Stickman Readers' Submissions November 12th, 2010

Three Naked Ladies

My little town does not have a gogo bar. I might go if they did but they don't.

I like gogo bars as a rule but have rarely met a long term companion there.

He Clinic Bangkok

Strip joints in the States especially the South-West have always been a favorite of mine. I like my women a little on the trashy side ever since I took the three hookers to senior prom.

Yesterday I canned my squeeze. Sent momma back up North. Booted the bimbo.

It's been three years and that's a good run.

CBD bangkok

I wasn't angry at her callous behavior. I told her I was but I wasn't. I think I realized after the first couple of weeks that she wasn't the one for me and that was three years ago. It was just coincidence. She spent a few
nights and I got sick. Checked into the hospital and they operated and I was on my back for two weeks. She helped. She cleaned me up and took care of me when I couldn't walk very well.

I appreciated that and paid her daily for her services. Not much but as much as she would have made working 60 hours at a 7/11.

We slept well together. Her sex drive was higher than mine but I made do. Never ask a Thai women for sex. Did I tell you that before? Let them ask. You can stop reading now if you want as that is the gem of wisdom in this submission. That
is the key.

In spite of her satiated sex drive and funds coming in she became enamored of purses and clothes. She kept buying more and more and throwing out old but serviceable items. Then, after two years of sobriety she started drinking. Not much at
first, a couple of wine coolers a week. Then daily. Then a couple every day. I know the signs. And that is one of them.

wonderland clinic

It was OK when I was working. I left at 8 in the morning and returned between 4PM and 9PM. I didn't notice it.

Three months ago I stopped working. Tired. The dollar in decline I wanted some money coming in. I got paid in baht so I have not had to touch my savings for the past three years.

Things change. I am older and my pension started. I'm OK. Not rich to be sure but I'll survive. If I was gay I could make it on 20,000 baht a month. Women add a substantial expense. But that's not news to anyone is it.

She packed her things in a plastic container. Those multicolored rip stop plastic things that hold about three bushels. She took one of my backpacks, a couple of towels, a flashlight, my Tylenol and her substantial new wardrobe and got on
a bus for the ten hour ride back home.

I was sad. Parting is such sweet sorrow. I never really understood that till I moved to Thailand.

I bought some new ginger soap. After a shower your whole body smells like ginger. Thai women eat a lot of ginger.

Sweet sorrowed up and freshly showered I went to a bar. When I walked in I noticed there was only one other customer. A rather rotund English gentleman with three naked Thai women climbing on him like he was playground equipment.

My father never told me but it would have been good advice. When you see three naked women in a bar chances are you will have a good time.

I sat down, ordered a soda water and soon was joined by my own woman. She was fully clothed.

Jean shorts and a tank top, low heeled shoes. No tattoos, no piercings. Didn't speak a word of English. As the used car salesmen say, “New iron on the lot.”

She wrapped herself around me like a koala bear climbing a tree. I kissed her neck as I unhooked her bra from outside her shirt. She got the message and took off her top. Shorts next and there were four naked women in the bar.

Sweet sorrow, yes. I was beginning to understand the meaning of the term. The poor thing, fresh out of the farmlands of Surin had never had a customer. She had been there for two weeks. She looked around and seeing the other three women naked
assumed it was normal work attire.

I keep a hip flask of ya dong in my back pocket for such occasions and she took a couple of tugs. The AC was cold and the herb Thai whiskey warmed her up.

The ginger soap seemed to be doing its job and she began to sniff me all over and make noises like, mmmm.

We could have had sex right there. She would have had sex on a Honda Wave doing 60, in the rain, in downtown Bangkok. She was in the mood.

I'm a classy guy so we went upstairs, where her shaking hands could not put the sheets on the bed. I made the bed and she pulled me down on top of her. “No shower”, I said.

She, “Mmmmmm.”

One more sip of ya dong and she attacked me like a soi dog hungry for a week. It was a three condom event.

I have come to the conclusion that when entering a bar (not a gogo bar) with three naked women one can be relatively assured of a fun evening.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.


Where does one buy ginger soap?

Seriously, it is good to have you back and hope you can tell us more of your present day adventures. For sure, alongside Dana, you're one of the most popular writers!

nana plaza