Stickman Readers' Submissions July 1st, 2011

10 Reasons To Be Positive All The Time

I am posting this article to remind us to stop being so negative all the time. This is an article about good things. It is time we focussed on some of the good positive things. Too many of us are singing the blues about Thais who have taken
our dough, been nasty to us and supposedly tricked us into loving them. So here we go :


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(1) – Nana Hotel…Best location, open 24 hours, no rules at all and best parking lot too…

(2) – Thailand is always here. 365 days a year with great weather… In Koh Samui the weather is ALWAYS good and it is warm and tropical most of the year, with a short rainy season in November….but be warned…the girls are mostly ugly
(like we care !)…

(3) – You can’t be a 2-week millionaire anywhere else… I have tried this in many countries and it does not work, especially at these prices and this quality…some reasons it does not work are that there are clever girls who are
street-smart and spot your lies, poor services or infrastructure ruining your holiday, personal safety or just plain running out of money.

(4) – The lies are so good you actually believe them even though you know they are lies. For example : “you are not fat”…”I like / love / miss you” …”I like old man”

(5) – The Thai smile…let it suck you in.

(6) – Thai food. Most guys love it. I hate Thai food (that is not a misprint)…but I always feel incredibly healthy when I leave Thailand because most food is fresh and healthy…fresh fruits and vegetables bursting with goodness…and the
suntan and clean air helps too…

(7) – Nobody gives fat, old men a second chance…especially if they are poor…this is easily possible in Thailand with a woman in her twenties… you can even be bald and ugly and get a second chance at love / life in Thailand. In the real
world no one over 50 gets thin young pretty girls.

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(8) – Escape… This could be your 2-week holiday escape, escape from your lousy marriage, a business trip escape or a more permanent BIG escape from Farangland to live permanently in Thailand.

(9) – Envy. My friends are always jealous when I jump on a plane to Thailand. People are only envious of things that are worth having.

(10) – Every girl gives GFE. The girl friend experience… This is included in the price every time. In Farangland this is not available or costs plenty extra and even then its no good.

Thailand beats the competition hands down. In South East Asia it rules supreme…always has. The reason you never hear about sex tourists in Africa is because they are all dead from AIDS. A true fact. Almost every single prostitute on the
whole continent has HIV.

The whole of the P4P industry in Western Europe is very expensive and delivers awful customer service/satisfaction. Amsterdam, France or England its all bad. Most of the time the girls you are with can barely conceal their disgust at what
they are doing…

The P4P industry in Eastern Europe is full of sex slaves who are pimped by gangs that threaten their lives/families. Many Thousands of girls are forced into this terrible life, it’s a big percentage…I stopped using Eastern European
girls because you never know who is a sex slave and who is a free agent.

Russia and the former USSR have the best looking gals for sure but it’s a dodgy, dangerous place run by hard core ex-KGB gangsters and it shuts down in winter with full-on snow & ice. Moscow and St. Petersburg are very expensive.

Prostitution is illegal in the USA (except Nevada)…I mean properly illegal…with cops taking an active interest in busting all the punters in “sting” operations…a high risk hobby. High prices & high risk and typical
rubbish prostitute sex from woman who don’t actually like you…some of the quality girls in our price range can be viewed on if you think I am lying…

Good ole’ Australia and New Zealand have legal brothels that are expensive and excellent but if you want to pay top dollar you can get that anywhere…

I personally don’t like South American women. Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and the like are all dangerous places that are flooded with cocaine and serious drug trouble and where shootings and kidnappings of tourists are commonplace.

India looks like a cesspit. The middle east has banned sex. China is an untapped market.

There are always exceptions to the rule but the above is what I have found to generally be true…So that leaves us with Thailand. Put a smile on your face and enjoy. It's cheap, fun and easy… the grass is not all that green anywhere

Stickman's thoughts:

The positives outweighs the negatives for sure, but there is a lot more to Thailand than the naughty stuff and I personally reckon the naughty stuff is far from the best of Thailand. Scratch below the surface and you can have a great time AWAY from the bars!

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