Stickman Readers' Submissions January 10th, 2014

Farewell to Pattaya

Well, it's been two weeks since I arrived in Pattaya. I had an amazing time but I am certainly ready to leave. I doubt I would survive another week or two. This place is so intense. There is no place like it on earth really. That said, after you have had unlimited sex for two weeks…and you have done the few barely passable tourist attractions there isn't much to look forward to. Without giving a complete play by play I wanted to quickly mention some bars and experiences.

First some Gogo reviews in the Soi LK Metro area.

He Clinic Bangkok

Sugar Sugar

Amazingly hot women for such a dirt hole area. 120 Baht for a beer

Fun House

CBD bangkok

Pretty nasty looking early in the evening around 7:30. One amazingly hot lady and a bunch of dogs. 75 baht San Miguel. 700 baht barfine. 3000 for long time.

The Club

Fatties and Hotties mixed together. Great staff. Barfined 1 girl: 2000 baht for a short time room, barfine and sex. All included. Came back and rang the bell for the girls. Very happy with my experience. One hostess looked like Yingluck. I sort of wanted to barfine her just for the novelty but didn't.

A word on the Soi LK Metro area. As much as Walking street is like a Disney land adult freak show. This out the way area is not a place you will see families or anything other than Mongers. Its grungy drunken fun. A great place to go to be among others of like mind without the weirdness of tourists looking at you like you are an animal in a cage.

wonderland clinic

Walking Street Gogo Bar Reviews

Moon Club

Freezing in there! Smallish, Nice staff but I didn't stay long because it was so damn cold. In fact I really don't even remember the girl quality because I was so cold.

Glass House

Fat girls. One beer and gone.


Good looking women and a couple of amazing dancers. Completely packed. 69 baht draft beer. It was so packed that if I wanted to bring a girl over to talk with me she would have no where to sit. I wouldn't be able to hear her anyway. Mix of western and Japanese customers.


One girl on stage. Maybe a show was starting? Most of the ladies were sitting with customers already. They seamed to be short on women.


Lots of ladies. Very friendly… a few fat ones. Owned by the same group that owns Bacarra I believe.


B Grade looking women. One or maybe two lookers.


No beer specials. One thing I liked was no bathroom attendant that massages you while you piss. I really hate that so it's always nice to pee in peace.


I stopped by again just to make sure it wasn't impressive. It's not. The club itself is amazing. Very large and constructed well. But, even the Japanese customers were ignored! Girls talking on stage and barely dancing. There were reasonably hot women on stage but the staff in general seemed unmotivated and the vibe of the place was "We think we are awesome so no need to try" The drink prices matched this attitude. I forget the actual price so I will not speculate but I remember looking at the bill and saying oh hell no! While there are some cute women there; they are not anymore impressive than other gogos where the service is light years better.

A Note on Soi 13/2

In a previous article I mentioned Far East A Gogo on Soi 13/2. I ended up barfining an absolute stunner who loved sex from there in the late afternoon. There are some women in there that are 10s! Well tens if you like them with perfect bodies, perfect asses and beautiful faces. They also have some heavier ladies if that is what you would prefer. The mamasan there is the hottest mamasan I have come across. I would actually barfine her if I had the chance.

I met some ex-U.S. military at Far East. I told them that I don't see many Americans in Pattaya.

He said, "You just have to know where to look." According to him that would be at the Nevada club and the Tahitian Queen. Not sure that is a selling point for anyone but I thought I would mention it.

I had dinner at Mantra. High-end restaurant that has Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Western fusion food. I ordered the Main Lobster. Between myself and my date I was pit back 7k baht! This was mostly because of the lobster which was insanely expensive, around 4k of the total. They include a 10% service fee on the bill as an FYI. I was struck by how dead the place was in the late evening. They claim to have an amazing Sunday brunch. Might be worth a try sometime.

The weather has been wonderful the last few days but today, January 8th it has turned cloudy. I good time to beat my retreat to Bangkok I guess. The numbers of tourists have dropped off dramatically since New Years day. It looks like a ghost town or at least a shadow of what it was just over a week ago. Thankfully most of the Russian tourists seemed to have gone back to Siberia.

I noticed I almost never see Russians in Gogo bars. The girls tell me they are too cheap and many of them buy beer at 711 and drink it in their rooms. Stay classy Comrades.

I made my rounds to various Gogo bars to leave some final tips and say goodbye. I often get a little sad about leaving new friends in Thailand. I sometimes feel I wish I could live here etc.. Not really this time. This time I think I plowed through dozens of women without as much enjoyment as I have felt previously. Sex really isn't all that great. Once you have had every type of female body, every combination of women in the same bed…well it just seems hollow and boring after a bit. I guess this is why people end up killing themselves trying auto-erotic asphyxiation. Or maybe they do midgets or something? Personally I have found that after trying everything from 3somes to whatever; one on one with one girl that you get to know a little is the best. The journey to understand that however is an awesome one with everything being new and cool at least once.

I'm hoping that Bangkok can provide some more fun for the four night I have left. More live music in my future I think and a few less Gogo bars.

Where are you from? How long you stay? First time in Thailand? Where are you staying. If I have to answer those questions again I might just go a little crazy. Maybe I will just make up an answer every time to keep it interesting.

Where are you from?


How long you stay?

12 years

First Time in Thailand?


Where are you staying?

At your Mom's house.

I don't know something to keep it fun.

Thanks for listening. Bangkok here I come.

Your Pattaya Correspondent,

American Ling

nana plaza