Stickman Readers' Submissions May 21st, 2013

Greener Pastures


I was once under the impression that Thailand was a wonderful place inhabited with easy going, smiling people. As I frequented the place more and more, my opinions have changed somewhat. For me the honeymoon period is over, and now I have seen too much of what I deem to be a very backward and delusional country. It's over for me, and basically I would rather set fire to my fat Western currency than to spend another cent there.

I just read a submission from a guy who fell in love with a bargirl and got fleeced big time. Mate, get the hell away from that whore! You are completely out of your mind – she is a parasite.

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Now back to where I was…

Although I am cynical toward Thailand, I stand by the fact that I also met some genuinely nice, respectful people there, but in general as a place to go for a pleasant holiday in Asia, I say nah! Since leaving Thailand I have been to the Philippines and Malaysia, and comparing tourist areas to tourist areas they absolutely put Thailand to shame in all aspects.

The Philippines and Malaysia have had Western influence and it surely shows. In the past I have been quite cynical toward Western life, but I think it is the problems associated with the women that bothered me the most. However, when comparing Australia to Thailand, well there is no comparison, as the only thing I can see that Thailand is better for is cheap living, cheap food, and number one, cheap pussy. But Australia is a far greater country, with more educated and above all, more honest people who know the meaning of integrity as a whole…in my opinion of course. I think Thailand rules Asia when it comes to dishonesty and the will to rip people off as much as they possibly can. Without Western money they would not be doing as well economically as they are today. It mystifies me as to where they get the idea that they are above us foreigners, as there is absolutely no evidence to back up that completely delusional thought.

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Spend your money in Malaysia or the Philippines as they genuinely appreciate you. Let Thailand suffer and learn some lessons for their racist attitudes. Do not reward them for their unwillingness to change their questionable ways. I could go on, but I think I have made the point that I don't like Thailand. Here are some points on things I have experienced in Thailand, that, in my words, are simply comical.

# I go into a hotel, knowing full well there are all types of rooms available, but apparently they only have the expensive ones. I decline and they will not give you a standard room, and they let you walk away. Yep, great business practice this one!

# In a lot of instances, they quote triple the price on items and will let a deal go if they can't blatantly rip you off.

# You go with a bargirl and out of generosity, give her 1500, when you can give her 1000, two nights later you ask her to go for 1000, and she says, no because I know how much you pay before, the thought of well he paid me more last time, so I will give him a good deal this time, doesn't even enter their very small mind, greedy parasite comes to my mind, fxxxing whore!!!!

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#I had a local bar in Pattaya I frequented daily. Every girl I barfined from there I gave 1500, when 1000 was the price. I bought lady drinks etc, spent some solid money, but still if I declined to buy a drink at any time I was called a cheap Charlie and god knows what else in Thai lingo. Yep their motto was, take, take, take, with no regard for acts of generosity whatsoever. Note I am only talking of the bar scene on this one, and we all know the bar scene consists of some of the lowest forms of uneducated scum.

# I was sitting on the beach one day when a girl came up to me and asked for 5 baht for the toilet. I said no and she replied, I'm not your friend now. This sort of ridiculous behaviour just doesn't happen in the land of plenty, but silly me I forgot, we are obliged to give away our money and should be thankful for it! My mistake!!!

# I have stayed in many different hotels in Thailand. Many parasitical cleaning staff have blatantly asked me for tips, and correct me if I am wrong, but I am sure they get paid to do their job. I had one cleaner ask for a tip. I said no, and she refused to clean my room. What a cunt she was. It was before lunchtime, so I packed and checked out. Yep, she was a real asset to the business. <Is this BS??? NEVER heard of a refusal to do their job, although asking for tips is not uncommonStick>

# I have witnessed so many Indians getting charged higher prices than me. Why, I am not sure, as I have more money than the average Indian, oh wait I forgot the Thais strength when it comes to racism, oops.

# In Chiang Mai, I was in a guesthouse and went down to reception to extend my stay. The lady at the desk said we only have deluxe rooms available. I said no problem I will check out. I am in my room packing, the cleaner knocks at the door, and asks me to go to reception. The desk tells me now that standard rooms are available. I said ok, and went back up to my room and stayed. Looking back I should have told the worm to f@#$ off, but I did like the location. During the next two days, she tried to get me to do tours, to do my laundry, and I could feel her bad vibe every time I politely said no thank you. When I did check out, she shook her head at me, as if I was a difficult customer. What a delusional, dishonest specimen she was.

# One of my favourites is when my electronic room safe didn't work. I politely notified the receptionist of the problem, and her reply was a stern "Please don't make problem with me", a typical Thailand classic this one.

# Most of the beggars are completely full of shit! In Bangkok there was a beggar with one leg, well fair enough. He was lying in the middle of the footpath face down, with his cup in front of him. This guy was a real piece of work, and my initial thought was, I really want to kick this little f@#$er in the head, but this is Thailand and Thais stick together.

# I have had beggars yell aggressively at me because I walked straight past, giving them nothing, the word pond scum comes to mind.

#Bargirls, well their string of lies is constant, and I enjoy tripping them up on it.

# It's absolutely hilarious when I comment to another Thai when a Thai has blatantly done the wrong thing by me, yet the person I comment to, immediately defends the offender. Oops, there I go again, "We are Thai and we are wonderful", my mistake.

# Selective Buddhism, devout when they are looking for good luck, mainly in the form of financial gain, and completely abandon all of Buddhism's values when the opportunity presents itself to rip someone off.

# Saving face, well this is the most pathetic display of covering up the need to lie I have ever seen in any country, hands down.

I could go on and on about the absolute stupidity I have witnessed from the Thais, but I don't want to waste too much more of my time and thoughts on Thailand. I have seen and know too much on the way Thailand operates now, and I have seen other, yet sometimes poorer countries than Thailand, and the people display far more honesty, integrity and strength of character, that at times can be so lacking in Thai society. Spend your money wisely my friend and if its pussy you want, then visit the Philippines, as if you are a good guy, and have a bit of youth still on your side, then it can be free on many occasions for sure. The is a very negative submission regarding Thailand and as I stated before I know there is a lot of good there too. Unfortunately, in my opinion Thailand is not anywhere as great as the media maked it out to me.

Thanks for reading,


Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, no place is perfect. I'm surprised you rate Malaysia and the Philippines better than Thailand for a holiday. While no doubt each country has plenty going for it, pretty much everyone I know who has been to both prefers Thailand.

It does seem that may have frequented low-end places because some of this stuff would only happen is if you were at the cheapest places where standards are not what you might expect if you paid more. I have never ever heard of hotel staff refusing to service a room because a tip not paid!

Unfortunately some people working with tourists in Thailand aren't the best advertisement for the country, but like I say, that tends to be at the bottom end of the market.

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