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The Lucky Meeting in Bangkok

Friday 16th

The plane ride was not to Sheldon Loudermilk IV’s liking. He had been able to get away from Taipei one day early on Friday morning to get out of that terrible busy city and not to have to be taken out to dinner again with the mixture of foods they
put before him. Having to be there for three days training the people was bad enough but to have to eat their food and all, this was just too much. He told them that he had to leave early as he had extra planning sessions he needed to do with
people back stateside and he wanted to be uninterrupted so best to go to Bangkok early to have extra time there. In fact the local Taiwanese manager was so glad that he was leaving and not to have to put up with the pompous fellow anymore and
now he could take his family to the pre arranged dinner at company expense. He felt that this was justified and he had earned it having to host Sheldon Loudermilk IV for four days.

He Clinic Bangkok

Even though he was entitled to first class travel, the airline coming to Bangkok could only give him business class. He had an Indian gentleman next to him who kept trying to look at his computer screen as he worked away on marketing plans and budgets
for next year for Asia. At least the champagne was good and chilled correctly.

Sheldon Loudermilk IV was born and raised in Boston and was sent to the same private schools his father and grandfather attended and then went on to Yale where he graduated second in his year. He joined a prestigious financial company and now after 13
years had been put in charge of Asian region. This was considered an up and coming market for the company and colleagues were saying that if he expanded this market in next few years he would be certain to be offered a full partnership all before
he was 40 years of age. His father did not achieve this level at another smaller company until into his late 40’s. Working all those hours and then extra at home at night and week ends was going to pay off. He needed to make sure the money
supply kept coming in as Marilyn his wife of 12 years had good expensive tastes. She also had good genes it seemed as she had also borne Sheldon four children who now all went to expensive schools and had expensive hobbies and expensive friends.
The two Oldest girls were getting to the stage where orthodontist work needed to be started soon. He had agreed reluctantly that they should think about getting a bigger house soon.

The problem with this promotion in looking after Asia meant that he had to go there to see it all and train the people in the new ways and methods he was going to implement. Still after this trip he could make them all come to him in New York and he could
host them in the civilized world ways. No more having to try chickens feet or duck tongues.

CBD bangkok

At least in Bangkok he was going to be in a good American hotel, the J.W. Marriot and he was thinking that at least they will have proper American service and foods and breakfasts, not just American in name. The hotel limousine was waiting for him at
Bangkok airport and then he was on the way to the hotel. The first part of the journey was ok but then it seemed like it was taking forever. The cars around them were all jammed together and went at a snails pace. When they got off what was supposed
to be an expressway but was more like a moving parking lot and got to main roads again, the traffic lights held them up forever. After one and quarter hours Sheldon was finally in his suite at the J.W.

As it was getting into evening time he thought he would take some exercise before he had drinks and dinner, so he changed into some casual attire and decided to take a walk to get to see what the local culture was like. It would certainly have to be better
than what he saw in Taipei. He knew some of the chaps at the offices in different parts of USA were always coming to Asia and especially to Bangkok for R & R and to recharge their batteries so they said. Sheldon was fit and was a man of the
world, (so he thought) so it was unlikely that he would get into any problems or trouble on the streets. It was starting to be dusk when he came out and walked onto the main road Sukhumvit. Strange name he thought as he read the signpost. I will
turn right and see what happens.

He got to a busy intersection and had to wait for the traffic lights with the crowd. He looked at the name on the sign post. Nana. That is a strange old English name to be here in Bangkok he said to himself. He looked up the road to the right and it looked
busy and crowded so he did not want to go there so when the lights changed he continued walking up Sukhumvit. After walking for about 10 minutes and seeing sights and people of the types that he had never seen before, he was near a park where
the footpath was uneven and he was looking down trying to get sure footing when he bumped into a woman coming the other way. She fell down so he put his hand down to help her up. He asked her ‘are you ok’. She looked at him and said
‘leg no good; I go sit down in park’. Sheldon helped her go into the park and sat her down on bench. She said thank you and asked him to sit with her. She asked him ‘what your name’. He told her. ‘Where you come
from’? He told her. ‘What you do Bangkok’? Sheldon started to explain but realised after a few moments she did not seem to comprehend him. He said that if she was ok he would leave her. She leaned across and started to speak
softly into his ear. As she did this, she also did something that had not happened to Sheldon since his first year at College. She put her hand on his crotch. She said to him, softly in his right ear, ‘I come with you’. Sheldon looked
at her and realised that his little boy was starting to grow up. He was embarrassed. This was in public albeit night time. She then gently rubbed him on outside of his trousers and he felt it. He did not know what to do. He had not felt like this
for many years.

Life with Marilyn was very structured. She controlled the house, the children, him, their social life, made sure they attended all the right social events, remembered family birthdays and knew all the names of the right people in the office and ensured
they socialized with the correct people that an up and coming insurance company legal executive needed to know. In the early days when they met at college their sexual life was more frequent than now but that was to be expected as they got older
wasn’t it? But that part of life too was structured. It had to be in the bed, with blinds fully closed, door locked, he had to shower first and then the lights had to be off. Sheldon accepted all this but it was not real exciting. Now he
felt himself getting aroused in a public park with a stranger who was now holding his hardening manhood in her hands on the outside of his trousers and he then realised that he did not even know her name.

wonderland clinic

He asked, ‘excuse me, what is your name again’ She replied, ‘my name Tik’. He said, ‘I am pleased to meet you Ms Tik. My name is Sheldon Loudermilk. ‘Maybe you should stop holding me here’ She looked at
him and in the filtered street lamp light through the trees he could see that she had very smooth skin and was quite good looking and had a youthful appearance. She said to him, ‘I sorry hit you, I try to make you happy’ She squeezed
him gently down there and looked at him again with a smile and said ‘ you still get happy’. Sheldon did not know what to say. He thought I have to get out of here. The problem was that he was enjoying the feeling of being held tightly
on his erect manhood by this lovely looking young woman. She seemed to read his mind and said, ’lets go your hotel’. She got up and pulled his hand and then they started walking together back down the road towards his hotel. Sheldon
thought that tonight I have to work on the marketing plans and presentation for the strategy meeting next month. I will just buy her one drink and then I can go and have dinner and start to work.

As they walked back along Sukhumvit, Tik held his hand tightly. As they come to a road to cross, she would slow him down, look up the roads, look at him and smile and then lead him off, holding on to his hand. She guided him past the beggars that had
made him feel squeamish on the walkout and now he had more confidence to look at them in the face. He felt quite good. Every now and then she would squeeze his hand and rub her arm on his. He could feel her smooth skin on his own arm and it felt
good. She came up to his shoulder height and as he looked at the top of her head, he could see the smooth soft dark hair bouncing as she walked.

The doorman gave him a big smile and big ‘Good Evening sir’ as they went into Hotel foyer. Sheldon started to go left towards the lounge bar area but Tik guided him on towards the elevator section. She said to him ‘I need clean my
knees, go toilet, go your room’. Sheldon was not sure what to say but by this time they were at the elevators. They got to his room and then Tik did something unexpected. She reached up and kissed him and looked right into his eyes and
said, ‘thank you, you good man’ at same time she gently stroked him again on outside of his trousers and again he felt it start to grow.

Tik went to the bathroom and said, ‘you help me wash’. As Sheldon went in there he realised she was taking off her jeans. He did not know what to do or say. He just stood there in slight shock and looked. Tik took a face cloth, put it under
the tap, squeezed it dry and handed it to Sheldon. She said to him, ‘you make dirty knee me, you clean for me’. Sheldon bent down and started to rub it on her knees when she gently put her hand onto his neck and pushed him down.
He was now on his knees, with his hands pushing the cloth across her knees when he looked up and realised what he was looking at. She was wearing very thin white panties that had blended in to every curve and crevice of her body. Sheldon closed
his eyes for a few seconds, felt himself starting to blush and get warm in the face and then opened them again just as she pushed her body closer to him. He moved back and started to get up. Tik looked at him and said’ you no like me, you
think me ugly’ Sheldon blurted out ‘no, no, I think you are beautiful.’ Tik then put her hands around his neck and pulled his face down to hers and gave him a kiss on the lips. It felt more like a push of her lips on his,
like she really did not know how to kiss. She pushed her body into his and hugged him tightly and put her hand down to his crotch area and gently rubbed him on the outside again.

Sheldon Loudermilk IV was used to dealing with strong minded opinionated senior management people, dealing with angry creditors trying to hurt his clients, with loud mouthed entrepreneurs who thought they knew everything, with staff who told lies to protect
their performance, but he had not experienced a beautiful young woman stranger standing in front of him in his hotel and gently rubbing his crotch before. He started to get that same feeling he had when sitting on the park bench earlier. He flushed
again and started to feel very embarrassed when Tik let go of him, reached up and took her blouse off over her head, reached behind her and unclipped her bra, took it off and placed it on the bench. He was looking at a near naked woman. The breasts
were small with dark brown nipples which were erect, just like his member. Tik came to him and put her arms around him and she felt warm through his shirt. She then started to undo the button on his shirt. He started to talk and said, ‘I
don’t think we should do this’, but she put her finger over his lips and said ‘you think too much’. He stood there as she took off his shirt and then kissed and sucked his nipples. They also became erect. He did not
know what to think.

Tik took his hand and led him back to the bedroom and started to undo his belt, but Sheldon took her arms and stopped her. She just looked up into his eyes and smiled and he let her arms go so she continued to undo his belt, unbutton the pants, undo the
zip and dragged his trousers down and had him lift each leg up in turn and then just threw the trousers over her left shoulder onto the floor. There they stood in front of each other, both with just their underpants on.

As Sheldon lay on the bed in the dark thirty minutes later with Tik laying on his left shoulder, he was trying to remember all that had just happened and in what order, but his mind and memory kept racing from scene to scene. He could remember Tik saying,
‘you strong man, you good man’ and she kissed him a lot on the neck. He could remember the finish and his embarrassment because he knew he was noisy. Marilyn had trained him to be quiet, as a man should not make noise and maybe embarrass
his wife. He also remembered Tik squirming and moving around and making noise and not worrying about anything. He could also remember just before the finish when he looked sideways and realised that the curtains were open and the light was on.
As he lay there it all seemed so naughty and refreshing.

His thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ringing and a voice calling out, room service. He jumped up and this startled Tik who pulled the sheets over her. He rushed to the door and was trying to open it when he realised he was naked. Fully naked.
He just mumbled through the door, that he did not need turn down service. He then got back onto the bed, pulled Tik closer to him, smiled to himself and felt very good and exhilarated.

Thursday 22nd

At 4.55 pm as Sheldon stood up and told all the people in the conference room that they were finished for the day, he started to feel warm inside. He worried that he would maybe get too warm and it would show up as a bulge in his trousers. He again made
apologies that he could not join them all for the final dinner in Bangkok but as the old family friend was in Bangkok he was obliged to take dinner with him. Sitting in the taxi caught up in traffic, he started to remember all the things that
had happened to him in the previous six days. It seemed like a blur.

Tik had walked him up Sukhumvit and then went right at the traffic lights up towards the crowded area and showed him Nana Plaza which seemed like a slum area but after taking him into a bar and drinking beer (straight from the bottle) and listening to
the music and watching the girls dance and sway around, he found himself liking it. When they bought drinks for the girls they were all so happy and waied him, he thought this was a marvelous gesture on their part. It did take
Tik some time to get him to eat noodles from a plastic bowl on the street but he found himself enjoying it, especially after a lot of drinks in Nana. The visit to Chatuchak market on Sunday morning was an eye opener for him; there was everything
for sale with people everywhere, loud music and noise and cooking smells he had never experienced before. Tik held his hand and showed him everything, took him everywhere. It was like she was his mother making sure that he was enjoying herself.
The clothes they bought for her seemed so cheap and then giggling she suggested that buy some of the naughty brief underwear on sale, so how could he say no.

The sex life was just sensational; he had never had a sexual life like this before. When Tik helped him by buying some little blue pills and he was able to perform all night, he thought he was in heaven. He was sure that the people at the office meetings
believed that he was just suffering from jet lag so that was why he was yawning all the time. When he told them on the Tuesday evening that he had a bad stomach and would not join them for dinner but instead he would go back to the JW and have
an early night, he was so happy. Sitting in the cab on the way back, he felt like he was a little boy again telling his mother little lies to keep out of trouble and it made him feel good. Sheldon had told them to have early dinners each night
so he could get back to the JW early as he had “work to do” and he thought it was so clever of him to say this and that no one would know his true objective. He was so happy that Tik had agreed to move in with him at the hotel (a
little reluctantly at first!) as it made sure that less time would be lost in traveling and give him more time with her.

He thought that sure it had cost him a lot of money to go out with Tik each night and then to help her send money back to the mother on Tuesday to help her father go to hospital for the heart condition that had just occurred. He actually felt guilty about
this as his real reason for giving her the 30,000 Baht was so she would stay in Bangkok with him and not have to go on the long bus ride back to Issan as she said she was planning to do.

When she brought her sister Ning with them on the Wednesday night and they all had a good time with drinking, eating and visiting Nana again and then for the first time in his life, he had a threesome right there in the Marriot hotel big bed. It was like
a dream: he had read about this type of thing but never thought he would participate. The positions they got him into to were nothing like he had ever experienced before. He felt he was so lucky that Tik agreed that he could help Ning enjoy her
life as well, just before she had to go back up country the next day to see her family who had some money problems. He felt very good about himself in being able to help Ning out with some financial assistance and she certainly showed him how
thankful she was about his assistance. The missionary position with Marilyn was enjoyable, especially after they came back from a Country Club dinner and she had had the extra glasses of wine, but it was not like this.

Tik was so good to him. Every night and every morning she would put the toothpaste on his toothbrush for him. She would massage his head and shoulders in the mornings before he went off to work. She trimmed his nails and every morning she would file his
finger nails to make sure ‘you top man’. It was great when he realised that he could use the traffic jams in Bangkok as good excuse for being late into the office, after they coupled a second time in the morning.

The only problem was that he had no one to talk to about this dream experience and share his pleasure and tell them about the wonderful time that he was having with Tik. When she suggested that he help her go to school and learn English, he was only too
pleased to say he would help her, as then he would be able to telephone her and listen to her tell him about her day. He convinced her he was serious about this, by pushing her off him, getting off the bed naked and walking across the room to
the safe and getting American dollars out and giving it to her. She was so pleased about this that she gave him a special treat with her mouth. She told him that he was first person she had ever done this with, because she loved him now. He was
a special person taking care of her and she would be faithful to him all the time. (‘Only go you now’)

Friday 23rd

As Sheldon Loudermilk IV sat back in his first class seat on the fight back to USA, he realised that he would have to change plans very carefully and in subtle manner. He would tell his boss that the people in Asia were promising but that they would need
more guidance and training and instruction than he initially imagined and it should occur in their environment. There were good prospects for the company in Asia, especially Thailand and that he intended to personally ensure that the performance
was lifted up. He would make regular trips there and bring the people from surrounding countries into Thailand for training as it was cheaper there. He could handle all this himself and would not need assistance and of course this would help keep
the expenses down.

He could just imagine Tik now on her way on the bus to her Issan home to see the parents. She was so happy that the money he gave her had enabled her father to get good care and he was now back home from hospital in such a short time. He was really looking
forward to the stopover in Tokyo so he could call her on the new mobile phone they had bought for her. She was so delighted and happy that he had bought her such an expensive model. The gold chain he had placed around her neck on the Thursday
night after she had chosen it seemed to just make her delirious with delight. It was more than he had intended to pay but as he had his credit card with him, he was able to cover it. He thought that he would cut back on the family vacation this
year to save some money and would tell them that he was going to have to do so much international travel to Asia now, so that he just wanted to stay at home for the holidays. The children could go to camp and Marilyn would be happy to go visit
with her parents without him.

He wished that he had bought the computer set for Tik so he could have called her on Skype and be able to see her beautiful face (and maybe more) but she did not seem able to work his computer when he showed her and he realised that it was better to wait
until next visit and then get her computer lessons. She had made him feel young and alive again and he decided then that he was going to change his life around. He started to wonder how he could explain all this change to Marilyn, his boss and
colleagues at the office. How could he suddenly introduce Marilyn to different positions and procedures in the marital bed? She would certainly ask him how he knew about these things now. Then he started to think about those last two hours at
the JW with Tik. He never thought that a beautiful young woman like that could fall in love with a man like him. He was just so lucky that this had happened to him. He knew he would have good time and adventures with Tik in the future. Maybe the
apartment that Tik showed him for sale in the paper would be a good long term investment.

As Sheldon sat in his first class seat high above the Pacific, the DJ at Rainbow 3 was setting up the next disc; it was Queen belting out their old favourite “Another one bites the dust”.

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