Stickman Readers' Submissions May 29th, 2010

Abandoning 99.9% Of The Population For Gogo Dancers, Chancers And Freelancers

I’ll assume a hooker has 2 customers a week on average. In a year that is 104 customers. I cannot begin to imagine what that must do to her. A definite truth: majority of the men in this P4P scene who use these cheap women are fat, ugly, old, lower to middle class in their own country and generally not attractive to women anywhere in the world. This unattractiveness can be due to poor hygiene, poor genetics, poor social skills but whatever reason, they have low sexual value to females anywhere in the world. Now these are the men that comprise probably all of the men she sleeps with in a year for money. Imagine all those dirty groins dripping with humidity-induced sweat, the hairy lard of their stomachs chaffing the poor girl’s skin. Imagine the foul breathed farang trying to stick his tongue down her throat as she recoils in disgust. You very well might be one of these customers. I can guarantee you, she is not digging you. Now imagine just 5% of these guys don’t use a condom. 6 guys penetrating her per year with whatever germs he has growing behind his foreskin or down his prepuce. In the West a woman would be regarded as a whore for sleeping with just these 6 guys without a condom, disregarding the other 98! What about a woman who gives a handjob or blowjob to someone in full view of everyone in the bar?

So what makes it cool to pursue a relationship with this Thai whore, when you would not do the same with a similar woman in your own country? Why is it that common sense gets left at the Immigration counter? By all means, fuck away. There is no problem with the idea of the whore hiring scene. As damaged as the women get and as screwy as the patrons are, it is a reality that has been around for many years and it is a great way for a man to get his rocks off as a last resort. What it is not, is a great place to pick up a future girlfriend or wife. Goddam.

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Guys are frequently flocking to Thailand with the intention to actively pursue a woman in the P4P scene to make their wife! Some people’s synapses need to be reconditioned because they are not at all firing properly. What drives a man to abandon the 99.9% of women in the entire globe – who are not whores – to go across the globe to find a woman to marry within the confines of 3 streets in Bangkok or one town 2 hours from Bangkok – in a world where money buys the woman’s vagina or a woman will whip out your package and slobber all over it in a bar? There must be some serious self esteem issues. There must be a bad childhood experience. There needs to be some kind of distinction between reality and fantasy, lust and love, rational and irrational!

The following paragraph is fact, pure and simple. You are paying a whore to provide a service – the same you would a handyman or a plumber or a doctor. When you pay the handyman, your pictures better not fall off the wall, the plumber better have fixed that drip and the doctor better have sewed you up properly and prescribed the correct meds. A really good service provider has a really good after sale service and a genuine concern for the customer – customer relationship marketing 101. Imagine how you feel when the guy who sold you your TV phones you to see how you love it and if there are any problems let him know and he will sort it. He even organized you a free extended warranty. Feels good right? This is the level of service to expect in a whore. To have a good customer relationship which makes further transactions in the future possible and easy, she will provide you with perfect service. The results are as rewarding as a business having repeat customers over their lifetime. It keeps them in business and cashflow is constant. She knows this. She has an aim to get you to send her money, to get you to buy her gifts and to get you to have repeat transactions with her. Her advertising strategy is good, she is dolled up and she initiates a sale by sparking your interest in her bright and glossy reusable packaging. She seals a deal and immediately begins working on developing her relationship (business relationship) with you. This service will include the following, not because it is true, but because it is good customer service. And quite frankly, if I pay her for her company, it better be good. She will:

  • Tell you she loves you
  • Refuse your payment for the sex (technique for higher future value)
  • Tell you Thai men are bad and she loves farangs
  • Gasp at the monumental size of your member
  • Want to go boom boom one more time
  • Fold your clothes
  • Wash your whole body
  • Massage you
  • Make you feel like royalty

Try to remember that these things she does are part of the service and she does not love you or go crazy for farang men. You are a means to an end.

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Besides the main issue being finding a whore to be a wife, the choice of location is quite significant. Another definite truth: you pay anyone enough; they will do whatever you want. So not only has 99.9% of the global female population been removed from your scope for a girlfriend or wife, you are visiting one of the cheapest sections of the 0.1% global population that make up whores. The whores anywhere will do what you want and treat you how you want them to, as long as you pay accordingly. This is their job. The reason you go to Thailand may be because you have a penchant for Asian girls, but the real reason is because you do not have to pay her $2000 or EUR1000 to feel like her boyfriend. You can get away with paying her $70 and get the same effect, folded socks included. You can wear your sweaty Singha vest and rugby shorts with slops and she won’t turn you away. This all brings up the question – if whores in your own country were as cheap, would you pursue them as prospective partners? So why do it in a country where you do not even have a common language and you have to speak to her like a 4-year old child because anything more than two syllables is beyond her comprehension?

The fact is you’ve let yourself go. You feel like you’re 25. You feel you deserve the sex you were getting at 25 or the sex you dreamed of but didn’t get. You say you’ve got all your hair, but it’s a little thinner, a little grayer, a little further back on your scalp. You cannot smell your own breath because you’re used to it. Your teeth are still in the same shape as they were except for the missing canine and the slightly dark deposits between the front few. Your pants no longer come off the size 30 rack…try 42+. Let’s be honest, your sexual value has declined considerably. This is nothing new. This is life. So the sex you feel you deserve…you actually don’t. You do not deserve to have sex with a 22 year old student with pert breasts. You don’t even deserve to have sex with a 35 year old mother of two. In the end, the power in the transaction lies with the female and always has. She has to uncross those legs and you need to have a good offering to allow that to happen. It just so happens that because you are fat, balding, ugly, unconfident, beta male, the sex you deserve is exactly what you will get…which is whatever you can get. Get in shape, shave that beard, dress like a man, smell like a rich man, appear confident and your prospects will significantly change. Maybe not to where you feel you deserve, but certainly out of the straggler category you refuse to settle for now.

Let’s move onto the hatred of the Western woman. So a woman 10-20 years younger than you insulted you or turned down your charming approach. Or some woman did not return your playful flirtatious glance (read: creepy stare). The only women that seem to be interested in you are 200lbs heifers! What do you expect?! You’re not Brad Pitt, 46 going on 28. Throughout life, one generalization that will always be around is that like attracts like. Pretty people are attracted to pretty people. Ugly to ugly. A 1 will be with a 1. A 10 will be with a 9 or a 10. At 25 you were an 8, banging 6’s to 9’s. Now you’re double the age, less than half the rating. You’re between a 2 and a 4 now. That 30 year old exec in the tight skirt with a slit exposing enough thigh for it to be a crime, propped up on a bar stool sipping on a Mojito is not going to be interested in you. That college student with the pony tail bouncing as she runs in her spandex tights and sweaty t-shirt is also not going to even consider you.

The reason you “prefer” the ewok looking women of the bar scene with their flat noses, big teeth, general chimpish appearance is actually because she is hotter than you. But that is not a compliment to anyone. She certainly is more attractive than you, but only because she ranks internationally at about a three. You’re at a two or three, so like attracts like and you scored because she may be slightly hotter than you. You really do prefer a nice tight bodied, tall, blonde or brunette with smooth skin, a nice tan and sharp facial features, but the fact they are out of your league has made it seem like you prefer ewoks of Thailand’s sex scene, with no money, no future, no hope and affordable leg spreading. In one way you are superior to them with your money and western education and then she is superior to you in looks.

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As outsiders watching you though, we’re not really impressed or envious of you walking proudly with your ewok hand in hand down the street. We just stare in amazement at the unattractiveness of the sight before us. We are laughing and shaking our heads in disbelief when you turn your back because we know your relationship started with a financial transaction and you are not one of the 1000 who actually make it work with a gogo dancer, chancer or freelancer. It’s your preference to be bled dry of all your money. It’s your preference to not trust your whore from day one because she is a whore. It’s your preference to have staccato conversations in broken English. It’s your preference to live in a village of farmers and no one to interact with on a platonic level. It’s your preference to have a woman who fucks for money. Sure, being with a ewok whore is “your preference” – but we all know the truth…there is nothing else out there for you.

I really have no problem with the sex industry. If you want to partake in it and have a good time and a bit of an escape and release that is awesome and his piece does not apply to you. If you go over to Thailand for some sex, some drink and a good time, that is really acceptable and there are no moral dilemmas for me – as long as it stays a bit of fun and nothing more serious. When the line gets blurred between the reality that you are paying for your experience and believing it is actually real and she really loves you is what I abhor especially when anyone pointing out the obvious flaws in the situation gets lambasted by the denialists. So if you enjoy some casual sex and racking up big numbers on your trips to Thailand carry on! If you are thinking of going to Pattaya to find a wife, dream on, because if your dream turns to a reality, it will become a nightmare comparable to whatever nightmare you had in the West.

Stickman's thoughts:

You will upset more than a few with your forthright tone, but the I don't see any argument against the basic points you make. The bar scene is no place to find a wife.

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