Stickman Readers' Submissions July 22nd, 2011

The West vs. The East, Again

Following on from the sub of the very wise Korski who wants to inform his lad about the reality of life, I do the same to my 16-year old but via subliminal verbal messages…

I can say that he hits it smack on the nose, by applying his “filters" to weed out the bad and obscene, but it is still a little bit optimistic. For example if one is to tandem most if not all of the filters then there may be about 10 women left in the entire USA who would be safe to snuggle up to and they probably would live in Mennonite communities and wear long, plain dresses.

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The point he raises to look at the mother (generation n-1) as the template of what your generation N may become is a good starter, but far from being reliable as there are too many other factors coming in nowadays to adversely affect the mental health and disposition of our target woman generation N.

These factors will make her probably totally different to her mother’s generation and most likely for the worse (more demanding, self obsessed, greedy, feminist etc) so even if it sounds like a good plan it may fail.

Also there is a trend in all young people and more so in young women as to the total absolution of self responsibility. By this I mean:

They crash the car => it wasn’t my fault

=> They trash your computer => idem

etc etc

It’s never their fault: ever.

And what’s more the courts will support them!

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At least the wise man has the balls to lay out a good set of filters for us all to go by, if it isn’t too late already.

Always superpose the axiom of the wise Briffault to this list. If you are not the provider then the relationship will draw to an end. I am first case witness to this as my wife wanted me out when I lost my last job, but now I am independently earning she is much more forthcoming… case proved again

A case in point: About 2 years ago a Belgian lady who was married to a Moroccan man and who had 4 kids was suffering from depression. One day she locked up all the kids and slit their throats (Halal style) one by one. Then she called the police!

Is she in prison? Not on your nelly! She’s in a soft loony bin for mildly loony people land will get out in about 8 years! That was because she was depressed! Now if it was a guy who did that is would be 4 x life!

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Another case in point: The lady who cut off her ex husband’s penis some days ago. I am almost sure she will plead stress and will go to a soft prison for a short time.

I was so sorry to hear that one of the last defenders of western women had found his so devoted, loving, better half (as he would surely say) being being genitally manipulated by her doctor, what a waste!

Mixed reactions in the west to several exploded marriages. e.g. poor ole Swartzi who was finally outed by rumors of his housemaid… and what a shocking image that "woman" was! Could he have not scored better?

I suppose his wife would divorce just for the sake of the loss of face from losing him to the other side’s extreme poor looks. At least the kid looks all right; whew! e.g. Mr. Strauss Kahn being set up by the DGSE (France’s CIA equivalent) with a African chambermaid and who was the devil incarnate to the feminists. That was until the case fell apart after even the prosecution would admit the "victim" was a case hardened serial liar and malfrat, caught on tape boasting to her incarcerated boyfriend about the scam.

Lucky that the very rich and well connected Mr. Kahn could count on his Israelite Mossad friends to snoop about that find out the truth. Probably he will be the victor in the next presidential elections having just the right panache for the French public who love a president with some spice in his life! Amazingly his French wife sticks to him like glue and keeps on smiling all the way to Elysee Palace! What a slap in the face for USA feminism ! (Now more than silent, what a relief…)

However, there seems in the last days to be a last valiant stand by the feminists against DSK, in the crazy USA who knows how it will turn out??

And on the other side we hear of a near 80-year old gent, living in the Bangkok hood and gadding about like a well heeled teenager with cheerleaders. What an inspiration to us all! Can you imagine that happening anywhere else than in South-East Asia? The only guys in the USA that can get away with that kind of life are ageing rock stars and multi-billionaires, and even then it is still seen as "shameful"!

What a pleasure it is for me to stroll in HK or SZ and meet the eye of any young lass who would give a month’s salary to bag a "long nose". The same could be said for indo (even better) / Thailand or Philippines.

Let’s take the best of the west :

Slim attractive French girls

What are you going to get

– nervous disposition

– chieuse personality (shitty)

– demanding of time and money and attention

– quick to disputes / argue

– wall flower bed performance

Let’s take those tall thin Russians

all the above plus :

– chain smoking and foul language

But with our mini South-East Asian model, if you pick the right one

– slim

– house trained obedience

– good cook

– demanding in bed 3 x / week min or looking elsewhere

– thrifty

– obsessively clean in the house and self

– not a rocket scientist but who wants to take about Nietzsche at 10 pm after a long day?, anyway Nietzsche died of madness…

Don’t be stupid! Be a smarty. Come on and join the BK party! (with thanks to Mr. Mel Brooks the Hitler rap.)

Be smart! Live outside of the Sukhumvit enclave, live cheaply, learn basic Thai; and start shooting fish in a barrel!

Welcome to Thailand !

Keenly waiting for my next visit….

The Frenchman

Stickman's thoughts:

Where you suggest living outside the Sukhumvit enclave is SO true. The best Thai women are NOT found onm Sukhumvit, or in Pattaya!

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