Stickman Readers' Submissions July 19th, 2010

In Who’s Opinion And Reading Between The Lines

Well, well, well, we see that our China Girl has a strong opinion and needs to set the record straight with all the bad boys in the neighborhood or at least voice her opinion about men’s conduct while in effect demanding to be heard and garner
some sympathy and even make a few amends with those that she may have offended.

“I am not so prissy and all knowing” she is saying “but I have an opinion about you men and you need to know what we women think about you men”… she is saying…between the lines.

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When I read a submission I usually gloss over what was actually said and find myself reading between the lines because all too often the meaning of a submission gets lost.

Some readers may agree with a lot of what she has said and she is not wrong in some respects but it is not what she has written so much as the underlying agenda that I read between the lines

What are we to make of such a fine, upstanding and seemingly worldly women with such thoughtful insight into the realm of male sexuality and men’s libido while she simultaneously attacks men for participating in sex with prostitutes
and whores…as she so graciously and liberally uses the words.

She is in effect telling men that sex with prostitutes is meaningless and unworthy because in her opinion and that of her female sexual standards the girls that do take part in prostitution are not really having sex but only going through
mechanical motions and nothing else…as they also loath men as she would have us know.

She informs us that men who go with prostitutes are delusional and they are losers in her world and she is sickened by what she sees and speaks on everyone’s behalf.

The world is full of people who do a long list of things that can be construed as LOSERS by other people so why does she choose to point out a particular aspect of humanity that does not bother nearly everyone else…but only bothers those
that let it bother them.

Is China girl a drinker??? Well then she is a loser in some people’s opinion.
Is China Girl a smoker??? Well then she is a loser in many people’s opinion
Does China Girl take any illicit drugs??? Well then she is a loser
in many people’s opinion.
Did China Girl have sex before being married??? Well then she is a loser in many people’s opinion.
Girls who have breast implants are said to be losers by lots of people…mostly other girls!
Everyone is a loser in some respect and the fact that she is half Chinese there are plenty of people who would say she is a loser because she is Oriental and for that matter many people (women more so than men) think that men who go with any Chinese
or Chinese looking girls (you know how you Orientals all look the same so no need to differentiate between the lot of you) are losers for having sex with Oriental girls.

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You can see how small minded this can get and that is the point and it is just an opinion anyhow made by judgmental people…just like our China girl and her scathing opinions.

She is also, in effect, trying to tell us that older men who do not conform to her ideal female standards should not be trying to sexually associate with younger women and older men should just fade away and put their sexuality on the shelve
because such men are embarrassing and awkward to have to deal with and make her uncomfortable.

But she says she respects older men …just as long as they don’t try to pursue women who are younger…hmmmmm?

Did she say that …No…of course not… but that is what is said between the lines.

Do any of you ever read between the lines?

How nice of China Girl to set the ground rules for men’s social interactions with women.

She sure is attached to the word loser and explains at length that she is really only targeting the loathsome act of sex with prostitutes as compared to non prostitutes while demonizing the act in a number of ways while putting the blame
on men…older men and bald men and fat men…mostly…which she seems to be fixated on.

But rich, well dressed men, with a full head of hair are acceptable as long as she does not happen to see you personally in the company of a much younger women and or a prostitute or thought to be prostitute or …well you know any foreign
man seen with a small Thai girl half his age is a monger / loser because Thai people and Chinese / Thai people have natural insight and know all about such things and they are born experts on such matters…because …well they are Thais and it
is their country so they know everything anyhow …so shut up Farang…you have no opinion while in Thailand.

But this is to be expected because she is a female with a female brain and female opinions and naturally at odds with the mentality of men and matters sexual…and always will be.

That is how I read between the lines and I recognize both submissions as her woman’s point of view about matters sexual while telling men they need to keep their sexuality in their pants and men need to be told this is unacceptable
behavior by the rules and regulations of the “Sisterhood of Female Opinions”

You do realize her submission speaks on behalf of the “Sisterhood of Female Opinions” on matters sexual which instantly affords the members the right to observe men’s behavior while criticizing and demonizing men while
also attempting to absolve themselves and any member of the sisterhood of any wrong doing in matters sexual.

That is how I read between the lines.

Does anyone else see that.

Naturally China Girl will disagree but men are not about to change their sexuality because the sisterhood and China Girl are so overly concerned and shocked about the goings on in Thailand and the sexual conduct of men and in effect men’s
naturally born sexuality at large which seems to get along just fine here in Thailand…very well as a matter of fact.

Men are not perfect and men never said they are but men are not beholden to standards set by women and women’s opinions.

I just thought you should be reminded of that and be reminded it still is a man’s world in so many respects and you will have to “live with that”

I am not going to call her a loser as she so readily does and so freely uses the word but I wonder what other scathing words are popular with her and the sisterhood who are eager to confront men with their conduct pertaining to sex and men’s
social sexual interactions with women.
I also wonder if she is like all too many girls of her age and back ground who have that nasty irritating girl popular habit of using the work ”like” too much in their conversations all
the time.

“Like when I went to Thailand like their was all these like creepy older like guys that kept on looking at me like because I am so beautiful like as if they had a chance like they are such losers like you should have been there like
yuk …older guys!

Is she not rather endearing and such a wonderful challenge to a mans ego…our little half Chinese half English combination…with sassy attitude …rather tasty I would say and possibly a worthy adversary

It is obvious to me that she is in effect attacking and challenging men’s sexuality and the very core of men’s character…which is sexual in nature …while she try’s to shame men into changing their ways.

She may say that is not so but her last submission rolls along with interesting suggestions and information and then ends in a crescendo of name calling…loser, loser, losers …she says once again as if she is the traveling ambassador and
spokeswoman on behalf of the sisterhood who want men to know they are watching you and gathering info on you.

We learn that she is in effect fighting back on behalf of all the woman who feel a need to tell men how loathsome and uncomfortable it is for all women, as she indicates, to see older men in the company of younger girls, especially if it
occurs in Thailand…her beloved Thailand.

She is perplexed and offended and angered that men have so many complaints about Western Women and then tries to educate us it is not so and tells us in no uncertain terms that men are the cause of all the animosity between the sexes…between
the lines that is!
Why…because men are losers if and when men choose to reject obtrusive women and grow weary of women, maybe such as herself, who confront men on a regular basis with their female beliefs and agendas that simply antagonize
a man’s senses.
Women who loath men and demonize men and also posses a long list of nasty inborn characteristics that have men backing away from women and simply rejecting the western women all the more than ever before in history.

But we know she does not see it any other way other than the women’s perspective as she has been pre-programmed by the sisterhood from an early age and all the more so in these modern times.

China Girl may not realize it but England in particular has the highest rate of men who are rejecting women in the world and for some good reasons, as far as men are concerned…if you care to listen and learn …and this is where the debate
starts to get convoluted between men and women.
It comes down to ”tit for tat” …”you did this” …”you did that” but in the end many, many men simply choose not to play these silly female mind games
and they choose to seek women of a different personality and attitude with far less antagonism and anger inbreed into their personality.
It is more complex than that but in its simplified form many men are saying “good by, I’m
moving on and moving away” and they are very happy in their decision to do so.

But China Girl would not recognize the folly in her clever female agenda because the sisterhood brainwashes well.
Don’t you see that the western women of the world are shooting themselves in the foot concerning any respect and
admiration that men can bestow women and can you not see its rapid decline in these modern times?
Maybe you need to be told that you are delusional also because if you take the time to sometimes observe and scrutinize females, more so than
males, you may pick up on some of the clues and make some disturbing discoveries. You will begin to see how an alarming percent of woman are, as you so judiciously like to use the word…losers…but “female losers” that men want
nothing to do with in so many respects.
Well maybe only for sex and that is a mans curse in a way…we want your sexual companionship but we are not eager to live with all your silly female bullshit and all those quirky female idiosyncrasies
that are inevitable with all women and test a mans patience.

Why would men travel half way around the world to get laid when, in theory, they could get laid at home…in England in your case…where the women supposedly are of such noble character as to charm the men into their eager embraces.

Forget about getting defensive here and or offended and do your self justice and look at the state of affairs between men and western women and all the animosity that is swallowing men’s ability to relate to women on a wide range of

Embracing the modern women is not the case and men are rejecting such women more so than ever before and you can say what ever you want about men, ( go a head we can take the criticism) such as you have said in your submission. You can call
them loser or what ever you think because you say so and choose to believe men can not deal with the western women attitude and mentality so they are losers, if and when they choose to come to Thailand, which IS a sexual paradise for many men…by
the way.
You would not know, you’re not a man and think like a women anyhow so why would your perspective be of any significant influence relative to men coming to Thailand for sex and female companionship.
You need to be informed
many men simply do not choose to associate with the new world order of women…not because the men are losers by any standard but because they simply do not choose to deal with the likes of girls such as yourself …as indicated by your “I
am in your face” challenging attitude.
They choose not to deal with the attitude and they choose to go where they can be sexually satisfied…where ever that may be and Thailand is only but one of MANY PLACES where men live their sexual
fantasies, as men like to do…even if it is an illusion it is still a thrill like no other and women will never understand.

You are entitled to your attitude.
Use it where appropriate and use it judiciously but do not use it to attack men’s sexuality because it will blow up in your face,… that I can assure you.
You are blind in so many ways and
the fact that so many men are rejecting the modern western women is testament that all too many western women have lost their attractiveness to so many men to the point that men are willing to get on a plane and travel half way around the world
to seek female companionship and sex.
What does that say about the western women’s ability to relate with men and co-habitat with men.
Whether it be right or wrong is not the issue at large…it is a male issue and something women
will never know and never understand why.
Your female insight will never fully understand male sexuality and the male libido.
Rather than be quick to criticize, should women not be trying to understand the nature of men and come to terms
with men’s sexuality rather than confront it and try to subdue it or control it to suit your agendas.

At present the rate of homosexuality is more so than ever before in the history of civilization and does that not indicate to you, a woman, that men are so turned off by so many women that they choose to seek the embrace and affections of
other men and feel far more comfortable in the company of men, as lovers, than they do with women.
Just something to consider if you are like most women and think you are all angels and can do no wrong because you make the mistake of comparing
men to women and believe you are more virtuous and born of sweeter characters and retain them throughout life.

As for the many men that come to Thailand it does not matter to them if the sex is with prostitutes or women lower on the social scale and it does not matter to them your opinion or that of the sisterhood.

And women …the clever lot that you are go and address that problematic social issue and the growing trend by trying to tell the world it is the mans fault, not the woman’s fault and men are losers because men seek women who they
believe can make them feel good about being a man in other countries.

Could women be so gracious and forthcoming as to admit just a little …only a little please …that you are also at fault here in many ways to the point of driving your men to the other side of the world!
If you were known to be or thought
to be so charming and amiable and feminine as you all seem to think of yourselves then maybe just maybe the men would come home and want to stay and actually embrace your inherent femininity.
I can not explain to you the mindset of man and
what it is that men need in their lives but the absence of sex and repression of sexuality is like a death sentence to most men and women will never ever understand that aspect of men and always be at odds with men’s sexuality as you so
plainly display in your ignorance on matters sexual, as seen in your submission…as read between the lines.

Can you not see that?

China girl talks as though women are innocent of any wrong doing in matters sexual between men and women and the growing animosity between men and women.

We did not see her offering any suggestion other wise ..did we????…just more man bashing if you read between the lines.

Our little friend will tell us otherwise but she does not understand the depth of that which she has exposed and the complex nature of man and matters sexual pertaining to men.

She has offended many and she can expect some nasty retorts with her antagonistic opinions as opinions so often are confrontational.
She can consider this submission gracious and lenient as compared to what many readers are thinking and
wanting to say and may have already said so.

Is this the new order and agenda of the sisterhood…blame the men and swear to the sisterhood never to recognize or acknowledge the nasty attitudes and disturbing characters of all too many women…just keep up the illusion and wear your
masks proudly and always blame the man.

Should men be thoroughly shamed by our conduct now that China Girl has reminded men that such men are said to be losers because the sisterhood says so when men come to Thailand and have sex with younger girls and ..lord help humanity…prostitutes!

I ask: What could be worse than older man being attracted to a younger women and what a crime of immense proportions if and when a older man has sex with a young prostitute and then worst of all be seen in her company out in public and therefore
offending everyone’s senses ..or at least a persons senses with the mindset of persons such as China Girl…who seems to be fixated on such matters.
Are we not moving towards a far more sexually liberated world as it is nearly impossible
to suppress people’s sexuality anyhow so what is the big deal about men been seen with prostitutes, I ask?

Could China Girl be a little more understanding and not so angry about human sexuality, especially in the case of men coming to Thailand to have sex or seek sexual relationships.

Men are being told they should be aware such liberal sexual conduct is so distasteful to the likes of China girl and the sisterhood…because they say so and in their opinion while letting men know that “everyone” thinks the
way the sisterhood thinks and because she says so in her submission.

What is it that makes China girl feel the need to tell men of her opinions and what makes her think men would really care of her opinion concerning such matters as all men already know women are always criticizing men about sexual matters
anyhow and it has not made any difference to men for 10, 000 years

As if women have nothing to be accountable for concerning their sexual conduct in the realm of human sexuality.

Men have offended her senses and that of the sister hood of female moral values and the Stickman forum is the ideal place to vent some of the sisterhood’s grievances as she is a member of the union of female opinion on matters sexual
and confrontation of men is advocated by the sisterhood.

Well, she is entitled to her opinions …even if some of them are small minded

We see a number of strong retorts and reactions to her submissions and she informs us that it was expected and then ups the anti with a even more challenging submission which is surly going to rile many men and have them stand up and be heard
in defense of men’s sexual conduct, that which only men can really understand …rather than the likes of China girl and the sisterhood and their worldly opinions on such matters sexual.

I would surmise that China Girl understands but 10% of a mans mentality about sex and she never will understand but 10%, so like the majority of women she will always be ignorant about men but she sure is quick to criticize what she does
not really understand in her world of simplistic sanitized sex.

China girl wants us to know that she is a liberal minded person and educated and modern and not naïve, as she tells us in her submissions but we wonder what China girls opinion would be on many matters sexual as her submission is sexual
in its nature and in effect confronting men’s sexuality.

We wonder what China girls opinion is about GAY men and LESBIANS and GAY MARRIAGE.
That has to be offensive to the sisterhood and the likes of China Girl …or so you would think?
How does China Girl feel about LADY BOYS and CROSS

All losers I would surmise based on the way we see how she loathes men who have sex with girls who accept money for sex.
She seems to be so focused on that aspect of human sexuality we wonder what else riles her and offends her female
senses relevant to matters sexual.
Is China Girl and the sisterhood of opinions also uncomfortable with PORN and the huge porn industry that is ever growing and followed by legions of men and women who like to watch other people screwing.
And what of SWAPPING and the men and women who love to watch their partners getting bonked by other people.
Maybe they are not losers? Maybe just kinky deviates but it does not bother me at all, not one bit, but how about you China Girl?
What about office romance and office SEX?
Tell us China Girl …what of your opinion?
Would China Girl like to comment on FEMALE MASTURBATION and the many ways that women stimulate themselves sexually, as an interesting subject matter
that men would surely find interesting and a great subject matter on a male dominated site.
Would China girl be embarrassed to enter a sex shop and for that matter what is her opinion on sex shops as they seem to be flourishing which is indicative
of people expressing their sexuality.
Is role playing something that China Girl would participate in or only a loser would do that?
We are interested to know how you feel about such matters sexual as you seem to be some what of an expert
on such subject matters as seen in your strong opinions and female convictions.
Tell us girl friend, what is your opinion on women who love to use Vibrators and Dildos.
The readership wonders if China Girl would use a small vibrator or
a medium sized vibrator or would she use a long, thick black vibrator to fantasize over.
The men are interested to know your thoughtful insight about such sexual matters of humanity because we have seen you have a opinion to be reckoned with
and we mere mortal men may learn something from the high priestess of the sisterhood on such matters as we are ignorant men it seems and in need of education and a female perspective on such matters.
Can we assume women who do use Vibrators
and Dildos are all losers and furthermore scorned by your sisterhood of morality because they can not always obtain the real thing and or prefer sexual stimulation in such a way.
Such deviate behavior those losers… the lot of them, really…I
think I hear you saying.
What does our little half English, half Chinese girl have to say about all the fat people in the world who like to have sex with other fat people and or people who are regular size but like sex with fat girls or fat
men…because that is what turns them on.
Are fat people with slim people allowed to be seen in public and are they offensive to the sisterhood if it is known they are having sexual relationships together.
Do they also qualify as losers
in China Girls world of opinions?
Tell us your thoughts on women who pursue affairs with married men and continue to do so even though they know the man is married.
Is that not like a sister stabbing a sister in the back and conduct unbecoming
of the sisterhood?

And what about all the women who have sex with male prostitutes?

Did China girl forget to consider that particular aspect of female sexuality when angrily criticizing men who participate in sex with prostitutes and whores?
Can we also apply the words monger and loser to the women who seek out male
prostitutes and come back for more and willingly pay for it?
Such a brilliant concept it is and why should men only get to enjoy such delights of the flesh…why should women not also seek out sexual satisfaction as they see fit to suit themselves.
Fat girls and skinny girls and the less than beautiful women of the world…and oh yes your pet peeve…older people sex …older women in this case!!!

I would venture to think China Girl is of the believe that such practice amongst women is just a myth perpetrated by men to change the subject matter when women rant on about the sexual indiscretions of men and men’s sexuality while
complaining about the evils of prostitution and the “men” that partake in such questionable behavior
Tell us your humble opinion about the male prostitution that services all those women and that aspect of female sexuality in

Please do, as all those whore mongering men would like to learn why exactly all those “man-whore” mongering women feel the need to pay for sex with those young and nubile boys that they are exploiting …by the way.
they all losers also or are they absolved of any wrong doing by the likes of you and the sisterhood who grant such women a cloak of invisibility when seen in the presence of male prostitutes “half their age”

Or is it the old double standards that women are so historically famous for or maybe it is based on the belief that men can do it so we woman can also…but such women are still seen as virtuous by society by way of being born female.

And what of China Girls virginity?

We wonder why China Girl is not married as we know she is not a virgin, as stated in her submission while she dishes out her scathing opinion of men who fuck whores she so quaintly phrases her opinion.
Should China Girl not be married
to the first man she spread her legs for at the tender age of ..what?????

And where is that man or boy…not the marrying type you say…just some sport sex anyhow and not important really?

And what about “Sex in the City”??? ..Are you a fan of Sex in the City ..sure you are, I would bet you are because you are a educated, well bred woman of the world and nearly all women love sex in the city as it is the bible
book of the sisterhood educating all women they can do what ever they want sexually and act just like a man in matters sexual …if it so please them…if and when it so pleases them.

How convenient for you to be born at a time in history where men and women can flaunt their sexuality more so than ever before and most people whole heartedly love to participate in sex …as it is the essence of humanity.
Any insight
as to why people love sex is welcomed by the readerships as we respect your in depth perspectives and life long experiences in the realm of sexual relationships.

How nice of you to point out others sexuality as loathsome and disturbing but yours is as clean and pristine as the day you lost your virginity…or so it seems as seen in the underlying message of your submission attacking the sexual nature
of men and their libido.

As that is how I read between the lines.

Does the sisterhood that you belong to honestly believe that you are unaccountable for your sexuality but men’s sexuality is to be questioned, criticized and exposed by the likes of people who are so judgmental in their opinions and

Will this be a life long conviction of yours and will your opinions never waver off course or do you expect them to change over the years as most peoples do.

When China girl grows older will she spurn the advances of younger men, say 20 or 30 years younger than her and deny herself that which all humans crave because the sisterhood says younger people should not allowed to have sexual relations
with older people.

Will you remember your past and honor your convictions.

Are these some of the rules set by the sisterhood and forever life long and must be practiced by its members where age differences seen between the sexes are worthy of other peoples scathing opinions as is sex with prostitutes.

Can we assume China Girl may grow wiser and learn far more about the sexual aspects of human beings and try to present her opinions with a little more tact and thoughtfulness rather than use the website as a rant based mainly on her emotional
feelings on matters sexual…especially pertaining to older men and younger girls and prostitutes.

I hope so but meantime she has being rather entertaining, although provocative and sassy so she still warrants some attention from the nearly all male dominated website.

Good night and good sex to all.

Stickman's thoughts:

I really do hope China Girl took something form the responses and different perspectives that many readers brought to the discussion. Of course she is entitled to her opinion, but hopefully she now has a better picture of what some guys do what they do.

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