Stickman Readers' Submissions May 8th, 2010

My 5th Thai Trip

Well, my 5th trip to Thailand. What to say and where to start. I was there in January and was with 40 women, and this time in April, I was with 35 in 17 days. I'm sure any woman reading this is thinking….this guy's got a problem! No doubt. I would much prefer a good steady relationship with one great woman, but after my last 12-year relationship with no sex for the last year, I was in for letting loose, and Thailand seemed to fit the bill.

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I had no clue it would become so addictive. Maybe that's not entirely true. As soon as the black curtain was pulled back and I entered that first go-go bar, I knew immediately I was "in trouble". I've always loved women and their company and of course the sex part of it, so when I realized that I could have all I wanted, whenever I wanted, I was like a kid in a candy store who's been told OK little Johnny, you can have all the candy that you can stuff in your pockets. Like the captain on the Titanic, I said, Damn the iceberg! Full speed ahead!

75 women in one calendar year and I'm 57 years old is really something not many men can fathom. If you told me years ago, I would be a sex tourist traveling to southeast Asia, I would've thought you were nuts. But, here I am.

I just read a submission by a Thai lady that said she felt sorry for any guys that travel to Thailand for sex. I'm sure most women would be appalled although I've told several and they say, hey, you're single. Enjoy life. Go for it. If that's what makes you happy.

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I don't think the sex makes me truly happy at all. I just enjoy the experience. It's just a physical thing. The fact that I can do it while over there, well, I just have no willpower not to do it.

I know women reading this will think I'm some sort of pig, but that's far from true. I love women and truly respect all of them. I treat them or anyone I meet very well. I love the Thai people. I try to understand the Thai bargirls and what their life is like from their viewpoint. I'm very liberal with my money when I'm with any of them. I know that that's their number one motivator for them being in the bar. I've met some truly beautiful women. Not just on the exterior, but truly beautiful people on the inside. If the circumstances were different, there are many that I could see myself with as a steady back in the states.

I do go over for the sex, but I've become friends with many regular Thais and Thai students. I would never let any of them know that I visit the bar scene. I guess I live two separate lives. One where I am the sex tourist, and one where I'm a straight laced guy that has many good quality friends that have a lot of respect for me. I've done work with many non profit organizations etc. I really think I have very little in common with your basic "low rent" sex tourist that you see in these bar areas. At least I'd like to think so, but when I look at them, I ask myself, what the hell am I doing in places like this with this class level of person? I guess the answer is that I'm nailing a lot of beautiful women.

I wrote in my last submission that I met a bargirl in Pattaya that was new to the scene. She'd only been in the bar 3 weeks and I was her 3rd customer. She said she was working in a toy factory and spilled scalding hot water on herself and they said she had to quit working for a few months. A friend had suggested that she try working in a bar. She said her heart wasn't in it, but she had bills to pay etc. She said if she just had some money she would quit and move back home with her mother. I really felt sorry for her, but I'd read many submissions and knew how stupid it was to give money to a bargirl. I went ahead and did it though. Once I got home, I wired her a sizable amount of money. I told her I thought she was a nice person, and I was only trying to help her out. She wrote after receiving the money and said she had quit the bar etc. I could really hardly believe the story. So, when I went back to Bangkok this last month, I told myself I'd wait till the last few days of my trip and go down to Pattaya and go to her bar and see if she was still working. I was 99% sure she would still be there. I even had plans on what I would say to her when we talked etc. Well, much to my surprise, the girls there said she had quit the bar 2 months ago and moved back home. I was totally surprised. I called her number when I got back to Bangkok. She was in Phitsanulok, her hometown with her mother, who was recuperating from an operation, had just got out of the hospital. I sent her some more money when I got home just on principal. I told her, that I didn't expect anything from her for the money, and that she was a sweet person, and I hoped that all her dreams would come true and she might have a good life. I've read so many negative stories on Stick's site, that I really didn't trust anything a bargirl would tell me, but, I guess this doesn't hold true in all cases.

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I've always went over and never used Viagra. I never thought I needed it. This time, I took a sample pill or two with me. I tried it one night with this great beautiful babe. Oh my God. It was like back in high school with that constant drive there. Of course, after this experience, I'm probably going to take some with me on my next trip. Now, I'm not only a addicted sex tourist, I'm an addicted drugged sex tourist. I've never liked taking any drugs, but I guess it will be part of my future trips. I feel like I'm speeding down a hill and I'm trying to apply the brakes, but the car is not slowing down. In other words, I think things are getting a little out of control, but I should've realized that months ago. I wonder if the Viagra comes with a Superman outfit?

I have to thank Stick for all the great advise. He really know the scene over there. His opinions and advise are usually all right on. I'm convinced that Tilac in Soi Cowboy is definitely the top go-go bar anywhere in Thailand, when you consider the atmosphere, the quality of the girls, etc. Rainbow one in Nana plaza always has some beauties too. The bar itself is just a little run down. The lesbian show at 10 PM in Suzie Wong's is my personal favorite. It never gets old to me. To me, the female body can be so beautiful to look at, especially when the girls are in those positions. It's……..It's……..It's breathtaking!……… I know. I've got a problem. ha!

Stickman's thoughts:

To any readers reading this who think Thai Lover is perhaps exaggerating a little, I can verify that I have met him on a couple of trips and he is a super nice guy, very generous and treats the ladies with both respect and generosity. And I also suspect he is a guy who could get women in the USA without difficulty if he tried – but he just seems to prefer what's available out here! 🙂

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