Stickman Readers' Submissions November 10th, 2010

Fighting The Western Girls’ System

Enough is enough.

Today I had yet another discussion with some brainwashed NGO western girls. The main topic of course was the usual rant against sex tourism.

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One of them, the ugliest of the bunch, was literally foaming from her mouth claiming that all western men in Pattaya are paedos and yadda yadda.

Another one said they're just all losers and may god have mercy of them.

Now, when I was a young and gullible European I thought exactly the same thing. I was a good looking guy. I could often score with girls for free and I never understood some friends of mine who instead spent all their weekends paying for
short times with street hookers.

A few decades later and here I am in LOS, definitely seeing things from a much broader and adult perspective.

What basically makes western girls mad at us is competition – because only competition can break their "monopoly" on the flesh market.

In the west, even a dreadfully ugly girl will pretend to treat men like dogs and as she's the rock bottom of the market men will be forced to obey and comply, taking her to a restaurant, buying her gifts, doing all the usual western
romance needed to have a relationship.

In short, they want to rule and take us by the balls forever, knowing well in advance they can dump us when they want or destroy our financial assets in case of divorce.

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All this because once again they don't have any competition from abroad.

It only happened once in the '90s when Europe was flooded by Eastern European girls and prostitutes, willing to marry even the ugliest men to get a new life or simply an EU passport.

I vividly remember my female friends, horrified at the sight of the hordes of beautiful, tall, blond Russian girls going hand in hand with men these Western women wouldn't normally touch with a 10 foot barge pole.

Their feminist "system" was in shambles and in serious danger as these Russians were also usually loyal wives, willing to do whatever a traditional non-feminist woman is supposed to do, something the western girl claimed to have
"fought" for decades, their very own arch-enemy.

Unfortunately, in just a few years most of the newcomers quickly realised how the "system" works in the West and joined their ranks. Many divorced and got away with a lot of money. Others started cheating on their husbands. Others
pretended to have any rights and no dues and talked about female rights.

In the meantime, men who still like the idea of a traditional wife or simply of a girlfriend abroad, started flocking more and more to places like Thailand in order to take back their sanity and stay away from the "feminazis" of
the West.

Fast forward to today and Thailand too is being invaded by Western girls who come here judging us and spitting venom at Western men because of fear of competition and envy toward the slim and beautiful Thai girls who dare to "ruin the
system" and "break the rules"!

I also heard similar remarks in China, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam if that matters but only in Thailand have I witnessed such hatred.

I can only feel pity for these gals, often unable to find a boyfriend (no farang would date them considering how many truly gorgeous Thai girls are out there), always dining alone or with their gang of rancid Western girls in those pathetic
NGO hang-outs.

And these were the girls I agreed with in my youth. How foolish I was!

With enormous pleasure I'll keep doing my best to "break their system" and encourage anyone I know to look at the Orient. It's not that hard considering half of my old pals back home are divorced and some are now broke
too because of their mad former wives!

This world needs more choice. The more new "Thailands" will pop up, the more there will be hope men and women will finally live in peace and accept each other living a simple and non confrontational life together.

But let's keep our eyes open, the PC brigade is slowly infecting Thailand as well.

Stickman's thoughts:

If I had read this years ago I would have thought you were horribly wrong. Today I know that there is a good deal of truth in what you say. Some Western women really do have an appalling attitude and treat men very, very badly. What's worse is that some seem to thrive on it in a twisted way. That to me is very sad.

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