Stickman Readers' Submissions July 19th, 2010

Sex Tourism, Freedom Tourism, and Recuperation

Modern Thailand would be nowhere without its prostitutes. They are the backbone of the Thai Tourism industry. Thai prostitutes would be virtually nowhere without the extensive tourism infrastructure of Modern Thailand. One supports the other, and each
would be an anemic and sickly version of themselves without the other.

Passport holders in America comprise the apex of American cultural sophistication. Not all passport holders, but most of them are educated and polished in some way. People who are on international flights are for the most part more interesting
and educated than those traveling across the country on a domestic flight or on a bus.

He Clinic Bangkok

The American men in Thailand are the most interesting men in America. We enjoy Thailand for the most part because we don't work while in country. Work in general grinds a man down, both physically and emotionally. Work in modern America
is particularly soul sucking due to our monstrous travel times in traffic and to the many archaic rules and regulations we are forced to abide by to gain our pay. Americans feel great in Thailand mostly because we aren't working there. We
all know the hookers are simply tacky, albeit amusing diversions.

Thailand is exotic, there are strange new smells, bright vivid colors, tasty foods, the weather is conducive to walking around outdoors. There are air conditioned internet cafes everywhere, the tuktuks are fun, and who doesn't like a
fresh chicken shish kabob.

When you get to the point where you are actually relaxed and not freshly traumatized from your job, or the physical dangers of your hometown, you begin to find your smile and your sanity. It is really cool that lots of hookers smile and wave
at you as your skin color is beginning to return, and your gi track is starting to normalize. Hookers are trashy, but I love it when they smile and wave at me. Men and women enjoy attention from the opposite sex even when it is not coming from
a source of the most exalted breeding.

CBD bangkok

Thailand is exotically dangerous, but in a safe sort of way. There are poisonous snakes, nefarious looking locals, different looking foods, men dressed as women, and endless jungles to explore both urban and rural. What's not to love?
As long as you aren't actually bitten by a cobra, mugged by a tranny, or somehow lost to the varmints of the city or country, you will likely have a great time. Mainly because you weren't working, and were removed from L.A. or Indy,
or NYC, but you had fun so what's the harm?

We live in a "newness" culture here in America. That also means a "youth" culture. Whatever is old is obsolete and whoever is old is ugly. Unless you are an entertainment icon, you are likely not going to be valued by
members of the opposite sex who perceive you as old. In some cases you can be perceived as old by women who are 5 or 10 years younger than you are.

Work ages a man. Poor people pop out kids like rats, mostly because they have plenty of time and energy to have sex, owning to the fact the DON'T WORK! Work kills a man's body, and when his body is beat so is his sex drive. When
he comes to LOS he is rejuvenated by NOT WORKING.

We live in a world where almost any man will have sex with almost any woman. Women live in a sex tourism environment by simple virtue of the fact that all they need to do is waggle their finger and smile in any direction and they can get
almost instant free sex from any direction. Even in their later years they are celebrated in a pornographic fashion IE the terms "milf" and "gilf" and "cougar".

wonderland clinic

Where are the fan clubs for the male versions of these terms? They don't exist because at this point in our history, a mature America male is out of fashion in America. Is it horrible for a man to enjoy the flattery of a younger companion
of another culture even if she is paid for? What woman isn't paid for? When was the last time a woman ran towards a man in an older car, or wearing older clothes, or one with no or little money? Sure it happens, but how often? American women
are attracted to a complicated algorithm of youth and money. Is it wrong? No, why shouldn't they desire looks and success? However, when confronted by an oppressive and shallow "pussy cartel" why shouldn't a lonely man take
his business offshore and "vote with his feet"? Are the young people flocking to spring break not "sex tourists"? Frankly is anyone who is single and on vacation anywhere not a sex tourist? Humans desire sex. This is natural.
Women desire to extract some form of payment from a man in order to render sexual relations. Perhaps the man doesn't always pay in cash by the hour, but he is expected to pay financially some time, some way. There is no such thing as a free
lunch, pay now or pay later, but you will pay. Does that mean you won't love the object that absorbs your funds, no. It just means that except for your mother, that female will want your sheckles and your schmeckel. Broke men don't pick
up women.

Women love to refute, or attempt to refute these ideas. They abhor the notion that they are simply high paid prostitutes, or that they could be in the same "genre" as a hooker. But while most aren't actually streetwalkers per
se, they are all of the streetwalker "genre" in that their love ain't free.

The Thai hookers aren't educated and you can't hold a good conversation with them. As there is a large language barrier it is difficult to gauge their education or worldliness, but they probably aren't Rhodes scholars. When
was the last time you had a decent conversation with a woman anyway? If you are a man you likely think in the empirical and women think in the normative. Seriously, when was the last time you discussed anything of any real consequence with a woman?
You can't because ultimately the conclusions most real problems need are a little bit ugly and most women will "intellectually welch" when it comes time to agreeing that some ugly or politically incorrect solution would solve a
tough social or economic issue. You know this is true. Women just don't have the character to agree to an unsavory solution to a tough problem so what's the point in having a real discussion with them? So if your Thai GF doesn't
understand the American trade deficit with China, who the hell cares! If you want a conversation stalk Stick and make him drink a beer with you and listen to your rambling. If you can't find him, almost any other Yank, Brit, Aussie or Kiwi
will do. We might have our differences here and there, but we are all basically in the same boat on most issues, and LOS is full of guys with nothing better to do than drink a few beers and talk about world affairs. Again, if Piff, Poff, Boof,
or Porn can't find Cleveland on a map, who gives a fuck, you likely don't want to find it either as your staking out the Nana or the Grace and don't give a shit about its whereabouts your damn self!

America the beautiful, America is the best, yada, yada. Ok, the framers of our constitution were clearly Genius'. But if they were alive today it would take them about 3 days before they needed a LOS vacation their damn selves! You have
heard a lot about "sex tourism" and how evil it is. What about "freedom tourism"? What about enjoying being in a country where your every move from drinking a beer where you want, to smoking a cigar on the beach, to buying
a woman if you want one isn't scrutinized by a big brother on steroids. How about that kind of tourism. What about the part of Thailand that isn't infested with notions of false liberalism, and isn't in the process of constantly
looking for a white male witch (you) to burn? Isn't it possible that you enjoy the fact that Thai customs and immigration isn't actively trying to provoke you into a fist fight as you arrive and depart? Juxtapose this Thai model with
what you likely had to go through in America if you were a man getting on a plane to or from Thailand. This is not an anti-homeland security article, but I'd like to go on record as saying that part of the reason why white male passengers
from America are so rudely treated is to justify the legitimate search for the one in a million Muslim passenger that wants to blow the plane up. Sure I want to stop this nut, but is it right to torment an ocean of white men with millions of hours
of collective impertinence just to keep up appearances of not being racially biased? "Freedom Tourism". I hope you remember this phrase and can add to its definition on your own.

I have been on vacation all over the world, and this is what I have learned. The point of a vacation is not to snorkel, smoke Cuban cigars, bag lots of hookers, ride an elephant or tease a cobra, etc. The point of a vacation is to become
so rested and recuperated that you actually forget what day it is. When you get to the point where you don't know what day it is and forget your email, then you are recuperated. Your level of recuperation could be measured by how man days
you have forgotten the day and date. This could be accomplished in Russia, West Virginia, or Thailand. As long as you are in LOS, I say savor her, every last drop! Don't let anyone invalidate your right to a great holiday!!

Stickman's thoughts:

The more this submission went on, the better it got!

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