Stickman Readers' Submissions January 13th, 2014

My 9 Trips to Thailand

When I first landed in Bangkok I made my way to Nana area, settled into a freelance bar and before long a young lady snuggled up beside me. We made our way back to my room and had sex until we were both exhausted, and then fell asleep
cuddled in each other's arms. Morning came and I thought I was going to break this poor girl's heart by asking her to leave, then she got up to go to the bathroom, came out mostly dressed, said 'you pay me now'. We argued
over money and she was gone in a flash without a further thought about me. That was my introduction to the Thai bar scene.

A little about me: I'm from Canada, there is a handful of countries that can say they are the best in the world and Canada is definitely one of them. A person born into any circumstance really does have an opportunity to succeed,
anyone who isn't somewhat successful in Canada doesn't really want to be. The winters can be a little annoying but where I live there really is less than 2 weeks combined of what I call extreme cold weather, the rest is bearable
and often enjoyable. I work in the trades where jobs are plentiful and well paying. A person who serves his 5 year apprenticeship can be earning 130,000 plus per year by the time he's 25, all because of our lucrative oil patch. Anyhow,
enough about Canada.

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After nine visits my choice of destination is Pattaya, mainly because of the action, the vacation atmosphere, and seeing beautiful women on a daily basis, although I still don't know if I'm having the best or the worst time
of my life. I am nothing more than a sex tourist and I love what Pattaya has to offer. I find the highs and lows to be unbearable at times. I've had a gogo dancer that I was quite fond of sitting with me and having a drink who all of
a sudden gets up and sits on the lap of another patron and leaves with him 15 minutes later like I never existed, and I was genuinely broken hearted. On the flip side I've had girls crying when we had to separate, leaving me thinking
I was the baddest stud on the planet (yeah, right). Had a girl smiling at me at a disco, noticed that she was quite well dressed, better than the other girls. Thought I would throw in the old short time question. She looked at me with disdain
and stormed off. Bottom line is not all girls are sex workers and I realized then when my short time inquiry didn't work I had no back up plan and didn't know what to say. This place turns you into a vegetable when it comes to real
conversations with women. I've had money and a computer stolen while I slept, can't say if I was drugged or too drunk to remember, regardless I was stupid enough to let it happen. I can't say I've seen it all, but I've
seen a lot.

Short time versus long time – When I first went to Pattaya I wanted to do long time with the gogo dancers, thinking what lady wouldn't want to spend a night with a tall, white skinned farang;
the answer being 99% of them don't. As soon as most farangs mention the phrase barfine, it is immediately followed by 'short time' by the girl. These girls mostly want to get in and out and either go back to the bar, go home
and sleep, or go hang with friends. The theory that they want a nice air-conditioned room to sleep for the night is a myth. I've had good luck with most of these girls, they know what their job is and for the most part are very good at
it. Many just drink juice while at the bar, not endless tequila as many believe, although there is a lot of that too. I found most gogo dancers to be pleasant for the most part, will sit and chat without being pushy. Many rarely initiate bar
fine talk, I always buy them a drink or several. Some go to the clubs after their shift is over, but a surprising amount just go home to sleep.

Thai women – I've never spent anymore than a few days with a Thai girl but they've told me many a story about insanely jealous boyfriends. Having 5 hour long Skype sessions to make
sure she can't go to the bar, to blaming the girl if a guy looks at her. I've met many who were genuinely heartbroken after a break up, one girl whose husband went to Brazil on business only to inform her he won't be returning,
so she's back in the bar heartbroken. Gogo bars are unpredictable at best, walk into some and be mauled by many dancers, another bar I would be completely ignored, there is no pattern to these girls at all. Been to many a nightclub with
Insomnia and IBar having the most hotties and aren't just there waiting for a tap on the shoulder and go with you. These girls know they're hot and generally are with guys their own age. Although Insomnia is on Walking Street, it's
the closest thing to an actual bar environment you'll find. So I guess I don't have any real advice on dating Thai girls.

Other farangs – for the most part I have nothing to do with other farangs and you could say I despise most of them. Most have little or no money, many will sip on a 60 baht beer for well over
an hour at gogo bars with no intention of ever barfining, or go to the night club and not order a drink. Not much more to say about farangs other than keep your distance.

Suicides – I've heard that many of the farang suicides are the result of a Thai girl and her secret Thai boyfriend realizing the farang is no longer needed, so they throw him out a window
and it's covered up. I'm sure this does happen but I perhaps foolishly believe most suicides are self inflicted as this type of lifestyle often leads to money problems. This lifestyle of fake sex can mess with your self image and
self worth.

Moving to Thailand – When I first went there I thought who wouldn't want to live in this paradise. However on subsequent visits I started to ask myself, what the fxxk would I do all day.
If I get a girlfriend, what do we do all day, hold hands, go out for dinner and then go shopping. I can hardly stand spending a couple days with the same girl. I really don't know the answer to this, or maybe I do. Do I disappear over
there and become completely irrelevant, having meaningless sex where most of the time the girl runs for the door when the deed is done. Will I be like so many before, who thought it was paradise until they ended up splattered on the concrete.
Is sex something that has to be negotiated all the time with the same routine, shower, then sex with several ''no don't do that''. Anyone planning to move to Thailand should have an exit plan and it shouldn't
be off a balcony.

More on bar and Thai girls – There seems to be many levels of ladies in Thailand. The beach girls are the low end cheap girls, beer bar girls are middle of the road, gogo are mid to high end.
Then there are the freelancers, many of these are very beautiful who believe working in a bar is beneath them and hang out at IBar or Insomnia, the tail staggering out of that place around 4 in the morning is a sight to see. There is also
many a beautiful women working retail jobs in Central Festival Mall, I don't think these girls are off limits but you will need some game to make any headway. If you really want to see how Thai women view farangs, walk around in there
for a few hours, the only way most would even know you existed is if you bumped in to them. This place is a good reminder to a sex tourist where he ranks with non sex workers.

Closing Arguments – I don't know if any of this has made sense or not but it's my experiences. As for marrying a bar girl, if someone is going to marry a bar girl and leave her for
six months while he goes home, what does he think she's gonna do, all these girls know how to do is party and have sex. Maybe the best thing to do is let her do her thing then get her to have an STD test when you come back, and if she's
clean, no questions asked. Play the game, don't let the game play you, maybe it will bother her that it doesn't bother you. One thing I do know is that I've done just as much lying to Thai girls as any Thai girl has to me, as
far as me wanting to dump a girl for a new one, so I'm no better than any of them.

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I'm out. Name; Kenada

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