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Farang Men Who Hate Farang Women

I’d like to weigh in on this “farang men hating farang women” discussion. I have read from time-to-time, here and elsewhere, farang guys dissing farang women. And at times, it can get pretty vulgar and mean-spirited.
What I find remarkable is the similarity of this phenomenon with Thai women who say virtually the same about Thai men. I can only conclude one thing: in both instances, the farang men and the Thai women speaking disparagingly of their own are
speaking ONLY about the quality of the women and men that they have access to. And in both cases, it ain’t a pretty picture. Let me explain.

We’ve spoken about the quality of western men who come to Thailand seeking a wife and it’s generally understood that they’re not exactly top tier guys. Whether young or old, these are not guys who are successful with
women back home. If they were, they wouldn’t be in Thailand. Let’s face it, successful men who can have any women would prefer women who they can connect with, mostly in communication but in culture compatibility as well. You can’t
deny this. Hell, don’t take my word for it. Who are celebrity studs like Brad Pitt and George Clooney involved with? Or successful business moguls? Or big time athletes? Can you even imagine any of these guys with a Thai girl that they
can barely communicate with? David Beckham with an Isaan princess? Not hardly. I’ve read on some expat forums ridiculous suggestions from farangs in Thailand that farang guys in the west are leaving western women in droves. Trading them
in for demure Filipina and Thai women. Are they making this shit up? Well of course they are. No such thing is happening. The day Brad Pitt comes on national TV to say that he’s giving up white women for Thai women, that’s when I’ll
believe it. Until then….

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So when farang guys talk negatively about farang women, who are they talking about? Well, I don’t think they’re talking about your Kate Uptons or Jessica Albas or Angelina Jolies. Or anyone remotely approaching that. What they’re
talking about are older, larger, louder, smellier, meaner, possibly with a huge mole on their face, hairy armpits, and generally, farang women with a rather nasty disposition. You know, the sort of women that they would have access to. This is
not the average farang women. This is well below average. I’ve dated white women and I know. They ain’t that bad. But some of these gals….yes, they can be pretty rough. And these women don’t even worship the ground that
these guys walk on! Sadly, that’s all that these guys have access to. So when a farang guy talks badly of farang women, that’s what he’s talking about.

The exact same thing is going on with the Thai women who are farang-hunting. I’m not going to regurgitate my past pieces, but I’ll just summarize that most Thai women who are after farangs have some issues. Mostly financial,
but often times, children, family, sometimes, even personal mental issues. Seriously damaged goods. Add the fact that these women are generally not aesthetically pleasing (to Thai society) and it’s clear that these women are not going to
attract top tier Thai guys and they know it. So all that’s left to them are low tier Thai guys with little to no prospects, usually alcoholics or druggies, occasionally violent, broke, and simply, not real desirable to anyone. And they
treat their girls like crap! So yes, these Thai guys are no good. Ahh, but then there are farang guys who’ll take them in. Good-hearted farang guys as well. And with some stash. Hmmm, that’s a tough decision. I’m actually
serious, as most of these girls would still prefer the Thai deadbeat. But of course, some will not.

Attractive, educated, and well-to-do Thai women in Thailand generally will not bash Thai guys as a group. It’s because their dream guy will most likely be a Thai guy. Sure, they may have had a bad experience with one or two guys, but
they’re not going to paint all Thai guys as being that way. Their father, uncle, brothers, etc. are all Thai guys. That’s why I say Thai women who have nothing but ill-will towards their own men must have some issues. To paint all
Thai guys as being awful….I mean, don’t they know at least one who was decent? Unless, of course, they’re trying to hook a farang. It seems every farang-hunting Thai girl knows that farangs love to hear a Thai girl speak badly
of Thai men. Makes them feel like a white knight in shining armor, coming to the rescue.

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Successful farang men in the west will not bash farang women as a group. I’ve never heard one farang celebrity speak disparagingly of farang women. Sure, they may have had bad experiences with one or two farang women. They might even
be fed up and pissed off with women in general. But it doesn’t mean they’re ready to give-up only on farang women. It’s because they will always have options. And the options are going to be vastly superior to the options
of the farangs chasing Thais and Filipinas.

Why is it necessary for farang guys to speak negatively of farang women? I’m not positive, but I do have a theory. It’s almost as if these guys are getting back at farang women for years of rejection. Either that or trying to
justify their tryst with Thai women, as if to say, “yes, I’m with a third world, dirt poor woman with whom I can barely communicate with, but it’s not because she’s all I can get, but it’s because she’s
better than you. Take that!” Or something along those lines. The sociology of all this is rather intriguing. Sometimes it takes on rather bizarre dimensions. Some of these guys who have been in-country awhile love to take potshots at Thai
guys, as if to say “man, if these women want a lame loser like me, the Thai guys must really suck.” I guess years of low self-esteem will do that to a guy.

So let’s be honest here. I understand male mentality, being one myself. Firstly, if a guy is attracted to a girl, he will put up with a lot. A LOT. In other words, if Sports Illustrated swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton, or her lookalike,
were to be interested in you, I know that you would not reject her. If you were a single man and thought that you had a chance with her, you would move heaven and Earth to be with her. So don’t give me this shit about what you think of
her politics. If you knew that she was a card-carrying femi-nazi of the highest order, you would not care. I’ve seen it here in Thailand, time and time again. I know a farang guy who would not let go of his Thai girlfriend, even though
she is the most self-centered, egotistical, selfish, obnoxious bitch there is and treats him like crap. And she doesn’t even really care for him. All of us who know him know this to be true. I can’t imagine a farang woman being any
worse. But he’s 55, and she’s a 24 year old hardbody. So he’ll keep trying. That is male mentality.

Same with Thai women mentality. If a poor Thai girl—who may not be particularly attractive, but claims to hate Thai men for whatever reason—were to be approached by a well-to-do Thai man…she would not reject him. Not in a
million years.

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I’m not speaking of all farang guys, of course. Most are pretty comfortable inside their own skin. I’m talking of the ones who need to criticize their women. They seem to be the same guys who’d criticize Thai men as well.
Both the farang guys and Thai women who talk badly of their own should realize that their disparaging remarks speak more of them than the people they are bashing. Perhaps they truly deserve each other.



Bingo, I agree 100%!

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