Stickman Readers' Submissions July 17th, 2010

HCG: Much Better

I agreed a lot with your first subscription, but it had a few points that made it vulnerable. You clarified them now and I think you made your points much clearer. However, if you really want to work in the journalism business, you should learn from this.

It always depends on the point of view. You can't just write something like this and leave it without ALL important facts. Especially if you write to men.

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In this situation the genders are really different, sure you use generalizations and your observations are mostly correct. I never doubted you to be a girl, very unlike “A Letter from Janice” where I think for various reasons it was a guy writing. BTW, that one was a real good summary of all major mistakes a woman can do and I still think it would do a lot of good in a ladies only forum.

Your fault was, that you assumed everyone can share your point of view, because you knew it very good. Nay, you really need to point out everything, and be pretty accurate if you want to make statements like this to men, who think they are smarter than you, because you are just 23. In this respect your 2nd post was much better.

One major flaw was of course that you did not commit the “English” part at the start leaving it to speculations and wrong guesses. You regret to have given so much background information? No, if you said that from the start, it would have been easier to put your point into context.

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I doubt that you are really into the perils of the American system, where it's over the top right now. Makes you wonder how any sane man still dares touch a woman in America.

The answer is: If a man feels good and thinks it's worth it, then he can do amazing things. And the same goes for Thailand. It feels good to be adored and this is something, that you don't get all the time in the west.

You still get admiration in the west… if you are a winner. But face it: Like your loser sticks out, the winner also does. It takes real effort and good looks to be a winner in the west.

Average efforts lead to sub par results, because most ladies want the winners. No blame, that’s just like it is. Your model friend sure got a lot of action, but that’s because he is a winner.

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You never mentioned the average guy, and that’s a real problem, because he is the major visitor in Thailand and also a huge customer in the bar scene. And from the responses to your first post, I also think it’s the majority of readers here.

The average guy is… just average. And the western girl wants the man of her dreams.

Don't tell me that you go for the average. You are an educated girl with a good income and know what you want. Well, in the west there's a lot of those ladies that know what they want and they don't get it. And also a lot of average guys, who also don't get it.

Of course they all have something of your list of no nos, you are pretty thorough. Even though some of the unsuccessful still can have all the girls, if they got the looks, usually any of those 5 reasons lead to a turndown from a lady they want. (No that is NOT the same as: The lady they can get).

What you don't get is that your list is already the winners list. Only the winners got none of the above. And this is why Thailand is the sex paradise, because anyone can go there and have a good time, without being mister model or spend a fortune they don't have.

The question that remains is: Do the women of the west frown upon this, because it's immoral, or because it deprives them of men that take them out for dinner and buy nice things to wear.

I agree with you that the Thai woman are far from beautiful at large. But that also holds true for the rest of the world. Some stick out, and most blend in. It always depends on the eye of the beholder.

From my experiences in the bar scene I can say, I was not impressed. But they are all slim and agile, and that’s what you look for as a sex partner. Beautiful face? She wants to switch off the light anyway 😉

That some of the whoremongers claim to have seen it all and brag about it, may be delusional, but it is their point of view. They have seen it all, but of course they have seen what they were looking for. Just like you see what you are looking for.

To each their own you say, and mean it as an excuse. But in fact, it's a way of life for most people.

If you see an old guy with his young lover, then look again: I doubt he looks like: I am the best, because this prostitute says so. That smile usually means, that he has a good time and could not care less, what everyone else says.

Of course it's an illusion, but it still feels good.

If he falls for the illusion however, that’s when he really is a looser. That’s the guys who write here and warn everyone that they cannot be trusted. Of course not, but you knew that before, didn't you ?

Stickman's thoughts:

Excellent point about what you refer to as the "average man". And yeah, I think that is a lot of those who come to / end up in Thailand.

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