Stickman Readers' Submissions October 30th, 2012

Some Of Us Are Happy

I think the done me wrong stories are the best, probably because they arouse a bit of emotion in the writer. I know when I’m hurting I can tell a better story, create a better picture than when I’m content and life is smooth. And that’s where I am now… content. Life is smooth and breezy… hardly the ingredients for a great story but I’ll try not to bore you anyway. I do however think it’s a story worth telling. At least for those who have lost a little faith.

I’ve been thinking that I should send in a submission in to this site for some time now… I want to contribute at least a small amount compared to the insight I have gained. I estimate that for the last 8 years I have logged into Stickmanbangkok
at least twice a week. My two only previous attempts at writing are long ago, one of them here, A New Adventure, and maybe it will
give you a little background if you’re interested. So I guess this is an update, mixed in some snippets of the world of farang / Thai relationships as I see it. And by the looks of it, I have a slightly unusual angle. One that gives hope,
I hope.

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Here’s the story in short: I have had no, and have no good friends who have, had any bad relationships with Thai women. I’m not talking about minor run-ins with mamasans that don’t give you all your change. I’m talking about
serious relationships. In fact for me and about 4 others I know directly it has all been an outstanding success with each and every one of us. We found our girl, made a commitment and it worked out. Lucky?

The lovely girl who I met in '06 and refer to in my submission of around 2008 is still here.. and now there is a version of us.. He’s three and a half. I have never been happier. My Thai is pretty good I think, and I am learning to read too
for if I don’t keep up I risk my boy and his mum chattering away without me being able to contribute. It’s amazing how quick the young ones can pick it up. He speaks very good Thai, so mum says, and his English is great too. He will
live in the best of both worlds.. he will understand the best of my world and be able to charm the pants off those lovely girls in Thailand in their native tongue. He will have an insight into being a real Thai that I will never see. And when
he is an adult he will see his dad as quite a guy in farang land but totally awkwardly out of place during our yearly visits to his mum’s home. He’s my reminder that there is a good world ahead! I love him and his lovely mum. I really
did hit the jackpot with my girl.

As for the other fellows I mentioned above, well these are blokes I see often and I have known them for years. It’s true that a few of them met their girls in Pattaya but their story is the same as mine. They are long-termers and their girls have
stuck by them.. ‘til death did they part in one case not long ago I’m sad to say. She really made his life better than any farang lady would have and he died a happy man, I believe. I hope he left her a squillion and she deserves
it. The others all share productive lives with their girls, some now married with kids, both adopted and chipped off the old block. There are no signs of cracks and no fighting or ranting.

This submission is in no way at all meant to diminish the reality of some of the heart-breaking stories that other blokes have had to encounter. This site is full of good advice and someone had to go through hell before that advice could be made. I’d
be crazy to deny there are some really nasty units out there simply because I haven’t been with one myself. It’s just to let some readers know that there is some good news around from time to time. It might give you hope.
I think the trick is being able to sense the BS fast and have the will power to move on if you come across a nasty one, before you even get anywhere near a relationship with them. I’m sure I have met some of these girls, I just didn’t
let them figure in my life, and therefore I don’t remember them. But I wish everyone good luck with their search for a sole mate if that’s what you are looking for. For me… so far so good.


Good to hear! I have to say that in a good few of the bad news stories I think guys are too quick to apportion blame and actually fail to look at themselves. Often they are as much to blame as she.

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