Stickman Readers' Submissions January 13th, 2014

Those That Say Farang Women Are No Good

Firstly I'd like to say, "Get over yourself!" Secondly, before I'm officially placed on the FBI's most wanted list, contradictory as I may sound, I actually agree with what you are saying, but you won't hear
me complaining.

Ok, let me say firstly that I am 39 years old and I have dated both farang women and non-farang women and like most people in life there are bad and good relationships. Do I have a preference? Other than my minor preferences e.g. non
smokers, I will give most people a chance as I don't have a set of rules which determine whether I am attracted to them or not.

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To the topic at hand, man, some of you guys that complain about western women are full of it! I assume that most of you guys that complain about western women probably didn't complain about it until you went to an Asian country and
picked up bargirl or someone half your age who loves you for your awesome personality or physique.

Do you guys see how bitter and embarrassing you come across by saying western women are no good and therefore I married a 25-year old bargirl who doesn't speak English and who local Thai males wouldn't go near, and look how
hot she is and we are in love!

What I find is that the people who complain about these women generally didn't complain while they were living / married / dating with these exact people they are complaining with. Hell, it's pretty hard to have credibility
when you have dated 10+ farang women, and been married twice, and then to complain about how bad they all are.

You hear all these comments about Western women becoming; fat, ball breakers, less feminine, stuck up, self entitled, selfish, unsophisticated and money hungry. DO YOU SEE THE HYPOCRISY?! Have a read of Stickman's articles and submissions
of people complaining about their terrible experiences with Thai women about how their lady was and you guessed it – pretty much all of the above that I mentioned!

Now, getting off my high horse, that being said I actually agree with pretty much all of the comments that we hear explicitly. You won't get any argument from me on that one. I am not here to defend these western women and their
poor behavior.

So once these people go to an Asian country and pick up one of these younger / hotter (apparently) / exotic / better girls they seem to get an air of confidence which puzzles me. Maybe it's the years of getting ignored or not being
able to score as good as you hoped with the ladies, or it's a simple case of delusion. Is it because you think that since you have hit the jackpot (self proclaimed of course), so you have the right to complain about all your past conquests
which are now "not up to your standard". Is it at this point you get a superiority complex that you think you can do better or you are now above your fellow compatriots back home? Or maybe it's because back home you had lower
self confidence because you have an average job, average salary, average car, average looks and in the whole scheme of things are considered a nobody, or a high majority of the ladies wouldn't give you the time of day or you had to work
damn hard to even get noticed.

I actually agree that Asian women probably make better housewives. If you are looking for a live-in maid who sees you as a walking ATM machine who is going to save her and her family from their 'terrible' life then so be it.
Some would argue that a marriage should be about two people who respect each other for themselves as human beings. Horses for courses, everyone is entitled to seek whatever they prefer or need. However hypocritically, just mocking a group
because now you think have hit the jackpot is just lame to the max. You may think the people who you are saying it to are impressed and thinking "wow, he hit the jackpot, maybe I should do it too" but I assure you, many if not most
would be saying "what a loser".

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Ask yourself, do you seriously think back home in your own country that a 25-year old girl is going to be attracted to you when you are a wrinkled, bald and smelly old fart? Unless you have more dollars then sense, or are some famous
celebrity, this will rarely happen. What gives you the sense of entitlement or even right (harshly put) that you can even get a girl half your age regardless if they are hot or not!

How would you feel as a 50 year old if a 75 year old lady approached you and thought she had a chance with you? I'm sure you would run a mile and probably be insulted that she would think she has a chance with you. I'm sure
this is how a 30-year old woman back home would feel if someone as old as her dad came and "cracked on" to her. So what gives you the sense that someone in Thailand should give you the time of day? Well, as previously mentioned,
other factors do come in to play, such as money and social status. If people are going to think these ladies are in to you for "your awesome personality or physique" then some need a reality check.

Before I upset too many people, as mentioned, I actually agree with those comments about western women. I have dumped and been dumped (more been dumped) based on these negative qualities that I couldn't accept, which seem to be more
prevalent in modern society. So what do I do? I look for people who don't have these qualities or are minimally like this.

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