Stickman Readers' Submissions March 20th, 2013

90% Of Farangs Who Live In Thailand Are Despicable!

Yes! That is my subjective opinion based on living here for almost a year. Most foreigners I’ve met have turned out to be despicable in one way or another. Let me expand on this word
despicable to leave no ambiguity to its meaning rather than have a loose and vague understanding.

No one is perfect including me and we all have negatives and downsides. However, it’s the severity and the type of negativity that determines if you’re despicable. That’s because although someone might have plenty of good characteristics and attributes, that one downside could be so abominable and severe that it overshadows all of the good. Therefore as an adjective, despicable describes a person who possesses (a) vile characteristic(s) or attribute(s) that overshadows all of the good characteristic(s) or attributes(s) due to its severity.

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Now the majority of my stay in Thailand has been in Sukhothai which is a small, but historically important city about 5 hours’ drive north from Bangkok. It is here that the bulk of my interactions with foreigners have taken place and pushed me to form this opinion on foreigners living here. Prior to Sukhothai, I spent about 3-4 months in Bangkok where interactions with foreigners there also contributed to my subjective opinion but I am limiting this submission to the Sukhothai interactions. I will provide a few examples that have been responsible for forming my opinion.

Let’s look at the first example. I won’t mention his (or any of the other guys’) name for the sake of anonymity. Now when I first moved to Sukhothai, I was immediately given a teaching job at a high school which is composed of 70% females while a significant number of the boys were ladyboys or gays. The levels at this school consist of M1 through to M6 and undergraduate university up to 4 years. To cut a long story short, the English teacher at this school used to ‘take out’ a ladyboy student of his to various bar / restaurants and introduce the student to his acquaintances as a ‘friend’ (this all happened before I moved to Sukhothai) and though his acquaintances never physically saw him have sexual relations with this boy, two close associates of his convinced me just last night that he was having sex with him which he apparently confessed to (bragged about is more correct) in the past. Now even if he wasn’t having sexual relations with his ladyboy student, why on earth is he ‘taking him out’ on what clearly seems like ‘dates’. This alone is cause for serious concern raising suspicion. I have been acquainted with this teacher and we’ve been out a few times. You would never guess he had these sorts of despicable tendencies.

Besides this ladyboy, the two close associates also convinced me that he was having sex with his undergraduate university students. Although these girls are in their early 20’s, the issue is that they are his students. I’m hearing more and more about ‘English teachers’ who are having sex with their students some as young as M3 level. These sexual predators posing as English teachers should be flushed out and dealt with appropriately “by any means necessary”.

Now it’s understandable that one of the main reasons for someone to move to Thailand is sex and being able to get plenty of it but for crying out loud, your radar should have limited scope meaning your students should be strictly off limits. Every single English teacher I have met (including myself) whether in Bangkok or Sukhothai has a ThaiFriendly account. If you want to get laid, then find someone from the web. If you can’t, then go and find a freelancer or bargirl. But don’t f!@# your students which is despicable.

The second example is of a compulsive liar who isn’t able to tell the truth if his life depended on it. In addition, when he drinks, he is unable to hold his liquor and gets extremely violent which not only puts himself but those around him in harm’s way. Now there is a local lass up around these areas who we’ll name Buu (Crab) who has slept with most of the English teachers here of which I’m the latest as she has fallen out with the rest. Now this Buu is one fine lass who has the dance moves to make any guy go crazy, one hell of a fine booty with curves to match. Her facial features scream out “wild sex provided” and in bed, she is easily in the top 10 best of all time.

Coming back to our compulsive liar, he unfortunately is one of the guys who hasn’t slept with her and has known her for almost a year. While most of his friends and acquaintances have, he’s missed out due to having zero skills with women in general. However, he desperately wants to. Now 2 weeks ago, this compulsive liar, another friend of his, a work colleague of mine and his girlfriend including Buu and I decided to visit the local nightclub / bar. At around midnight I had to take my work colleague and his girlfriend home which left Buu, the compulsive liar and his friend waiting for me to return. During the ride home, my colleague’s girlfriend told me that Buu and the compulsive liar were flirting with each other and that she had given her number to him which is nothing surprising and out of the ordinary for Buu.

When I got back, I told this compulsive liar that if he wanted to go with Buu, it was perfectly alright and that I was a little tired and would be happy to go home anyway. He then gave me this ‘speech’ basically saying that Buu was like his ‘sister’ and that he had known her a long time. He also said there is a saying from England which I can’t remember now but it basically means if a friend of yours is sleeping with a girl, then that girl is off limits. So because I was sleeping with her occasionally, he could never have sex with her. I reiterated to him that I was married and only having meaningless sex with her while she is fully aware I am married. In addition, she is also having sex with countless other men and receiving money from overseas sponsors at the same time. I couldn’t give two hoots who she’s sleeping with and if he wanted to go with her, I was happy to get in my car and go home. There would be no hard feelings or protests from me. On the contrary I gave him my consent. He then repeated the speech to me two more times and I ended up going back to the hotel room with Buu.

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Now once we’re in bed, she pulls out her phone and shows me eight messages that the compulsive liar sent to her straight after we got out of the nightclub. You can imagine what the messages said but to sum it all up, the last message said 2,000 baht. She then calls him and puts the phone on loud speaker and asks him what that 2,000 baht is for to which he replies he wants her to go next to him and ‘sleep’ next to him. Buu then asks what for and he replies ‘sabai sabai’. Now after all that ‘assistance’ and consent I showed him so he could spend the night with her, he gives me a ‘speech’ drenched in morality saying how she is like his sister etc. then turns around and sends eight text messages basically offering her 2,000 baht for a night of sex. Why? Why on earth does he first make a moral ‘speech’ after I’ve told him it’s perfectly alright for him to take her for the night then try to be sneaky to get her in bed? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

It gets even better. Last night I ran into this compulsive liar at the usual drinking hole and I confronted him about this which made him completely embarrassed and he tried to squirm his way out of it by lying even further saying that he only sent her 1 message and all the rest were meant for someone else. That 2,000 baht was supposedly to inform his friend of the cost of a plane ticket from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. I think he forgot that SMSs are attached with a date and time. Why the hell would he send a message to his ‘friend’ about the cost of an air ticket at 1:30 in the morning?

But there’s even more. Last night, this compulsive liar, another good friend of mine who is in the 10% of foreigners who are decent and admirable, another girl who is my ‘friend with benefits’ and I, decide to go to the same nightclub / bar. This compulsive lying bastard is absolutely blind from drinking. When the time comes to leave, we hop in my pick-up truck and as soon as we exit the car park, he starts getting into a verbal tirade directed at me beginning with how I came with a beautiful girl but neglected dancing with her all night and how I ruined her night because of this. Very quickly his verbal tirade took a turn for the worse when he started threatening me saying if we crossed paths again, he will ‘wipe me out’.

As I’m trying to calm him, he is getting more agitated and yelling at me to pull the car over to ‘have a go’. I then had to pull the car over because my friend with benefits needed to vomit. While she was cleaning up her mess, I got out of the car and opened his door to calm him down and cheer him up. Instead he flew out of the back of the truck in such a way that the message was ‘it’s on’. He’s right in my face continuing on with his verbal tirade and threats while I’m still trying to calm him so we don’t get into a fight. For about 5 minutes, he’s screaming and I’m trying to calm him down. He is always in ‘ready’ mode to swing and attack me while I’m in ‘defensive’ mode ready for his attack. This wouldn’t be a fair fight under any circumstance as he is completely blind and I haven’t had a single sip of alcohol all night.

After about 5 minutes of copping this abuse and being in ‘defensive’ mode resulting in my adrenalin going through the roof, he then turns to my friend with benefits and starts yelling abuse at her calling her a slut and other similar words. That’s when the line was crossed. I can take his entire verbal tirade but when he directed it to her, it was not on and we started fighting. Well it wasn’t really a fight. First I slapped him really hard to snap him out of his tirade and then he shaped up in a guard position getting ready for action. When I too did this and moved in to attack him, he was running away like a rabbit. He ran around the other side of the car and leaned against the passenger door while still trying to attack me. It is then I landed an uppercut right on his chin which caused enough damage for him to run away. I threw his cap back at him and told him to walk back to his bike. His nose was bleeding.

My other friend who witnessed the whole thing said that if it was anyone else in my position, he would have had his head bitten off a long time ago. I believed him. This scumbag is despicable for his uncontrollable, pathological and obsessive lying when it is totally unnecessary. Furthermore, he can’t hold his drink and turns into a violent monster. Idiots like this shouldn’t be drinking period. Everyone should know their limits and remain within them. If only I had the time to discuss all the times I’ve been out in Bangkok and Pattaya to witness loads of farangs making complete idiots out of themselves from drinking too much. Some of the things they get up to are simply despicable.

We’ll now come to another example of a fellow who regularly smokes ‘yabba’ and other illicit drugs together with his long term Isaan girlfriend. Besides the sheer stupidity of doing drugs in Thailand due to the harsh penalties, believe it or not, he is also an English teacher up here! He has told me many times up at the local drinking hole how he has gone to work ‘high’. This is totally irresponsible especially towards the kids he must teach. It’s not a good sight when you’re in front of the whiteboard and gritting you teeth while your eyes are open as wide as Arnold’s back. This sort of behaviour is despicable and this term fits this fellow perfectly because when he is ‘straight’, he has truly good qualities and characteristics but this one abominable addiction overshadows all the good. It’s like Jekyll and Hide. You don’t know who’s turning up making him very unpredictable.

There are many other stories I can relate such as the English teacher who charges exorbitant amounts for his English teaching academy up here forgetting its hard working farmers he’s completely ripping off while at the same time siphoning thousands of baht from the Sukhothai municipality on a monthly basis. For example, this avaricious monster recently received a 15,000 baht ‘finder’s fee’ from the municipality for simply finding an English teacher for the school I work at now. All he did was post an ad on Furthermore, the ‘teacher’ he found wasn’t even qualified and possessed a fake degree. Knowing all of this, the avaricious monster still had the ‘teacher’ hired. So what was the result of this then? Well of the three months the ‘teacher’ was employed at my school, he only turned up to work for 1 month and 2 weeks (but received 3 months’ pay) because he drank every night and couldn’t wake up for work most of the time. He completely lacked any sense of responsibility as did the avaricious monster that had him hired.

I’ll conclude it here by saying that unfortunately this country attracts most of the uncouth, low-life, shallow and despicable scum from the West. The majority of them are so full of emotional issues and pathological sicknesses that they can simply be called ‘damaged goods’. However, I have met a few decent foreigners who don’t fall in that category as well but they are rare. Can you then blame the girls of Thailand who have a very negative opinion of foreigners due to their despicability? I’ll reiterate the point that what I have written are my subjective views based on observation and many personal interactions with foreigners. However, the more I meet and spend time with foreigners, the more a usual pattern emerges about the type of people they are. And it’s not very flattering. I don’t expect things to change anytime soon with the quality of people that comes here. I’d rather have 1 or 2 good quality friends than have a whole lot of despicable ones.

Stickman's thoughts:

What a shame to see that Sukhothai, a former capital of Thailand and a province with beautiful temple ruins and a world heritage site, attracts foreigners like this. It does rather seem that there are more and more foreigners with serious problems and issues residing in Thailand these days.

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