralty might have acquitted him of crime of mutiny on high seas because of the support of the people. Only Captain Bligh was there to relate the whole story when Fletcher was not around.

Today when some Farangs arrived in Thailand they re-enacted what the crewmembers of The Bounty did. They found Thailand has plenty of nice good foods and of course the half naked ladies and they dance for them too. Compare to the Tahitian dance the Pattaya pole dance or whatever dance they have look kind of crude, nevertheless they dance for welcoming the Farangs like Tahitians did during the era of Captain Bligh.

The beers are cheap and you get them at all hours, so I guess that really doing them in. They just got off the aircraft and now they have pretty girls left and right. Girls that say things you want to hear. Girls who don't mind if you smell like a pig because you haven't had a shower yet.

Just like the crewmembers of Captain Bligh they believed they were in paradise but the difference is that the crewmembers of Captain Bligh were really in paradise and these Farangs who just got off the aircraft were not in paradise. Well, they believed they were and they continued to re-enact the part of the crewmembers of The Mutiny on The Bounty scene.

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Fletcher had tattoo done by the natives on his chest and back. And during his dinner on board the ship, he couldn't put on his uniform because it rubbed on the tattoo on the skin and it really hurt, Captain Bligh insisted he put on his uniform during the dinner because Captain Bligh thought Fletcher was going native and he didn't like it. Fletcher reluctantly put on his uniform. (All in the movie if you have seen it.)

Here in Thailand you see Farangs walking about without shirts on so this would also be an re-enactment of The Bounty crewmembers. And you also see Farangs going for tattoos as well, need we say more?

The pathetic part of the re-enactment is when the Farangs burned their ships. They refused to go back home, having no exit plan or contingency plan arranged before they left for Thailand, e.g. arrange with family members to send money in case needed.

Their Thai wives left them with nothing so they are now homeless. Some were murdered by the locals when their wives wanted them out of the way after having got what they wanted.

This whole scenario is just like on the Pitcairn Island when the Tahitians murdered the crewmembers because they felt that the crewmembers were treating them badly. Haft the time the crewmembers were drunk on home-brewed alcohol. A recipe for disaster. Like the cheap beers for Farangs in Thailand.

Those Farangs who decided to stay put in Thailand without proper planning are re-enacting the Bounty crewmembers in the mutiny- look, those who took part in the mutiny didn't think or planned properly. It was done on a moment of impulse, what they should have done was to lock up Captain Bligh and sailed the ship back to Britain and seek justice at the court.

You should only decide to stay on in Thailand if you have some financial backup at home country, in other words if all fail you could still go home and have some money to live on while you look for a job.

When the music stops and the beer runs dry, you will wake up to the harsh reality of this world.

"I often go to the forgetting chamber (cinema) and in the forgetting chamber for 2 hours I could forget the harsh reality of life"

"Thailande, un rêve brisè (Thailand a broken dream)

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