Stickman Readers' Submissions July 2nd, 2011

Western Women Are Evil

In almost all of the submissions here on Stickman, it seems that there is a recurring theme that Western men have been to Thailand, returned to their home country to make a realisation Western women are awful and Thai women are amazing. As
I explained in my last submission, I spent close to a year in Thailand so I consider myself quite savvy on Thai women, likewise due to my inclination to overaanalyse every social situation, I also understand Western girls quite well.

I think that this idea that so many farangs believe Thai women to be superior for one reason; that the men who say this come back to their home countries and their attractiveness to women in Western countries is only a fraction of what it
is in Thailand. If their attractiveness in the west was relative to that of their attractiveness to women in Thailand then I'm sure they would consider Western women to be just the same as Thai women. It goes without saying that in Thailand
a middle-aged man obviously has a far greater amount of accessible women than he would in the west, however; this does not mean that Western women are all obese feminists. Just because this guy is going to come home and have only a mediocre bunch
of similarly unfortunate single middle-aged females to choose from does not ultimately mean that Thai girls> Western girls. These men then go on to deduce that Thai girls are superior because they have a more traditional view about money, and
are reliant upon men for support. Yes, this is true, and if your wealth in Thailand was porportianate to your wealth in the west, then you would also be able to support a Western girl in much the same fashion, however you can't because you're
money is only attractive when converted to a third world currency.

He Clinic Bangkok

The point I have to most disagree with is some submissions which insinuate that Thai girls are more loyal and honest than Western girls. In my time in Thailand I experienced every demographic of Thai girls imaginable; including but not limited
to Uni girls, bargirls, hi-so girls, middle class girls and even had a taste of Thai girls in back home in the west. In EVERY interaction I had with a Thai girl, despite how innocent and loyal they seemed on the outside, ultimately it became apparant
that not a single one of those girls was capable of a monogamous relationship. Some of the more memorable moments included sending a group message to all of a bargirl's sponsors in England and Australia asking for a transfer of cash pronto
due to some medical issues – naturally all of whom obliged without question, despite me having just pumped their 'teeruk'. On a similar level was a relatively hi-so girl talking to her fiance in Bangkok on webcam with me lying butt naked
next right next to her. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of unfaithful Western women, but the majority of girls I know at home would never think of anything this blatant. Furthermore, if they were to cheat then it wouldn't be for
the same manipulative reasons that some Thai girls cheated (i.e. money and emotional insecurity), but moreso just because they were just horny. The whole idea of 'gigs' (fxxx buddy when you have a boyfriend / girlfriend) and
fan geps' (minor boyfriend / girlfriend) should give even more weight to my argument. There is simply no English equivalent for these words, and for good reason, because Western girls' behaviour doesn't call for such words
to exist.

Perhaps the only argument that holds any validity in my eyes is the idea that Thai girls are more attractive than Western girls. Obviously the epidemic of obesity in Western women is sickening and has not yet become an issue in Thailand.
This difference can be easily explained by Western girls no longer being reliant and dependant upon men and therefore not having to take such good care of their presentation, whereas girls in Thailand must keep themselves looking good to attract
a good quality of men. However, even so I still wonder about the men who make this assertion – how many of these men have washboard abs and are savvy on the latest fashions?!

I am presuming this won't be a particularly popular submission, but no doubt it generates some discussion!

CBD bangkok

Stickman's thoughts:

I agree that Thai women tend to be more attractive. I think Thai women may, woman for woman, look after their man "better", at least in a more traditional sense. With that said, I think Thai women often expect more in return and I agree with you that, in my observations, Western women – at least from my corner of the Western world – are easier to trust.

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