Stickman Readers' Submissions December 9th, 2015

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

The title of a song from the British group the Animals, way back in the 1960's. The chorus goes like this!

We gotta get out this place,

If its the last thing we ever do.

We gotta get out this place,

Girl there's a better life for me and you.

He Clinic Bangkok

You may be thinking why I'm writing about these lyrics from this song? Well it's because each morning I wake up in my hotel room down some dirty soi in Pattaya, it's just the first thing that comes into my drunken mind when I awaken, usually mid afternoon.

Yes, once again I'm back in old Sin City for another bout of mindless mongering. I'm laid pathetically nursing my fuzzy head now writing this. My Thai princess is long gone, baht more wealthy, and now I'm staring once again into my empty wallet 12 hours before was bulging with Thai currency. Oh well! That's the way it go's here in Pattaya for mongers.

Last night's adventure I was unwittingly thrown into the role of a sex tourist guide. The first bar I visited I got talking to a young Aussie kid fresh and new to Pattaya, a newbie as they are generally known. Of course I had to give the lad a guided tour – I mean it would be rude not to.

CBD bangkok

So we hit sois 6, 7, 8, 9 then crossed over Second Road down a soi and over to LK Metro. Then I skillfully got us via a few more bars to Walking Street and now we sat in Sugarbaby A Gogo, a job well done if I say so myself. My young friend is soon pounced upon by the hungry ladies there and the last time I see him he's on his way with lady on his arm. Happy days ahead for the young buck methinks.

But what about me? Am I happy? I'm not sure, really. I spent most of the evening being a guide to my young pupil and now I'm weaving my way back through the sois back to my hotel. I'm looking at bars as I pass to spot any Thai princess, but not much on show really. I ended up at this so so bar close to my hotel and settled down for a few more beers. Nothing much to look at in this bar, but as soon as my first drink arrives this young bar girl plonks her skinny ass next too me, so "In for a penny, in for a pound" so they say.

I think you can pretty guess what happens next as it's a well trodden path known to all mongers like me. So now that brings me to writing this submission. Am I really happy? Actually I don't really know. After many trips here now I'm starting to see things from a different perspective. Yes, I do believe I've hit the wall! It's just not happening any more. I've damn near lost the plot, I reckon. I've read about this before and now it's happening to me. Help!

Even the ladies I meet know this too. They seem to be able to sense a washed out monger. Maybe they too are over it as much as me? But the chance to make fast money far outweighs their boredom, no doubt about it. The whole thing seems to be becoming more and more a cold, predictable experience.

wonderland clinic

Over my many trips here I've spoken too other fellow mongers and actually not many of them when asked have been able to give me a truly sure opinion about there own happiness here in Thailand. The answer usually is cheap pussy but not much more is said! I'm certainly not alone playing this game for sure, many more are throwing the dice.

At the moment I'm also playing the online dating game, and that too is proving very mundane too to say the least! Although I'm talking mainly to a mainstream Thai woman, she also is unfortunately becoming very predictable. As I've said before, these women are a without doubt a better choice over the average bar woman, the problem is that the Thai thing is still a prevalent issue even with these so-called good mainstream women – and believe me it still doesn't make it an easier experience. But more about that in my next submissions.

But let's get back to mongering. The draw of fresh young sexy Thai woman and the games they all play are now starting to take their toll on me. No matter how many different angles I've tried to approach, the process always ends up following the same pattern, and frankly I'm getting bored of it. I've tried the girlfriend experience a few times and that too isn't all it's made up to be these days. The ladies today make no excuses for their attitudes making no effort to really be part of it. They are just hard-driven by money now and it's all just part of the job for them. Their cellphones seem to be far move amusing to them than us men, even though we are giving them a paid holiday!

I personally think anyone with this lifestyle like myself would really be doing themselves a favour if they too could just sit back and take a look at their own true definition of happiness. A lot of men are driven to this after a bitter relationship breakup or something along them lines, but after time things for all of us here living the so called Pattaya holiday dream have to wake up the reality of normality. Think I may take up fishing!

Stickman's thoughts:

The undercurrent that things are not what they used to be, and that often expectations are not met is something more and more sex tourists mention these days. There was a period when many were in denial but now more folks are actually coming out and saying that the whole experience is something of a let down.

nana plaza