Stickman Readers' Submissions January 11th, 2014

Dear John – From One Male Model to Another

Hi John,

I enjoyed your article 'Farangs Looking for Love in Thailand Are Losers" and I would like to offer this submission not as a rebuttal but simply as a further piece of analysis which may help to explain why western male losers look for love in Thailand.

He Clinic Bangkok

So John – what is a loser?

In the eyes of western society (in other words – in the eyes of western women), a loser is always a member of the male sex (for a loser cannot be female – there are no female losers) who:

1. Is not tall enough (at least 6 foot tall but not over 6 foot 4)

2. Does not earn enough money to support himself as well as her and any offspring that she may have with him in the manner to which she demands (without her having to resort to working of course).

3. Is not high status enough – in other words he:

a. Does not wear the right uniform for her that indicates his disposability as a male – whether that be fireman, doctor, police officer, army, navy or air force officer or business suit and tie

b. Does not own a home in the 'right' area – a high status area (expensive), preferably in a 'good' (expensive) school district

c. Drives an economical car (something that would not be appropriate for picking up the kids on the morning and afternoon school runs – could you imagine the reactions of the other mothers?)

d. Does not have at least a bachelors university degree or has a degree that is beneath hers and/or is a degree that is not useful for obtaining a high income (for conversion into hard resources of course like said home in high status area which she can't afford on her own)

e. Earns less than she does and/or is in a work role that is beneath her level of career success

4. Is 'too selfish' – in other words – he looks after his own financial and economical interests in an enlightened and self-interested manner. He budgets methodically, saves and invests his money and keeps his wealth in places which do not attract unwanted attention from women – for example: index funds, retirement accounts, stocks, savings accounts and so on. Due to investing a good proportion of his income he has little left over for what he regards as frivolous spending on large mortgages, expensive homes and cars.

5. Refuses to share his financial resources with her in any way because western feminism has taught him well that men and women are now equal and women don't really need men, their labour or their resources anymore – they don't do they? Who thought some men would take this idea of equality so literally? Surely he understands that is not true equality she seeks (dying on the battlefield, jobs on oil rigs, garbage woman, etc) but merely equality when it suits her?

6. Refuses to pander or submit to women and society. That is – he understands that as a male he is required to be subservient to western women and society and to serve her interests at all times if he wants to have a relationship or have access to regular sex.

7. Is a Stickman reader or worse – a Stickman writer or worse again – a Stickman reader and writer and is a regular traveller to Thailand and thus must be a dirty, filthy 'sex tourist' who abuses the 'poor, subservient Thai women who have 'no other choice but to work as prostitutes' and <insert more tired western feminist clap trap here>. I hear a violin playing gentlemen…

8. Hangs around other sex tourists or bar owners in Thailand who also for some strange reason, like himself seem to have a very acute understanding of the female of the species. Birds of a feather flock together, a man is known by the company that he keeps… and all that.

9. My be divorced, living in a small apartment and paying child support – she understands that he has few resources and that which he does have will for many years be diverted away from her.

10. Dresses poorly (low status clothes)

11. Associates with other 'lowly' men

CBD bangkok

You see John – I believe that I have a very good understand of western women, the way they operate and what they want. This has come from far too much experience dealing with them over the years in a corporate environment, being in relationships with them both short and long term and in listening closely to what they say but most importantly – watching what they do – the actions that they take – both the women in my life, the women I work with in the corporate world as well as the women in wider society.

Like yourself John I am genetically blessed. I too have done male modelling. I was able to do this when I was in my 20's (I am 34 now) because I had the 'right look' for a western man – facially attractive, tall (6f2") with a muscular and very lean body which looks good in clothes and photographs well. A look that you know is attractive to women as well as to gay men because as a good looking man like myself you too must attract attention from gay men. I guess my point here is – have you ever noticed that the majority of the young, pretty women don't tend to stay with the good looking guys like us but tend to stay with and marry the guys who make themselves disposable (the guys in those uniforms I was talking about) and who are willing to become utilities for women – high status men with economic resources? It helps a lot if the man with resources is tall of course as the female is genetically wired to go for height in men. He certainly doesn't have to be too good looking or too buff – that would mean that he is competing on her turf and this may attract sexual attention from gay men (or worse – Thai ladyboys) and he may decide like myself to try an alternative bisexual lifestyle that would not be in her best interests – he would become uncontrollable and very difficult to manipulate effectively via sex given he can get it so easily elsewhere. Of course – spending resources on himself for nice clothes, nice bags, teeth whitening etc would also divert funds that could have been used by her on 'housekeeping' (lunches with the other mothers).

So John – we are using the term 'loser' because the western man does not live up to the expectations (very high) of society (western women). We know that in the vast majority of cases women marry up and refuse to marry down (how shameful that would be for her in the eyes of the sisterhood). In this western, feminist society (where men and women are equal remember) we know that female hypergamy (marrying up) is still widely practiced by western women. The combination of 'equality' between the sexes and biologically based female hypergamy has created the situation that you see in Thailand with western men with Thai women – a situation that is a REACTION by western men to the toxic environment that has been created in the West under feminism, political correctness and equality. Have you noticed that you almost NEVER see a western woman with a Thai man (for this man has no resources nor status and is beneath her in both earning capacity and wealth attainment. Remember – she will only ever marry up). That treatment you get from western women despite your good looks – I will bet money that it is due to your height (which in her eyes as a western woman is 'short' – yet height is a factor that none of us can control and none of us should feel any shame, guilt or insecurity about) and the perception – perception she has that you are beneath her and not high status enough in her eyes (eyes which have been warped remember from too much western media brainwashing, as well as from other members of the western sisterhood who she knows would be whispering about her daring to defy the sisterhood and to have the nerve to go out with an Asian man). Of course – the thought process amongst the sisterhood is 'Why is Jane dating an Asian man? She has so many options and so many men interested in her because she is so pretty and could easily snare a rich, western husband. She gets offers to go out with rich, high level business executives and last week she was dating a footballer! OMG! (Oh My God!)". It is not a racial thing you understand John – it is a resource thing – the perception of the resource thing is also important. Simply business and the bottom line my friend.


wonderland clinic

I am a loser John. I am a male '8' on the physical attractiveness scale. This is not worth much if anything for me as a man in the West. As you know – in the industry the female models get paid much more than the male models. If I was however born a female and was an '8' – (my equivalent on the physical attractiveness scale) – I could have easily snared a 9 or 10 man if I was smart and married him whilst I was young and had my youth and beauty. I could have snared the high status man with economic resources. Note – I wouldn't have had to do or be or achieve or perform anything else – just be pretty and turn up. May I suggest that we please pause for a break at this point and go back to my list numbered 1 to 11 and re-read the western females laundry list of requirements for a non 'loser' male (I hope that I haven't missed anything). Perhaps this list can hence be called "Pretenders List" after that dirty, filthy homosexual ladyboy f*cker who came up with it probably while taking up the a*se from some ladyboy in Soi 6. Still – that Pretender guys seems to understand women's choices so maybe we should take some notes from him despite his extreme behaviour…

I must now state Briffault's Law (which as we know cannot be stated too many times):

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

No such association takes place and yet all men need love and affection and there are many good men amongst the 'loser' demographic from which the western female can derive no benefit from association from. Feminism and equality combined with female hypergamy (marrying up) ensures that there is a large number of male losers in the western world and these losers are stable, hard working men with jobs that provide adequate but not huge incomes. I am proud to be part of this demographic and to have learned all about women whilst I was still young and still a loser. I am working on big things in my business which are close to being realised – things that have the possibility to make me a very wealthy man and a target for western women. Best that I learned my lessons young and have recognised the game and how women play it. I have made a move that was completely unexpected of me by all my family and friends: I voluntarily disengaged from the western marriage market and western females and I went my own way to Pattaya, Thailand with the rest of the losers. I made this move after careful thought, much experience in relationships with western women, a lot of introspection, intense study regarding mens issues over many years and watching and observing other peoples actions and reactions.

My theory is that the western men who are looking for love in Thailand are so beaten down and so sick of the bullshit in the West dealing with western women that when they arrive in Thailand it appears that they have lost their minds – but they haven't – not really. Remember that we evolved on the planes of Africa where the sight of an attractive female was rare and had to be fought over and resources provided for access to sex. The man now finds himself on the streets of Pattaya – an unreal environment where beautiful Thai women are everywhere and dressed up in such a sexually appealing way that he can't believe that this environment exists – surely he is dreaming? How easy to get a bit tired of promiscuous sex after a while and to fall in love with a beautiful Thai woman with whom he is treated with kindness, respect, dignity, affection, acceptance and admiration. What a joy to feel positive emotions like ecstasy, serenity, interest, amazement and surprise instead of annoyance, anger, rage, loathing, contempt, disgust, sadness and apprehension (as well as those disgusted sneering looks) like back home in the West dealing with the typical western woman (in nightclubs for example when she can't determine your status and thus must treat all men in that environment the same – with contempt). I amazed myself John when I realised that I could fall in love with a ladyboy – something I never dreamed possible – something that would be preferable to me than dealing with the western women who are available to me back home. Remember – women marry up so by that definition as an average man and a loser – look at the women I must deal with back home! Now spare some thought for our fellow losers who are older than us, not gifted with the physical attractiveness we possess (which we will both lose in time) and for whom the options back home in the West are grim. Grim.

I don't believe that you are deluded John. We all have to play the cards we were dealt and like myself you have been dealt some good cards but you must realise that the cards some men like us have been dealt are like the intelligence cards that some women hold. Physical attractiveness is the gift usually inherited by the female of the human species, not the male just like intelligence is usually the gift inherited by the male. Unlike the female – we don't get a free pass in society with our male physical attractiveness. We must earn our place in the world. The female with intelligence however – in todays western, feminist, politically correct society has a massive advantage that us male losers don't have. They can gain their own resources but will have a difficult time getting married due to not having the physical features men find so appealing. This space here could be filled with all the complaining you hear from unattractive western feminists as to "where have all the good men gone?". We all know what they are referring to when they use the word 'good'. Laundry list of female requirements: refer to Pretenders List again and make sure to read the how to instructions lest you dare approach an entitled western woman that you are clearly beneath. You are less than the dirt beneath her feet and yes – she feels entitled to and demands diamonds on the soles of her shoes!

Your submission shows insight John and I think as you age you will gain more insight and a deeper understanding of what is going on with women and society and I look forward to more submissions from a man who like myself has done some male modelling. You are just 4 years younger than me and it gives me great hope when I read articles like yours that younger men have insight but just need a few more years and a bit more reading and experience before seeing the full picture.

Whilst the western men in Thailand looking for love may be losers in the eyes of women and society and will be shamed and guilt tripped for it, they are winners in the ultimate game where true power comes from: control over your own life. So long as these men are smart and remember Briffault's Law and are willing and able to continue to pay so that the woman can derive a benefit from the association with them – I say good luck to them. We all know the risks of falling in love with a bar girl (how lucky we all are to benefit from the knowledge and experiences available to all of us that embody the Stickman site). We all know the problems that getting into a relationship or a marriage with a bargirl could bring but in my mind it highlights just how bad things are back home for western men for this to even be a consideration. Remember that this is the superior option in comparison to his options back home!

Think about it logically: These men have travelled thousands of miles to a strange, exotic country – a country in which most don't understand the language – to get away from western society and western women. In some cases they have left it all behind back home, lost friends and respect – all to get that which is denied them in their own countries. What an extreme emotional (yet logical) REACTION this is.

What does that say about our peers – the male losers and the situation that exists back home in the West?

You know that feeling that you get when you are leaving Pattaya in a taxi bound for Bangkok airport? How you want to cry because you are leaving paradise? The flow of my tears increases as images of what I am going back to in the West flash into my mind. I know that I am not the only one. Images of western women complaining. Images of brow beating and nagging. Images of putting up with all the political correctness, walking on eggshells, holding my tongue etc. My only consolation is that I know that I will be back next year in Pattaya and that because I have voluntarily walked away from dating and relationships back home I don't have to deal with a western woman in my own personal dating life. I know that at least by living alone in the West I have a refuge from all the bullshit outside my door. The sound of silence is preferable to the obnoxious shriek of the entitled western female.

I will leave you with the lyrics from Jesus of Suburbia by Greenday:

I don't feel any shame, I won't apologize

When there ain't nowhere you can go

Running away from pain when you've been victimized

Tales from another broken home

You're leaving…

You're leaving…

You're leaving…

Ah you're leaving home…

All the best John!

nana plaza