Stickman Readers' Submissions November 12th, 2013

My Thai Coyote Dancer Obsession

This is my second trip to Thailand and I have 5 days remaining from my 15 day vacation. The last time I was here, being a heart-broken young farang (I was 23) I only slept with below standard ladies who had shown me interest. Little did I know I was being lied to back then but still was good overall. Now almost 3 years later I decided to come here again but this time I vowed to sleep with the best since I am not as stupid as I was before. So you know what I did? I watched the most recent uploads on YouTube and checked many gogo bar web sites to locate who the best girls are and where they work. While I was doing my work like an FBI agent trying to locate Osama bin laden, in one of the YouTube videos, I saw the most beautiful girl for me. Ever.

Now for some background information. I live in a shithole of a country that has no sex culture and where relationships are based on taking your girl to the most expensive places, paying for her expenses and getting nothing in return (most of the time). So I have never had a truly engaging relationship before and still am quite sensitive in this aspect, despite my age. This situation should have resolved itself 10 years ago when I was 16, but oh well.

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In my county I had an on and off "relationship" with a girl for 8 years. In the end I got played by her all the time yada yada yada and I finally was able to get her out of my mind. Now the girl in this video I have seen looks and acts exactly like her. I was like I had to get her, man, so as soon as I came to Pattaya I went to the bar she works at and found her coyote dancing there. I always had good stalking stills so it is always nice when I see them paying off.

Immediately after ordering a drink for myself and watching her for 5 minutes I ask the service lady if I can buy her a drink and she says no because she is new and shy and crazy and "no speak or sleep with customer". As soon as I pointed at this girl everybody in the bar started laughing at me as well like I had something stupid written on my face. So for the rest of the night she avoids me like I am the first male she ever saw and then I walk out of there without taking anybody with me. I went somewhere else I marked before to do this. (See, I am prepared for every situation.)

After nights of having unmeaningful sexual encounters (not that I should be expecting something like this to be meaningful), I realise I am not having as much fun as I thought I would and my mind is still on this coyote dancer. So I go there to see her again. As soon as I walk in I see her sitting at a table by herself and when she saw me, she along with some of the staff who recognized me started laughing and exchanging looks. I sat at a table beside hers and looked at her face directly. She covered her face up and went away as soon as I smiled at her. She did not come back until it was her turn to dance on the stage. After the dance she went back to the seat she was sitting in with an American looking dude who I assume is the manager. They were eating Doritos together, drinking together etc. It kinda made me feel bad because it is my vacation god dammit and I want her to eat from my Doritos bag and drink what I buy her to drink. 2 other gogo dancers came by and asked for drinks and started playing with my thingy when I nodded to buy the drinks. They asked me to barfine them but no, my eyes were still on the coyote dancer. So I leave.

3 nights later I went back again to see her dancing on stage. She smiles at me with her mouth open for a few seconds, then I get grabbed by the 2 ladies who I bought drinks for. The same things happen. They play with my genitals, ask me to barfine them etc. The coyote dancer sits by the same dude. Then I realise I have no tricks up my sleeve in the given situation and I get up and go.

Now I have 5 days left here. Originally my intentions involved me moving to Thailand permanently but this had to be delayed for personal reasons and I know if I want to sponsor her now this cannot be done because of the time restrictions along with the fact that I don't speak Thai, yet. But the thing I know is if I go back like this, as soon as I come back to Pattaya I would look her up and will spend a lot of time in doing so while knowing it would bring me no good at all. You see, in the 8-year "relationship" I had before, she went missing for a while because of the issues she had with other men and I located her using her credit card information. Don't ask me how.

Can you give me some advice? I don't know what I want at this point. I feel something I have never felt since high school right now being the stupid farang that I am. Get back to me please?!

's thoughts:

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Honestly, this sounds creepy from stalking women to being so keen to get seriously involved with someone you don't even know!

You are thinking about sponsoring a girl you have not even spoken to and who you don't know? Take a step back and think about that for a moment. You have been told that this lady is not available? Move on! Find someone else.

I think you need to change your mindset. If you hunt for a girl thinking that by sponsoring her she will be yours, you will end up with a type of woman that is motivated by money. Maybe that's what you want, but it's not what most would consider a real relationship and is more like being a long-term customer of a working girl.


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