Stickman Readers' Submissions March 22nd, 2011

My Thai Wife Experience

I was a young guy at the time that I met my now ex wife at a church function. I wasn't interested at first but fell for her song and dance about how she was going to be deported if we didn't get married quickly. She said to me that if I loved
her that I would marry soon or she was going to have to go back to Thailand. That her work visa was going to expire.

She was sponsored to this beautiful country of ours by a family in Montana and from the start, it was trouble. I agreed to it due to my being naive and after we were married, she tells me that she was going to be deported, it was a 2nd letter and she
coached me on what to say to the Immigration guys about how our marriage was valid and legitimate. I can't believe how gullible I was!

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After we married, she started to say how I needed to work another higher paying job and leave the one that I loved. I agreed to it and worked the jobs that she felt would bring us more money. It was like the woman had some damn checklist that she had
to check off as the marriage carried on.

She asked me to have a baby with her and now I see what that was all about, an anchor baby.

She came to me on the day of her 10-year US stay and said that she wanted to be an American citizen. I didn't think much of it at that time and thought that somehow she cared about me, so I agreed to pay for her to do that. She must have been gotten
the money from someplace else, because she handled the finances and we didn't a lot at that time.

She wanted me to join the army and go to nursing school, all of which I did. She told everyone that she was Thai but she was actually Chinese born in Thailand!

She was sending money home to her supposed sick sister in Thailand. She had her sister access an ATM that would allow her to take money from our account. She would call home often and then the pieces started coming together.

Every time I tried to get away from her, she would pull the kid card and say that she was going to take my daughter out of the country and I would never see her. She would make me eat this pork and rice crap. We didn't have anything in common and
she would spend most of her time with other Asian friends while I was forced to work 3 jobs!

She came to me and told me that she was going to need 12,000 dollars to go to Thailand to see family and that if I didn't give it to her, that she was going to humiliate me. She was violent and insane! Prude and a lying snake.

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I asked for a divorce back in 2009 and she went ballistic, called the military stating that she was fearful of deportation and fearful of her life. Why in the hell would she fear deportation unless she knowingly falsified paperwork in order to get her
citizenship in the first place?

I was shocked at the lengths this woman would go through to save face in her family's eyes! She then filed a restraining order against me and used our daughter to convince me to meet her, my child, at Red Robin at the mall.

When I did meet my little girl, who was 10 at that time, she hands me an empty photo album and then the cops come in to serve me. That witch served me divorce papers in that restaurant as well and I was trying to have her served too!

She was dodging the server the entire time and she called me on the phone and said that she was going to humiliate me! Well, she did. My little girl was forced to help that witch in staging a scene in public to make her look better in divorce court! She
told me that she couldn't afford the car that I got for her and when I took it back, she called the military and told them that I had stolen her car! So the military told me to get it back, which I did, only for the woman to turn it in again
on her own!

She went to the bank and drained the account the day I was paid from the army. She waited for the bank to open at 8 and took almost everything!

She won in divorce court too. She left me with all the bills, the IRS debt, both vehicles and I lost custody of my daughter and I am forced to pay that witch 200 bucks in alimony. She wanted my entire life insurance policy and she wanted 1000 dollars
a month for 5 years! She was nothing but a money hungry woman who cared nothing for the Americans in the country.

She preys on men that she can control and when I finally wanted out after 15 miserable years, she took me to the cleaners! She is now in Tucson, Arizona and giving the illusion that she has money. She works for a neuroscience establishment as a receptionist
and she can't even speak English intelligently! What the hell!

When I came back from my one year deployment in 2009, after I asked for the divorce, she had emptied the entire apartment and left me the few things that I came into the false marriage with, my camping and hunting stuff. All my stuff was able to be packed
into a small storage facility. She didn't even leave me a single photo of my daughter either. What a snake!

She pretends to be so innocent but she is a con artist! Stay away from this woman! She is 40 years old and wears enough makeup to keep Revlon in business. She is materialistic and vain and she has no need to be vain.

I was such a dumb fool to have so many years wasted on this woman. Thank god I smarted up, I walked away with my freedom but I lost a lot in the process.

I also know that she used a Thai love potion to keep me doing her slave work too. She lied about the people in my life and kept her crap up just long enough for me to get a high paying job and for her to get her citizenship to this country! Our country
doesn't need people like that who use us Americans for their selfish self serving purposes.

That love potion she would get from Thailand and how sick is that! To use some magic to get a man to even look at her. God! If I could take it all back, I would never have even given her the time of day but it doesn't matter now, she has everything
she wants, money, and most of all she traded her visa for US Citizenship and she fraudulently obtained it. By conning an American into her clutches!


A sad story but I have to say I don't buy the love potion part for a minute!

If there is one commonality in some of the worst marriages I have seen between a Western man and a Thai woman, it is that they "agreed" to get married way too fast. They got married way before "all the data was in" as my good friend Caveman likes to say – and usually they "agreed" to marry because she had put pressure on him to do so and he was a sad sap and buckled under pressure, all of which creates a dreadful precedent whereby he would forever be a doormat in that relationship.

I cannot reiterate strongly enough that you should only get married if things are as close to perfect as you could ever hope them to be. If there is *anything* that pisses you off or annoys you about her, don't get married! Things don't tend to get better after marriage….but they do often get worse!

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