Stickman Readers' Submissions March 21st, 2011

Views on the Chinese Perspective of Thailand

I read with great interest the article by the open and forthcoming Chinese lady commenting about "easy Thais".

If you have had the chance to read my earlier subs you will know that previously I came to Thailand and other countries for business about 7 times per year. Now I go to China for 2 weeks about 4 times a year.

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I don't claim to be an expert on either country, but as an interested observer and occasional participant I have been able to meet people from many walks of life.

This would give me some insights to the way things work.

Also having a very deep friendships with several Chinese locals I would leverage their knowledge about the lay of the land to its full extent.

Basically in Asia almost anything has a price.

That would include Japan, Korea and Singapore (higher priced) Indo and Phil (rock bottom) and Thailand (somewhere in the middle).

I would fully agree that in Thailand the "entry" price for most people is lower than in other countries, and the "waiting time" or "time to conclusion" would also generally be shorter than many other countries.
The location where she writes from (Pattaya) of course will certainly dim the view of anyone involved in Thailand.

I would also say that certain better brought up" Thai females are almost untouchable apart from going through a long and laborious courtship process, so not "all" women "are for sale", even if the average may be so
I would also agree that in general the quicker the conclusion, the quicker the dissolve-ment would apply. So if you are looking for something to last it's better to take your time…

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Conversely I would, from my own and my friends' experience, say that in China, there is almost as much opportunity to have "fun" as in Thailand. The barrier is of course the language. Once that is overcome, if you like Chinese
ladies, and you are well disposed and have good visible signs of wealth, you can basically take your pick. However the time to conclusion may be somewhat longer e.g. 2 or 3 dates.

On the professional help side :

Also there are many, many more ladies for hire than could possibly be found in all of Thailand several times over
e.g. in Dong-guan alone there would be more than 100000 persons working in specialized hotels, never mind sideliners
so to say that in China this is relatively small compared to Thailand is stretching reality.

I would however agree that the percentage of wives being unfaithful / sideliner-ing in China would be far less than in Thailand. I guess that is the difference between the hot-blooded daughters of Isaan and the more cool Chinese temperament
which regards marriage as a mix of business and companionship which is generally un-shakable.

As one of my Chinese friends said as we entered a KTV, I love my wife with my brain, however : I love the girls here with my penis…

As I have mentioned before several times, the Asian male has several big advantages over we sentimental Westerners. They can run with a split mindset and not let "fun" creep into their regular relationship. We westerners are often
a soppy lot and can't separate the two.

Being a Gemini I suppose I was luckily given a minor dose of this advantageous Asian trait by the stars…

Again the message the Chinese lady is overlaying is that in general the Thai girls will be less "reliable" than a Chinese one. On that point I would have to agree, unless you work for a while on a hard to get one, which may turn
out to be more stable.

However I must say I am still a goner for those svelte-bodied, coffee-coloured Isaan lasses! Tuck the brain away for a rainy day…

May the force be with you and keep you safe.

the Frenchman


From only a looks point of view, I have to say that I prefer Chinese women. I have never been to China proper – Hong Kong doesn't really count – but I have to admit that it does hold a little intrigue…

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