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Stickman Readers' Submissions August 17th, 2012

So You Want To Marry A Thai Prostitute?

I remember when I was a university student in Farangland in the late 70’s. If I said in a classroom that men and women are different, I would have been kicked out of the classroom. This was true especially if the professor was a woman.
I knew that men and women are different. You have to be a real Bozo to think that men and women are the same. As a man, I would have sex with 99% of women on campus if they just felt the same as I did. I also knew that every man felt the same
as I did. You don’t have to be a genius or a scientist to figure this out. You don’t need to do any research studies to find this out. But most women around me, who were mostly educated, did not seem to figure this out. I did not
know any one of them who had the same libido as a man. But they insisted that men and women are the same. Women refused to accept the fact that we are different psychologically and biologically. They even wore suits and wore pants in the office
to try to point this out.

Most men I knew in Farangland responded by pretending in front of women that their psychology is similar to that of the women around them. Most of these men knew the truth and could not deny to themselves or among men that they are different
from women. But they carried on with the charade because there was no point arguing with feminism during the 1970’s. What is feminism? It is not just about equal rights in the workplace. It is not just about equal rights by the law. It
is the idea that women and men are the same. And to make their point, women in Farangland looked down on femininity and tried to adapted masculinity into their character.

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There was only one thing that these women did not understand. They did not know how a man thinks. Our hormones are different. Men are promiscuous by their nature; by their biology. Just look at the animal kingdom. As far as I know, in every
species, the male tries to mount the female. The male initiates the sex. The male will try to have more sexual partners. The female does not initiate sex. The female will try to avoid sexual advances. Yes, there are exceptional species. Yes, there
are times when the female is ready for sex. But you get the point. Now, go and try to change the animal kingdom. Good luck!

Women don’t even understand how a man thinks in general. When it comes to sex, they have no clue. They think that men feel the same as they do. Now I am not referring to feminists of the 70’s. I am not referring only to women
in Farangland. 99% of women in the world do not understand how a man feels sexually. They do not understand the promiscuous nature of men. They don’t have the same hormones producing the same neurotransmitters in our neurological system.
They can’t conceptualize the promiscuity in the mind of men.

In 2010, I went to take a few psychology university courses. I was shocked about how the world has changed. Women psychology professors are teaching now that men and women are different in so many ways that I did not even know. Now, only
a Bozo would think that anything has changed. In the 70’s we saw millions of women in Farangland and we would have humped on 99% of them. But women weren’t as willing. Their biology was different and their psychology was different.
Now, in the 21st century, we see millions of women in Farangland and we would like to hump on 99% of them. But women are not as willing. The reasons have not changed.

Nature, or God, is smarter than us. If men and women were as promiscuous then we would cease to exist. This is not a religious statement. Personally, I am an atheist. But theologians, philosophers, psychologists, and sociologists have figured
this out long ago.

So, you go to Thailand. Let’s say, you go to Pattaya. And all the rules of nature seem suddenly different. You don’t meet a regular Thai woman. A regular Thai woman belongs to 99% of women in the world who don’t know
how a man thinks. You meet a Thai prostitute.

Other than die hard feminists, every psychologist will tell you that most women who go into prostitution, they do this by choice. This is definitely true about almost every prostitute that a Farang meets in Thailand. Did you see anybody holding
a gun to her head forcing her to have sex with you? Do you think that she does not have a choice? 99% of women in Thailand do not choose to live as prostitutes. Does she look like she hates what she is doing? She loves the lifestyle.

There are a tiny percentage of women who have the same libido as men. Probably 1%. They still may not be exactly in the same frame of mind as men. I mean sexually. But these women have crossed the line from the normal inhibitions that a woman
naturally has. These women are at the point where they would have sex as much as a man even if nobody was willing to pay them. Actually, they would have more sex than any man. This is because everyman’s fantasy has come true for these women.
They are just as promiscuous like you and me. They have the same libido. But the opposite sex almost never turns them down. They can pick and choose almost any man they want. They live in a fantasy land of every man. And probably no man ever reached
this fantasy land; not even Elvis. And this becomes powerfully addictive. Try to imagine.

Now, these women, unlike 99% of women, understand men’s psychology. This is because they actually think like a man. Oh, of course, they are feminine. I am talking only about one aspect of men’s psychology. Sexually, they think
like you and me.

So, you come to Thailand. You meet a woman like this and you want to marry her? Good luck!