Stickman Readers' Submissions July 5th, 2010

I’m Here For A Good Time

And who knows how long of a time that is?? If I have learned anything about Thailand for the expat, that seems to indicate for us older boys the utility of the famed "short time", after being here over eight years now and suffering three "relationships"
or long times, I am convinced that for this old cowboy, the long time is a disaster…

Anyone else out there of a similar mind?? If you are under 60 then maybe you will offer advice as younger people somehow feel entitled to do although they have no idea what being older is like… They suggest we go back home or settle with
a woman older and carry her baggage around. It's enough to have your own, and it just makes no sense regardless of what they may infer about dying alone (maybe they contempt the spoils?).

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Advantages of Short Time

They leave promptly and no one is concerned about what the other person's next path may be.

Perhaps the audition will go well?

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Ah, the newness of it all!

If not in your home, you do not have to clean up the debris afterwards as it seems a bribe is in order to get professional ladies to do anything other than their specific job description (and one hopes they are adequate there) but, over time
we seem to sense when it will be good..

The stability of your financial health. This could ranked number ONE…were it not for the mental health as well.

You decide exactly when and where it will happen and the dosages can be taken as needed rather than begged, manipulated, or some other taxing form of getting what you want.

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The rest of your day or night can be utilized to your benefit for exercise, reading, or taking care of details you pay a long time girlfriend to do.

You are able to be yourself at all times and not waste mental energy on investigations into what may be the truth as it is seldom given willingly.

You are not threatened or bullied at your door or in your home!! No fist fights in your home, shoe ducking, or wondering what she will do with that big knife.

It doesn't matter to you who sees you where, how nice for you as they have to sneak and hide their Thai boyfriends and make up great tales when one of their farangs come to town usually having to do with some story about Papa or mama.
"Why doesn't she answer the phone" after a while the lost phone or no money for cell time just doesn't fly.

Now, with the absence of customers, your good looks are increasing and your phone rings often…and your only concern is how you get enough rest for the next delightful offer.


YOU ALWAYS HAVE MORE MONEY as those white ones don't go flying out of your hand for little purchases, for which one must demand the change. And you pay no monthly "employment fee" to have someone control your day.

No need to fall for the guilt trap of "What I should do."

You look at anyone you want, since you are taller you can't pull off the sneaky peeks the ladies do when you walk with them, alone who cares??

You lose weight as you eat exactly when you want to and not a huge meal at 3 AM!

And now, you can say NO to the 2 thousand to 3 thousand baht or more philistines who may seem like they are holding their nose while suffering your repulsive assault.

Long time advantages?

I think if you are prepared to learn the language fully and to be loyal, I'm have seen successful relationships…but, it is a bit insane to imagine that with 35 – 45+ year differences.

Are you rich? do you want to stay that way?? Can you find the resources to handle your age related infirmities or is it wiser to buy a 23 year old a 25,000 baht cell phone she may take to a pawn shop within a few months. Hasn't happened
to you?

You get the chance to really want to jump off a building and learn that stimuli for your last few seconds of life.

I think I will keep the short time philosophy. If I told you about yesterday and it's 3 miracles I would be bragging and I don't like reading that stuff and cannot imagine anyone being concerned with how much fun I had other than
me, and that is how it should be, shouldn't it?

This is a fabulous place to live one's maturity like a rock star in their 20's or 30's. I know this is true because I am friends with a fellow who was in a famous band 30 years ago and the way he talks about those years doesn't
seem much different than my life now. Of course he pointed out that having a relationship in Pattaya is just as difficult as it is for a rock star. How can she control you in a place with this many beautiful women in dire need of cash regardless
of how prosperous she looks?

So fellows, if you want to hang on to the dough you earned suffering some tedium and frustrations, and managed to escape the marital bliss of Farangland, this is the place…..but, if you don't really care about your financial security
or mental health, give long-time love in Pattaya a try. Otherwise enjoy this place for what it is and it simply can't be beat if you are fit and strong and enjoy beautiful fun loving women. Don't think they are stupid because they aren't.
They are of a different mindset. You can manage your own. Don't try to manage them here unless you are new and need the punishment.

When dealing with ladies here I am respectful and honest as only short time relationships seem to offer. Some are real friends I feel. If she is unique, please don't try to get bargain rates by recruiting her as a girlfriend unless you
really are willing to go the distance and suffer many changes.

Why not just pay them and be respectful of their lives. They give us a lot…..

Thank you for this opportunity – I hope it helps someone get free!

Pattaya Gary

Stickman's thoughts:

Lots of good advice there!

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