Stickman Readers' Submissions May 7th, 2010

So-Called Beauty of Thai Ladies

Again and again the guys say that Thai ladies are the most or at least some of the most beautiful women in this world of ours.

I beg to differ. Overall; taking the whole world into consideration on a scale of 1 to 10 Thai ladies generally fall into the poor number 5 or 6 categories.

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What the gentleman of the submissions seemed to base their belief on is just a pretty face. Ok I grant this a young Thai girl smiling at a gent seems to be the nonplus ultra of a wet dream becoming reality.

Now let’s take a closer look at what makes a reasonably ugly Thai woman first.

1: Most, but not all Thai girls have an absolutely ugly walk waddling like a sick duck. May be that’s genetically caused.

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2: The legs of almost all Thai ladies seemed to be better formed to ride a buffalo or a donkey or possible to wrap around their husbands. In no country on Earth did I see more legs formed like an O or X then in LOS.

3: Generally the Thai females have very large feet. Maybe they are needed to work in the rice fields, so that they do not sink down in the mud.

4: Most of all Thai ladies who have children have such ugly stretch marks that only a masochist would even dream of touching them, unless they are in love with crocodile skin. For me, Croc skin is good for shoes and hand bags but has no business on a girl. This could be caused by pure laziness during pregnancy; most women in other countries do special exercises to prevent this.

5: The mental level of Thai woman of lets say 30 to 35 years old is at the stage a normal, not necessarily western woman, reaches at the age of 14 to 15. Education does not seem to matter too much; I never really talked with farm girls only with so called highly educated university post graduate students or professional ladies, their lack of general knowledge is a disaster. OK there are exemptions but very few indeed and they generally spend at least 5 or more years in a foreign country. But then I only meet a very few Thai guys which had a higher mental awareness or even wanted to be well educated. The Thais seem to have the lowest level of education in almost any more ore less industrialized country; this could of course be caused by the relative poor overall education system, where your knowledge does not really count if your father is a high Politician or military personality. You will then very rarely fail any examination.

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6: Most of the Thai women which married a farang and live in a western country seem to be much uglier as western woman of the same age or social group. I do not like to speculate why this is so. Ok it could be that they do not look after themselves any more, they found their ATM machine after all and now can relax and get real ugly and also many times very fat.

7: The general attitude of Thai woman is also normally a complete disaster. They want things down their way and if they can not get it they sulk or throw tantrums like little girls which do not know it any better and did not get enough spanking during their childhood. Actually I do not believe in hitting any child but some sort of discipline must be enforced to generate decent grown up human people, to me it looks as if most Thai ladies are spoiled children in the 9 to 14 year old age group

That’s only seven points I picked out of the multitude which make a beautiful woman. I did work in more then 65 countries in my life and had GF in most of them. I would say the most beautiful girls can be found mainly in Latin America. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the West Indies come to mind. Also the Mexican ladies are very beautiful as long as they are in their younger age groups between about 12 and 18 years of age. They can fortunately marry very young and to find 20 year old grand mothers is not uncommon. But once the Mexicans reach 20 they usually spread out and become an eye sore. Ha ha ha,

The females in these countries do walk and behave like ladies, have very beautiful legs and do not waddle around like ducks. Also their facial structures are much better as the general Thai female. Another thing is that generally they do not show the really horrible stretch marks like their Thai sisters. Actually I found very few stretch marks on the Latin American woman, and some of them had 3 or more children. Quite often it is very hard to find any stretch marks on their bellies. But generally you can see that they suckled a baby on their breast. Their you usually can see faint stretch marks as the breast returned to their former size, Incidentally this also applies to Philippine ladies, very few if any will show any stretch marks.

I spend close to 10 years in LOS and believe me I do know what I am talking about. I mixed with the real scum of the earth and also the real hi-so people, regardless of all the bad things I still do love Thailand but I do not want to live there any more, Almost all Thai people are behaving like little spoiled brats, that’s the thing I do not like in the country.

Ok enough of my rambling.

Regards to all.

Stickman's thoughts:

Like most of your submissions, this is a complete wind up, and total nonsense. It is full of ridiculous generalisations. While admittedly some of what you may say may be true and apply to a small percentage of the population, it shows to me that you're one of those guys whose opinions are almost entirely based on what you saw and experienced in the bar industry and you project those on to the entire population – which is quite ridiculous. The farang-oriented bar industry contains women from largely the same background and you should not think that all Thai women are like that. They are not! I will allow the readers to form their own opinion of your opinions and I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE readers to email the author with feedback. (Feel free to copy me in!)

* The coming week's Stickman weekly column opening piece will probably be titled "Thailand from the Bar Stool" and will discuss the phenomenon of those who spend too much time in the bars and little time elsewhere and how some apply what they see and learn in the bars to the rest of the Thai population. It ain't pretty…

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