Stickman Readers' Submissions January 14th, 2014

One Born Every Minute?

I'm now in my 11th year in South-East Asia and the love for sale or rent environment. I understand why the girls believe we are such fools that they can trick us out of our money.

The boys who write in wondering are smart to do so, and the formidable task is to see the game for what it is, not what we want it to be.

He Clinic Bangkok

Eleven years ago, I came to Pattaya and got myself a New Year's Eve date on Beach Road. She was so sweet, I kept her 3 days. Now, it seems, 3 hours is overdoing it. That was a 4-day trip and I flew back to the States and
my job with cravings to come back growing and my urge to retire as well.

And so I flew back and met one from online and flew her and I to Chiang Mai. She was not exactly nourishing me, so I flew her to Bangkok (Don Meuang) and myself to Phuket. I decided that would be the place to be, set up my retirement
and I bought a couple of small condos.

The adventures were great and I know now it was because of the huge money I was getting from a business settlement. The baht was 40 to the dollar and I had 20,000 of those each month. Lots of multi-girl parties, boat trips and fortunately
a friend turned me on to Stickman so I learned about many of the traps before I saw them coming at me. Rock Hard A Gogo was a stocked pond then as fast food was not popular with the girls yet.

CBD bangkok

Over the years I have written about Oy, the number 1 girl there with Japanese facial features. We had a couple of crazy years. But I did not want to replace her bar income, nor buy anything. In the first few weeks, sitting on a bench by the beach watching
the sunset, she said, "I think I am falling in love and will stay with you forever for 200,000 baht." It was a nice romantic setting, but I remembered my father's words, "Make them think you are cheap, you'll be better
off!" So I declined handing her the big money.

That was some great wisdom as I have felt like playing high roller like so many guys do, but what is the point since I know these things are not going to last anyway! By now, most of us should know things are going to change. They do too.

I have had 4 girls that lived in for spells, all wonderful at first. I guess some guys are slow learners or maybe we just want to enjoy the start, then try another?

After the tsunami in 2004 I decided to move to Pattaya as the infrastructure and prices where better. Perhaps more importantly though, the ability to escape smothering predators and their jealousies is far greater in this huge sex market. At first I lived
in Jomtien and got my baptism for Pattaya gamers there. Don't want to tell old stories twice, some were incredible though. In my life travels I doubt I have met more criminal types than here and I was born right across the river from
Saint Louis in the USA.

wonderland clinic

Thanks to being sober and having an aversion to poverty, I have survived some tests here stronger than those I knew earlier in life. It is safe to say the girls here really are all about money.
And we better know that – or we are going to have pain!

We simply have to remember we are aliens in their eyes and their mission is to take my money, his money, and your money. Yes, we do lose our turns, but we lose them to higher bidders or to their real love. And it doesn't matter if you are old or
the forever delusional young and handsome as they just don't care. This town has raised a few generations of hookers and con artists. Some return to Buriram and other a Isaan feeder villages for Pattaya, and then they send their children
here. They are trained but if not, well, the mamasan will finish them off.

I think if we recognize this we can still enjoy them for brief intervals and they are really cute and fun. Just catch and release if you want to keep your sanity and funds.

Exploring the many bars in this town has been fun over the years. Now, the coyote phenomena has dampened my enthusiasm but before that I loved many spots.

The old Coyote bar near Marine was fabulous and it had a sad ending, but truly wonderful beauties in there including one I place in my lifetime top 5. Man, that was a fine bar.

Then I had a multi year fascination with Super Babies and Super Girls in Soi Diamond. Those Japanese customers did not scare me off as I knew they treated the girls well and did not, shall we say, enlarge the ladies. I still go in there from time to time.

The old TQ 2 was certainly popular among some and I never knew why. TQ on Beach Road had some stars years back and my countrymen were comfortable going there, but TQ2 was different. Late one afternoon while on Walking Street I experienced an emergency
high column defecation in that bar and felt it was appropriate as it was a shithole.

One watches Walking Street bars come and go and some of the new ones are fun as well for me. For a few years I have really enjoyed Baccara, but now I have too many wives there for it to be relaxing.

My purpose is to write this for the new guys who think they finally found her. I want to tell you to keep your eye in your money. We all can lie to ourself with ease, especially some old guys like me.

Just this last week I got hypnotized by a dancer in a new gogo up in Soi LK Metro. Even scheduled a date with her. And so I picked her up, paid the bar then went to eat with her. As I heard all those qualifying questions and side mentioning of how nice
a condo for her would be and how she has no money. When they look like her and pull out a cheap Nokia phone, look out! Just like the rich guys who also have cheap Nokias here. I came out of the evening thinking about how stunning she was and
her great English (she claimed from school, but used the word f#%k too often) and that I could see she was just too smart for me to want to go through defending myself on a daily basis. So, she was a nice and done.

They are wonderful and they can entertain us well, but hookers cannot give us love. Period.

's thoughts:

Many would be wise to listen. These girls and the industry should be looked at as entertainment only, and not something to be taken seriously.

nana plaza