Stickman Readers' Submissions May 18th, 2013

Totally I Fell in Love

Two weeks ago I returned from a 2-week holiday in Phuket (Karon). While there I met a very nice bargirl aged 31 (looks more like 22 – 24). Unfortunately the birth date is written in Thai letters on her ID, so I was not able to verify the age. I'm 44 by the way. However, I met her in a bar, we played a bit pool and took some drinks. Later we went to a hotel and spent the night together. After the act I left her in the hotel alone but dropped 2,000 baht (after paying for all the drinks and the bar fee which was 400 baht). Next evening I went to Patong to see Bangla and ended up in a bar and finally in a hotel with another girl I had just met. One day later I had the strange feeling to go back to the bar I was at the first evening…so I went back.

Back at that bar, we played pool again together and had good fun. I already loved her smile, laughing and pretty face. Her English was very bad (mine is also not the best) but I didn't care. I actually didn't want to take any girl in my hotel room so I don't lose respect from the hotel personnel, but I couldn't resist. So we spent the night together in my hotel room. She seemed very jealous about my night in Patong. Anyway, the following days we had a very good time and I totally fell in love with her. I asked her if she loves me too but she said no at this stage (we were about 4 – 5 days together). We always went to party and eat with her Thai friends. Mostly I had to pay but I didn't care. I really enjoyed to party with only Thai and get a real Thai barbecue.

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At this stage I discovered how lovely she is and that she has a good heart. I went with her to Kamala to visit her sister and bought her a gold jewelry for 12,000 baht to make her happy.

In the last few days we were talking about when we would see each other again and she finally said that she loves me… I already planned to come back 2 months later but for at least 3 weeks. And I told her that I will give her money so she doesn't have to work in the bar till I come back in two months. So far I paid only a daily bar fee of 400 baht for her. She always said she doesn’t want any money from me but if I want I could give. On my last day in Karon she was crying because I left (me too). I gave her all the baht I had left (~8000) and got 20,000 baht from the ATM for her in agreement that she will no longer work in the bar.

Back at home I sent her 50,000 baht just because I wanted to make sure that she doesn’t need to work till I come back. We now chat and phone a lot and wait till July. We also want to make visa for her so she can visit me for three months later on this year.

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Last week I sent her another 100,000 baht so she can make a laser eye correction. She never asked for this money, it was my idea (same with the 50k is sent before and all other money).

I also already asked her about sin sot (bride money) because I want to marry her, she would be happy with 600,000 baht and additional 100,000 for the party. I don't know but this seems now a bit too much. She is 31 but has no kids. I think she is getting a little bit greedy now 🙂

Anyway, she told me to make everything for me but she still works in this damn bar! Right now it's 5 AM in Karon and she did not answer for 6 hours. (Oh I forgot, I bought her an iPhone5 for 30k so we can chat together while I’m away, my idea as well).

So far I spent quite some money but now I need evidence, especially concerning the sin sot (bride money) and I need to know if I really can trust her. So far I did, but after reading some of the articles I got unsure.

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I would really appreciate your advice. What do you think? How can I find out what she is doing down there right now?

I think she loves me because she is crying a lot on the phone but could also be played, you know.

And, if you think I’m totally stupid, just say it!

Stickman's thoughts:

If you really want to know what she is up to, send someone to the bar to check up on her. That is the only way to know for sure if she is being honest with you or not. However, in this case I really don't think it's necessary. She's asked for a lot of money from you which you have give, yet it would appear she continues to work the bar. She sees no reason to stop. She can make more money as others like you come along. Getting money out of Westerners is her job…and she will try and get as much as she can out of every guy. It's just what they do!

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