Stickman Readers' Submissions May 20th, 2013

Niche Markets for Discriminating Mongers

No one knows how the larger population of mongers breaks down into such categories as number of visits to Southeast Asia, number of principal monger markets frequented (Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia—the major ones by country), number of different women shagged (perhaps broken down by country or even into major sites—e.g., Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya), and then these categories further broken down into that population of mongers who are resident in Thailand, the Philippines, and Cambodia permanently or on a long-term basis vs. those who come once or twice a year and stay for a couple of weeks at a time. One might imagine yet further subdivisions of these populations to include mongers who are married to a woman either in Asia or elsewhere, and categories based on age—say 25 to 34, 35 to 50, and above 50. Likewise, one could create another set of categories just for bargirls, to include such criteria as age, time on the game, number of different sponsors (if any), natural or enhanced breasts, number of customers per week or some other time frame, and customer preferences (young, old, Asian only).

What this brief outline suggests is that, as is fairly obvious upon a little reflection, there is on the one hand enormous variation among mongers and bargirls demographically and with regard to preferences and what they in fact do, and that it might be quite revealing were one lucky enough to get some valid numbers on the kinds of crude categories suggested. It may of course be an exercise that in the end would only be of interest to those of an academic mindset (don’t include me in this category!), but then it also might reveal possibilities to exploit were one an entrepreneur and without scruples about being a bar owner or what less generously is known as a pimp. In other words, being able to identify a niche market for a subclass of mongers would allow one to advertise appropriately to exploit a particular class of individuals and reap profits that others are missing out on because they are too broadly targeting the monger market.

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What got me thinking about all of this came from a little curiosity trip to the Cyrcée Club in Phnom Penh, one of the hostess or girlie bars that is not among those clustered in or around Streets 51, 104 and 136, or on other streets branching off of Street 136. Cyrcée is near the Central Market, and in the past was known for its rather select mix of Khmer and Vietnamese girls, and a suite of short-time rooms in the floors above the small bar. Now, as I discovered recently, there have been some notable and major changes that—shall we say—discriminating mongers with eclectic tastes and always eager for a little novelty and who find themselves in Phnom Penh (very often on a visa run from Thailand) would find of interest.

It happens that for a reason I did not get Cyrcée now only has Khmer girls, which could be due to the tensions between the two groups (Vietnamese girls are always more aggressive than Khmer girls no matter where you find them), or perhaps something to do with trafficking concerns. Whatever, what is now available at Cyrcée, and pushed rather bluntly, are blowjobs and twosomes, and invariably and almost exclusively short-time: one, two or three hours. Here is where one so clearly sees the exploitation of a niche market. For any aware monger who has spent time in Cambodia knows that getting a blowjob from a Cambodian girl is not easy, some might say in fact less likely than a hole in one on a par three hole littered with sand traps. Likewise, and perhaps even more improbable, is getting two Cambodian girls who will put on a little faux-lesbian show before giving you a twosome blowjob or back or forth shag. So, the savvy owner or manager of Cyrcée, who I suspect had a girl who knew exactly what makes for a memorable blowjob, taught all the young Khmer girls how to give one, and even how to advertise them in the bar (nice and slow, all over and your balls too, etc.), and my guess is that unless they were willing to go down this road they were told they could look elsewhere for a job in a hostess or girlie bar for foreigners.

To make sure that those frequenting Cyrcée know what is really on the menu, the girls quickly get into promo mode, and they often work as pairs, being quite explicit about the lesbian show you will get along with the blowjob, and all—if you’re showing enough interest and yet taking your time deciding–at the “discount” rate of 30 dollars for each of the girls, plus an eleven dollar barfine, and to facilitate matters for those who cannot hold their horniness in check at a nearby room down the street that only adds five dollars to the bill. Of course, if it’s the visa-running monger in need of the familiar, or any other monger for that matter who finds two girls at a time a bit much, then he can either go for just one girl and either take her to the nearby room outside the bar or back to his own hotel, knowing that he’s got the closest thing to a money back guarantee that he’s going to get a Khmer blowjob. And it just might be as good as anything he can get in Thailand and the Philippines.

For those familiar with Thailand, this idea of a niche market brings to mind the famous Eden Club in Bangkok, where you could choose one girl from one lineup and another one from another lineup, one a two-holer and the other one that rare breed anywhere in Asia known as a three-holer. For ninety minutes or thereabouts, the monger eager to add to his curriculum vitae gets a lesbian show and then the opportunity to find himself inside five different holes, something to brag about when the bragging well is dry and the drinking night is still young.

There have been and are other niche markets like Cyrcée and the Eden Club that have been purposely created to narrow-in on what some segment of the large foreign monger population in Southeast Asia will be more than willing to pay for. Rather different, I think, are the large niche markets that are not the result of conscious entrepreneurial design but rather exist largely for cultural and historical reasons. These can be characterized in a number of ways, invariably using multiple criteria. Here I am thinking of comparisons at a national scale, one made often by mongers who have found themselves, very often on visa runs, in Cambodia and the Philippines while resident in Thailand, invariably Pattaya. Thus, to briefly summarize, here are some of the larger distinctions—broad but quite valid—that one finds, and are well-known to dedicated whoremongers and expats making visas runs between Thailand and Cambodia and the Philippines.

Go to Angeles City if your principal criterion (or criteria) is/are:

Cost; the closest thing you’ll find in Asia to a real Girlfriend Experience; a bargirl who would make the best wife; you want to see lots of cherry girls (virgins) dancing; you want a blowjob from a cherry girl; you want to take a girl’s cherry (the cost is running between $1,200 and $2,500 in 2013); you want to talk to the girl (virtually all of them speak English); you want a girl who is relatively naïve even a month into accepting barfines; you want a girl who most of the time will give a blowjob; you’ve just got to go bareback and you don’t care what the consequences are for the girl or you; you like a girl with a bit more meat on the bones, and healthy thighs; and you don’t want a girl who has tattoos and who smokes (some exceptions on the latter point).

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Go to Thailand if your principal criterion (or criteria) is/are:

Women that look hot and have hot bodies and plenty of attitude; women with enhanced breasts (enough in some cases to make one throw-up in revulsion); you like to be with someone who’s on the game and most likely will f@#$ you over, and good, the first time you turn your back; girls with finer features –generally—than you’ll find in either the Philippines or Cambodia, and who rarely have facial moles as many Filipinas do; you’re not interested in going long-time or having the Girlfriend Experience; you simply don’t want to have to ask every girl that catches your eye whether she is menstruating or a cherry girl—as you have to do in girlie bars in the Philippines unless you’ve got bottomless pockets.

Go to Cambodia if your principal criterion (or criteria) is/are:

You simply want something different than what you’ll get in Thailand or the Philippines; you don’t mind asking every girl that catches your eye whether she is working in the bar only for drink commissions—very common in Cambodia—or will accept a barfine; you want prices cheaper than what you pay in Thailand; you’re indifferent to getting a blowjob (because it’s rarely going to happen); you can’t stand having a bargirl ask you (or rarely) to buy her a drink; you can do without seeing bargirls partially or wholly naked in the bars; you don’t mind spending time with a girl who speaks even less English than a Thai woman one month off the Isaan farm. And then there’s Cyrcée for the monger who loves Cambodia but can’t go more than a few days without a blowjob, and more than a week without one from two girls at the same time.

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