Stickman Readers' Submissions November 11th, 2010

Relationships In Thailand

Today we live in a world that is more open and accessible. The two main factors that have allowed this to eventuate are air travel and the internet. Air travel is arguably easier and cheaper with airports being upgraded. Suvarnabhumi Airport is a prime
example of this and there are not many complaints that it is not a modern and mostly efficient airport.

As we saw when the yellow shirts closed it down it created mayhem. The international airports are also a reflection of progression of economies. Thailand is not perfect but we can’t argue about the state of their economy which has
proved as robust as any in the world. The baht has held up well and the Thai banks don't seem to have the same problems as many of their foreign counterparts. I am not an authority on Thai banking regulations but they don't seem to be
overly stretched and I assume they are conservative in their leveraging.

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I would think some mongers would appreciate some depreciation of the Thai baht as the pound and the US dollar are headed south. Some are having to reassess their requirements for what they need for retirement and some may have to return to
their home countries as their income streams are dwindling. Coupled with this is the fact that Bangkok is not a cheap place to live unless you want to compromise your living standards.

The internet is the other main driver which has opened up the world and made it easier for people to cross the cultural divides if you like. Its speed seems to be ever increasing and internet cafes are opening up in most centres around Thailand.
This allows connection between international mongers and the like and Thai ladies of varying needs and wants.

We regularly discuss the Thai bar girls, the massage girls, the hi-so girls, the elusive good girls and all the others in between. Some try to take their chances with the working girls and are disheartened when things don't quite work
out as they hoped.

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Guys who read Stick must have a different outlook on the monger scene in Thailand. Mostly we agree this is a positive as we are forewarned and forearmed. But there are many guys who don't read Stick that have come to Thailand and formed
relationships with Thai ladies that amazingly have survived. I would like to know the statistics but we can only guess.

I would consider there would be guys from most countries who are Stickman readers but ultimately the main Stick readers I think would be from the English speaking countries. Arguably the main readership comes from America, England, Australia,
Canada and New Zealand. We occasionally discuss the monger demographic and mainly lately with Russians, Indians and those from the Middle East. <FYI, the biggest countries in terms of Stickman readership numbers with the highest listed first are : USA, Thailand, England, Australia, Holland, Sweden, Germany, SingaporeStick>

The success rates of these mongers of different nationalities are probably open to conjecture. If one is to ask some of the women we can get varying accounts of who they prefer. Many girls will obviously prefer the big spending visitors who
don't think to mutt. Also I wonder if there is a difference in the ages of girls that mongers chase. Would the average monger from say Finland look for a girl in the same age bracket as a monger from England?

I think most of us agree that not all mongers behave the same way when they are overseas, especially in Thailand. While some visitors are more discreet others are not a good advertisement for their native countries.

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The old chestnut of guys living in faraway places sending Thai ladies an allowance is another which may vary depending on where they reside. Also whether they read Stick or not would have a factor in their habits. I don't have anything
to back this up but I think that mongers from non-English speaking countries are probably more likely to send Thai ladies an allowance. Some financiers from afar are very generous to their Thai girls much to the consternation of others.
Dana should spend a couple of months standing at the airport with a bevy of bar girls and trannies surveying all mongers on arrival and departure. Surely this information would be of financial value and add value to Dana Enterprises.

Basically if guys can afford to send money to Thai girls, what is the problem? The main problem is the girls aren’t afraid to advertise their successful business arrangement. This encourages others to seek the same arrangements or
even better conditions.

A difference between the west and Thailand is obviously the face thing. Thai people want others to think they have plenty of money and will flaunt their successes. In the west people tend to conceal their fortune more especially with workmates
and neighbours. We generally want others to think we are just battlers trying to earn a living. When I first came to Thailand I was amazed by the number of new fancy cars which makes the owners appear affluent but now I know most are owned by
financial institutions.

Personally I think for the average monger or guy seeking a relationship with a Thai lady, giving money is not the problem. This gives the lady security and credibility with her family. With a good girl the sin sot will mostly come
back to you anyway.

The crucial part is getting the right girl or lady and you either need a bit of luck or a bit of experience which is sometimes hard earned. My advice is to choose wisely and try to use the big head for this decision. Try to base a relationship
on something more than just a financial agreement. Also importantly listen to others because friends will see things you may not or not care to see.

Good luck

Stickman's thoughts:

Choosing wisely is indeed the key. I used to always look a well-educated woman who had a good job and could challenge me intellectually. I now know that what suits me better is a sweet, traditional girl who is easy to be with. I don't necessarily need her to challenge me at all as I get plenty of that from others.

There's one thing you said that I want to comment on and that is the bit about non-native English speakers comprising the majority of those who send money to Thai women. In my observation, and this is based on many, many years observing these things, and carrying out relationship checks, it is far and away the Americans who make up the biggest group. I can only speculate as to why this might be, but would say that contributing factors in no particular order may include Americans being generous, Americans have been involved with women in these parts longer than others and perhaps, smirk, smirk, American women treat American men so badly that they will go to any length to keep "their" Thai woman happy!

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