Stickman Readers' Submissions October 29th, 2012


When I moved from Hong Kong to Bangkok 6 years ago I expected to meet many sorts of ladies—colleagues, wives of friends, bargirls and smart, attractive, upper-class Thai ladies. The last group has never made an appearance in my life
with one exception and this was early in my stay.

Khun Mod was a friend of a workmate and we met accidentally over lunch and really clicked. She is the CFO of her family's businesses and is attractive, spoilt and wealthy. Just by chance I met her again 2 days later when I was shopping in Emporium.
We went for coffee and this turned into a three hour tell-all date. Over the next year we met about every 3 weeks—she claimed that she was 38 and was in a loveless, arranged marriage. Her husband lived with his dark-skinned Isaan mistress
and their two children in a condo building next door to hers. The couple went to all the smart parties together but had only had sex three or four times, during the month that they decided to have a baby; the child was now 3.

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We had dinners together, went to Chamber of Commerce cocktail parties, embassy receptions etc. We enjoyed each other’s company but were not lovers. She was happy with my companionship but the 20+ year age difference was a barrier.
She would have preferred a younger man and there was no secret that she was looking for one.

She was interested in ex-pat life and asked many, many questions. She was fascinated by the Nana / Cowboy / soapy entertainment venues and complained that although she and her friends were all from Bangkok it was a part of the city that they
knew nothing about.

One evening we met at a restaurant on Soi 23 and she announced that tonight was the night that I take her to Cowboy. I was very reluctant—I knew how it would end—she would be disgusted and berate me about exploitation of women
and how disgusting the farang men are. However, I consented. She put on some heavy rimmed glasses and we started our adventure at Baccara / upstairs. This gogo is pretty tame—sweet young Thai girls dancing topless and with modest skirts
but no panties. She was thrilled and excited and as each group came off would get me to buy a girl a drink and she would talk to them. She had researched the soi well and knew where she wanted to go next and we went to more and raunchier places.
In each one she would make a friend of one of the dancers and talked and giggled with them. We went home to her condo and she was very clingy and affectionate and that night our relationship moved to a new level.

These trips were repeated about every two months for the next year and each time she really enjoyed herself. I asked her about her feelings and she said that she lived a life with little sexuality and it was good to mix with people who were
so sexual.

I occasionally go to Pattaya for a golf weekend and she suggested that she come with me on one of them. Her family had a condo on the Hill, of course, and we arranged to go for two nights. I told her that I had a lady friend, Mai, who is
about the same age as Mod and that she owned a small part of a gogo that was open in the afternoons. We were due to go to a formal event in the evening and she was all hot to go to Mai's gogo on Friday afternoon, which we did. Mai was mamasaning
that afternoon. She is tall and elegant and has an amazing body. She and Mod bonded immediately which was strange considering their different backgrounds. We stayed all afternoon and Mod ran up a big bill buying drinks for the girls. The weekend
went as expected and the three of us toured Walking Street after our function. Mod had a great time and spent wildly all night.

So that is my story– not only do bargirls enjoy watching bargirls, but some upper class Thai ladies share this interest.

But wait a moment, there is more.

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About six months later I went to Pattaya for another golf weekend without Mod. I contacted Mai and she said –yes come and stay at the condo. Which Condo?—Mod's condo, I am looking after it and have all the keys.

So I went and spent the weekend with Mai. On Sunday over breakfast I asked about Mod. How often does she come? About every three weeks. What do you do? Oh we have a good time and tour the bars at night and we always finish at my bar. Then
Mai covered her face and giggled. What? What? She looked up and said—sometimes Mod likes to dance. Dance on the stage—Yes. What does she wear?? I asked this because Mai often dances naked. She refused to answer. She has agreed to
tell me when Mod will be in Pattaya again—I plan to visit and find out the answer to my question. Perhaps short-time her!

Stickman's thoughts:

Bizarre, not common, but still totally believable especially given the way she appears to have been almost repressed sexually.

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