Stickman Readers' Submissions September 8th, 2012

Orchard Tower Singapore

The timeliness of your last column was uncanny – I was in Singapore Sunday night and decided some current research was in order over the coming nights that may benefit fellow Stickmanites. I lived in Singapore 15 years ago for a couple of
years and have probably been back on business some 50 times in the interim.

Your comments on the 4 floors are on the money – it has changed. I don't bother with Brix at all – too expensive and clinical. Orchard Towers for me…so Tuesday this week I had some free time to go exploring.

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Firstly, Top 5 – on the top floor (that would be the 4th)…it used to be called Top 10 and was a top freelancer haunt – higher quality due to the $20 cover back it’s $10 and you get a drink so I guess the cover charge is
about a buck. So 2012 – no freelancers and very few Russians (they are from Ukraine and good naturedly rebuke you when you get it wrong). Their game is to get you to buy bottles of whiskey ($150) for the pleasure of their company. And it is Singapore
so it’s basically chatting only. They can't leave the bar until closing and want really silly money.

Down a couple of floors to my favorite – Impanema. If you look like me (Caucasian), it’s straight through the left hand door with no ID checks (sorry all you Indian readers – don't shoot the messenger). Through the throng of freelancers
the clogging the entry – relish the buzz of being a hansum man for a night and find a spare chair (hard to do after 10 PM). Beer soon in hand ($12) and the watching begins. The band is OK – not great, and the bar is a sea of motion.

The research… I have seen the demographics change over the years and will comment a little later, but of the 20 girls I asked their country of origin…

13 = Vietnam
4 = Cambodia
1 = Thai (Lady boy I think)
1 = China
1 = Singapore

The Vietnamese girls are immaculately groomed and made up, English is a little variable, but they seem to be generally happy to have a chat.

Decided to check out Crazy Horse (the ladyboys prevail here but are good humored) – again of the girls, Vietnam wins with one Philippina. This is a good bar to watch the antics of the ladyboys as they seek out the newbie visitors to this
economic hub…fun to watch their more experienced so called mates egging them on as well.

Country Jamboree was next – walked out after one beer – just too ugly. This was a fun pub 10 years ago with a corner for Thais, a corner for Philippinas and the rest random. Not much under 35 or above a 5 this week.

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That was enough for one night.

Prices..from this week’s investigation and forays earlier in the year: There is a complex algorithm going on in the girls’ head – the key variables are time of night, their looks, your looks and of course their desperation…so
same as everywhere I guess. $500 starting point for a stunner is common…this figure often doesn’t budge until after 11 and likely won’t go below $350 and only if you are on your game. For 7’s, $200 – $250 is base unless
it’s around 2 AM and then the $200 is really as low as it gets. There are a lot of 40 – 45 year olds in the crowd as well, not sure on the $ but I couldn’t see anything under $150 happening…many of these older hands are
introducing the new girls around…and have superior English.

A few months ago I had a chat in Crazy Horse with a Phlippina cutey who wouldn’t budge from $300 and suggested that I go to Impanema and find a Vietnamese girl for $200….

The other thing I notice is that the freelancers seem to be organised compared to recent years…there is a floor price that they don’t (won’t / not allowed) to go below. Late at night many years ago – admittedly I was
a genuine hansum man, well better back then than now – $50 Thai takeaway was possible.

So where are the Philipinas and Thais of 15 years ago…well, the Philipinnas are largely in the “lady drink” bars. I assume because of their English skills. Their job is to engage you, keep you drinking and buying them drinks
at up to $50 a go (six micro shots!). They can’t go home ‘till closing…but you could score a bargain.

No idea where the Thais are….I’m in Pattaya today (Thursday) – found them!!

All the $ above are Singapore dollars so multiply everything by ¾ for Aussie / US.

They are also for all night which in my book is when I have to go to work in the morning – I’ve never had anyone “do a runner”.

All the best,



Interesting report. I wonder why fewer Thais are found in Singapore these days.

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