Stickman Readers' Submissions October 31st, 2012

Chronicles of a Farang with Good Thai Ladies and Bargirls, Take 3

So where were we? Ah…A. I got into her phone twice and recorded / photoed a bunch of info. I do not like to do this, but it is to protect my interests since I have been lied to by her a few times.

Stick mentioned in part 2 of this submission that I was controlling and possessive. I was trying to protect my self from being deceived and taken advantage of. I wanted to find a lady who I can trust her some. I have learned that treating the regular Thai lady with a firm hand works wonders but trusting them fully is a whole new dangerous tactic.

He Clinic Bangkok

Another guy was coming in a couple of months to see his GF…A! who SMSd him that she loved him and she missed him a lot…. This SMS was done while I was swimming at Koh Samet Island around 10 AM and she was taking a shower….. <So she has shown her true colours and you stick around? When you discover this sort of crap, walk away and don't look backStick>

Just mind boggling, is it not? I mean these are supposed to be regular girls but again maybe they are cheating because they have been lied to by the Thai man since their birth? Maybe they are keeping their options open because the Farangs come and go and some lie to them just as much… "Two wrongs never make it right"!

Well, at this point I decided to get two more beauties lined up for the next few weeks. I have a limited time in BKK and I want to maximize the fun factor. I assure you had I trusted A to be my chosen lady, it would have been just the two of us for the duration of my visit, and I would have stayed with her only. She was great in many ways.

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So, again I wanted to think and behave as a "modified version of a Thai man" in a similar situation. You see in most if not all cases, if a Thai man finds out his girl is cheating on him even though it is only chatting, he will have a huge tantrum and either dump their asses or beat them up and leave them, only to be begged by these lying women to come back to the Thai man because they love him!

For farangs, it is a whole new game. These women know they can manipulate the Feminazi-trained farangs and lack their of balls (read the Ball-less farang
sub on this site). So these innocent women try with the crying bit, then the poor me I am a victim, then I can't eat because I am so upset…the list goes on. I found silence and a few dry SMSs from me to them did well. What can happen? They either
give in and shape up or they dump you only for you to find another one down the street, no not bar girl, just another lying regular girl. May be you will be lucky and will land on a fairly honest one and call it a day or call it a relationship.

Your best bet and maybe the least problematic may lie in an older one, depending on your age. For example, if you are around mid forties and looking good, you can try for high twenties to mid thirties who have been around and had their fun already. 18 to 25 they are still playing the field a lot. They have the mind of a 15-year old, and want to sample many hansum farangs some for free sex too, stay away from them if you care about your sanity.

This morning at about 2 AM, one of my bargirls from Nana called me and told me she wanted to see me. I was having A come next day, so I thought this would be perfect. But I told her that I am tired and I will not pay anything at all. She said she wanted to come and sleep with me anyway. I accepted.

wonderland clinic

She showed up on time? Wow… half drunk from dancing all night at Climax disco. She said she turned down a customer to go to the disco….Thai's economics 101!

She smelled of smoke and alcohol. I told her to wash well. I joined her to make sure she washed her private parts really well in case she had had a customer any way. She brushed her teeth but still smelled of alcohol. I had no interest in sex. She lied next to me naked and smelled good. She kept rubbing herself against my leg. I really did not want to have sex, but she was 19, slim and taller than me by an about two centimeters. She had a beautiful face. So, I decided to do more charity work. She must have been turned on by hansom young farangs at Climax and used me to get off. I took care of her needs and mine. I told her she needed to leave early next day and she nodded. She slept like a baby, hugging me all night.

In the morning, she started attacking me again, wow, that young hansom farang must have been so hot! So I played with her a while and she came again. She was all loving and kissing. I did not have intercourse this time around. I want to save some fluids for A in case we do some things tonight, and if we do not, there are Nana and Soi Cowboy. Bangkok is great, ain't it?

I am to see A tonight, and I am debating whether to totally face her with my evidence about those other guys or simply ask her to come clean which I doubt she ever will. but I will try….

Stay tuned for my next "interrogation" …..the lies diminish and may be I have a "good girl"?

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