Stickman Readers' Submissions December 14th, 2015

My Soi 6 Electrical Engineer

My neighbor told me about a brand new girl he was with on Soi 6 who has an engineering degree. He said the problem for him was she didn't speak English, but that I should meet her as that wouldn't be a problem for me. I could understand a girl working part time in the bars while still in school to help with expenses, but someone who had already graduated with an engineering degree sounded intriguing. I almost never go out to the bars because of all the BS, but I wanted to meet this girl.

My neighbor and I decided to hit Soi 6 a little before 5 PM. When we got to the bar, he pointed the college grad out to me and she was actually very attractive. She is 22 and has this huge dragon tattoo on her back which seemed out of place for a college girl. She totally ignored us, but then my neighbor called her over and introduced her to me. At first she was reserved, but when she found out I could speak Thai her entire attitude changed. I asked about the tattoo but she said it was quite normal for college girls to have tattoos. She also said it started out small, but the tattoo artist did a horrible job, so she had a big tattoo made to cover up the shoddy work of the small one. Seemed to make sense and I didn't pursue it. She also mentioned this was her last day at the bar. She had been in Pattaya 3 days and didn't like it, so I figured this was my one chance to get to know her.

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I took her upstairs for a total of 1300 baht, and found out she hadn't eaten, so asked how much would it cost to take her out to dinner. She said to take her out of the bar would cost me 2700 baht which seemed like a LOT, but I figured that because she was new and not staying that the bar was trying to get as much out of her as they could. Anyway, I agreed so she left to change and came back wearing a tacky red dress. I was expecting something a bit more classy from a college grad, or maybe just something normal that didn't scream HOOKER. I had originally planned on taking her to Central Festival Mall to eat, but dressed as she was, P72 on Walking Street seemed more appropriate. So off we went, and as we're walking down Soi 6 she said that it was too bad that I was twice her age, otherwise we could be boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm mentioning this now as the age issue comes up again later.

Dinner at P72 was good. I had my usual put gapow and she had seafood. I thought she might enjoy the people watching but she mentioned she gets a lot of people watching in on Soi 6, though on Soi 6 it's mostly single guys where on Walking Street you see a lot of families. We had a nice talk during dinner, where I found out she was actually living about a block from where she was working. She didn't like it there though as it was cramped and she didn't know any of the other girls very well. It was still before 8PM and most of the gogos weren't open yet. So not really knowing where to take her, I decided to go back to around the Soi 6 area and look for a place to have a quiet drink for a few hours. It was a school night for my boys and I wanted to be back home before 10 PM.

I thought it would be best to just go back to her bar so she could get drink commissions, but she wanted to go to a quieter bar on the same street. I let her pick the bar and we continued our conversation. Here the conversation got a little more interesting, and while before we were drinking sodas, we now switched to drinking alcohol.

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"Have you ever been to Paris?" she asked.

"No, I've never been to Europe." I reply.

"Wait, you said you were from America. Isn't America in Europe?"

"Umm… no", I reply.

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"Well then where is America? What continent?" she asked.

"The US is in a continent called North America." I reply.

"Wait, there's a continent called North America? What other countries are in North America?"

OK, now I realize I've been duped as there's no way a college girl wouldn't know this. The giant tattoo and the tacky hooker dress were starting to make more sense. A few other things hadn't added up as well. She claimed to have an iPhone 6, but didn't have it with her. Ever know of a Thai girl who didn't carry her iPhone with her EVERYWHERE??? Unfortunately we had already exchanged phone numbers at this point, but at least she was going back to Bangkok the next day unless that was a lie as well.

As I'm getting ready to go home I tell her it was nice meeting her and she starts wondering out loud if I gave her a fake phone number. "If you had your iPhone with you, you could call and check." I'm thinking. 🙂 Then she tells me she doesn't want me sleeping with any other girls. I remind her we just met and I'm twice her age, but now apparently age doesn't matter anymore. The only thing I've got going for me is she knows my ex (my boys' mother) sometimes stays with me, and she's terrified of crossing another Thai woman.

The next morning I get a call from the Soi 6 girl, and my ex is screaming in the background wanting to know if it's the girl I was with from the previous night. Though my ex has no right to say anything, I let her get away with it as it works to my advantage in this case. I tell the Soi 6 girl that it's not convenient to talk and I'll call her later. Miss Soi 6 calls twice more in the early evening but I don't pick up. My neighbor is friends with the owner of the bar where she works, and calls to see if she was still working or if she really had left. It turns out she didn't go back to Bangkok after all. Either she was waiting for me, or another sucker like me. Ha ha – good luck!

Oh, my neighbor also asked how much I paid, and when I told him about the 2700 baht to take her to dinner he died laughing. Apparently the barfine at her bar is only 700 baht, and the 2000 was for her LT fee which is negotiable. So I'm feeling like a huge sucker, but did have a good time at least. I'm also reminded why I don't usually go to the bars – because of all the bullshit!

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