Stickman Readers' Submissions November 11th, 2013

Not All Thai Girls Are Poor

Having recently experienced some challenging times, I headed to Bangkok this week for a pick me up. I love the many contrasts that Thailand provides and the ladies of Bangkok are no exception. We often hear the standard tales of the poor
Thai girl being exploited and so it was on this trip, my first in ten years, that I experienced both ends of the spectrum.

On my first night I met Nat at Bangkok Beat (an excellent venue with a great vibe and band). Na was about 25, pretty, bubbly, buxom, dark, a smile to die for and good English. After a drink, we negotiated a short time rate (2,000 baht)
and off we went to my suite at the Grand President.

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On the way, she was hungry and so we stopped for pizza where she ordered (and ate) enough food for a rugby team (2,000 baht). I was quickly learning that the advertised price is never the full price.

After an enjoyable time at my hotel, I think Na identified me as a potential farang boyfriend (investment) as she said she wanted to stay the night we me at no extra cost (I am fit, tall, 40 and ok looking – and she must have sensed I had a big

We of course had to go shopping that night for clothes, as she wanted to take me sightseeing the next day and needed to look respectable. Two dresses, expensive face cream, perfume and ne poorer by 3,000 baht, we returned to the hotel where she was tired
so she fell asleep (I could take her, I wanted, but she too tired to move – which held no interest to me).

The morning fun was a star fish experience and the standard stories began (no money for rent, need to send money to family to look after my children, no money for phone). I was not enjoying this experience. At the end of the day I was 10,000 baht poorer
(over 24 hours). I said to Nat that I was sorry, that I was not looking for a girlfriend and cannot afford one. She was angry but we parted and she left on ok terms (she stopped calling me after 10 attempts).

My next experience was a refreshing change that filled me with happiness and hope. I met Na at Climax, which I assume is her regular hunting ground as she seemed to know many people there. Na was 32, tall, busty (a gift from a former
German boyfriend), a stylish dresser and heads turned where ever she walked. We agreed on a price (2,000 baht for short time) and processed to the Grand President. Her English was excellent, again the legacy of the 3-year relationship with
a wealthy 60-year old married German guy who had sent her to English school and paid her 100,000 baht per month as his girlfriend.

Na had class and was refreshingly honest. I learned that not all Thai girls are poor – she was organised and had a good head for business. There were no money problem stories and it was clear this was all business and she was good
at it. She was fun to be with and we spent the next few days together. We danced and partied at Bangkok Beat and had fine meals together. A former boyfriend had given her a new house in a gated community in Bang Na (I am told worth about $US400K),
a new Yaris and a new Vespa. She had owned a dress shop, but found the work boring and not as well-paying as the freelance business. As she no longer had the German boyfriend, she now worked at least 5 days a week, typically seeing 2 clients
a night (she preferred sleeping in her own bed). So if you averaged 2 guys @ 2000 baht each, that is 80,000 baht per month – I understand that is 8 times what an un-skilled worker gets and 3 times what a university degree holder may

So here we have it, with a good income, house, car, bike and more electronics than most western teenagers, some girls are doing very well from the farang business (and maybe more wealthy than their customers). Na is a great girl and it was encouraging
to meet someone that had done so well.

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Stickman's thoughts:

I suspect there are more and more girls like Na as some girls are doing A LOT of trade. With that said, most waste the money and those with a house or car often only have one because someone bought it for them outright. Amazingly, whatever these girls make they seem to spend, give away or waste. Of course a lot of money can go on 2- or 3-day drug-fueled gambling sessions!

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