Stickman Readers' Submissions December 14th, 2012

Seems To Me

We can all find something that works for us here in Thailand. Some men find dealing with ladies of the night. It seems maybe I have been corrupted, but I find them to be the best option. Since I like good-looking women and my share of solitude in addition to variety, there is no better option.

Early in life, I allowed a German lady to convince me to marry her since I was about to be shipped back to the States and her parents had both recently died. I felt sorry for her. In those times America was as attractive to the then not so well off Germans as it always has seemed to be for Filipinas. Although I had pleaded to her my desire to get in on the "free love" going on back then in the late sixties (birth control invention, marijuana, and the anti-war movement ), she begged me to provide that free ride to what was then seen as the land of milk and honey.

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To make a long story short, marriage felt like the loneliest time of my life and as if I were a guilt-ridden man walking on egg shells. Needless to say, that did not stop me from doing what an aggressive young man wants to do other than make money. Those were fun times and we never had to pay for the fun, grew our hair, and had belly laughs. The passage of time compelled some to a more serious approach to life and responsible adult activities. Those things I avoided as long as I possibly could and still do in some areas.

And so after the then necessary five years of residency my German wife got her citizenship, a college degree, and a much better provider of a man via one of my instructors at the university where I barely participated in much of anything other than seeking variety in women and getting a good buzz.

I spent the next decade wandering the USA, getting loaded, and still chasing women. To make ends meet, I would walk on to a car lot and sell lots of cars, long enough to get ahead a bit and wander off.

Oddly, I do not regret the past. Although it seems I should abandon any desires for national political office in America as the press would have way too much fun exposing my past, and it would be so easy.

In my very late 30s, the festivities had deteriorated into heavy drug use and at my mother’s funeral, my police chief cousin approached and told me what he could see in me and exactly where he felt I was headed. For once I actually listened to him as his case was compelling since it was hard to hide the "comma" shaped bruise near my nose pointing where the cocaine had been going.

When returning to Santa Fe, New Mexico, from the funeral, I met up with some of my associates in that dangerous lifestyle who had just cleaned up. They helped me and it is now over 27 years since I have even had a beer. And no one has been angry at me for quite a long time now.

My life changed a hundred per cent and I had a 10-year productive run as a financial planner which enabled me to come here in my 50s, first to Patong for a couple of years and the Tsunami, and to finally settle here in Pattaya in a high-rise looking down on the ocean and the city.

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Yes, I still like variety and enjoy the city of variety. I do see a regular working girl here and share her with others who pay more. Since I like to have something different, why shouldn't she as well? The change from Victorian morality and male insecurities to get to this way of thinking does not come easy but who wants to replace a lady’s one hundred thousand plus monthly income and have a person around you 24/7? Certainly not me. And she cannot run me down with petty jealousies as I will not tolerate anyone who wants me to feel bad for their own power gain. So I understand and respect the 5 girls I have in rotation and know my low back will compel me to slow down and I already have. I enjoy my life and the loneliness of my homeland for old boys is of no interest to me.

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Guys can say that I am risking my money, but I gauge each month how well my life is going by how the money plays out and it is most always around a hundred thousand baht or less for a life that is full enough for me and in no way compares to how it would be back in Las Vegas, sitting on the couch watching TV, eating cookies and going to the gym. Too damned boring!

The Thais like to have laughs and so do I. They respect us when they see we respect our money and do not succumb to silly tricks and ploys for sympathy. Like it or not, we grow up in Thailand and have more freedom of choice here than is imaginable back home. And if you are sober and awake, you can see the tricks coming. If you don't, put them up here at the site and you will sure get feedback before you take a bow for a chunk of your change.

I've thrown in a few pictures of the fantastic Terminal 21 area in Bangkok where I went for a couple of days this weekend with my main regular. There I ran into Bangkok, Philippine, and Cambodian foreigner friends as it has lots of great eating places and a good ambiance. We stayed right near Soi Cowboy and had a couple of great days. By the way, you can get nice hotel rooms about 50% cheaper online in that area. I really like the Citadines.




Peace, and enjoy yourself friends, whether you are a nice family man, or a supporter of sex workers, this place is still lots of fun.

Stickman's thoughts:

Very nice indeed, and fascinating to learn of your life before Thailand and how you eventually ended up here.

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