Stickman Readers' Submissions April 19th, 2010

Thai Lady Survey

This submission is a sample of the Thai women who my wife knows. Most of the info comes from my wife, those ladies do love to gossip. Names blanked for anonymity. Difficulty in establishing whether bar girl or not as the Thai ladies (obviously) don’t boast about where they met husbands.

Lady A

He Clinic Bangkok

Married to a farang in 50’s social class C. Both working she could have married a German guy chose the English as he was paying her 40,000 baht a month. Since marriage and her living over here the cash has stopped and she realises husband not as rich as she thought , living in a studio flat in UK. Contemplating divorce but trying to amass as much money as possible in UK before she gos home, has no children but looks after parents financially and has nieces and nephews. Husband wants children but she doesn’t want to. Not sure whether she is ex bar girl or not. She seems like a bar girl but husband claims to have meet her in a restaurant. Sin Sot Paid. She has just been back to Thailand on holiday and met a Thai guy from her village who has been working in Japan for 25 years, who has now come back and wants to marry her. She is now considering what to do, is considering having them both for 6 months of the year each. The Thai guy nor anyone in her village do not know she is married to the English man, but they do know about the marriage to the German. She is marrying him for his money but I suspect that he wants to marry her for her money. Whichever way it sounds like they deserve each other. The latest is that she intends to marry the Thai man but not divorce the farang but not sure whether the she is contemplating bigamy or just doing a Buddhist wedding with the Thai man.

I would like to tell this guy about his philandering wife but am sworn to strict secrecy by my wife. I have learnt from experience that you are never thanked if you tell a man about his philandering wife, the wife would deny it, he would believe his wife and your friendship is finished never to be resurrected even after he finds out you told him the truth.,

Lady B

CBD bangkok

Married to a rather fat farang in his 30’s. Been married long enough to get British residency. Husband hit son, they separated after Christmas over a row about money and assaulting son she has moved into a bedsit and already (within a week) has new boyfriend. Likes it here, son at school and is not intending to return to Thailand. She has not slept with husband for years and slept with her son. Status ex bar girl. Only renting house so farang has moved back in with his parents. Sin Sot Paid. Divorce in progress.

Lady C

Married to a farang in 50s social Class B has recently got British residency. husband worried she might leave him. Does Thai massage for work over here, fed up with massaging men and has new job. Doesn’t want children but staying here until her child leaves school. Sin Sot Paid. Status ex bar girl. Long term intention unknown.

Lady D

wonderland clinic

Married to a farang in 30’s /40s on 2 year visa at the moment, she and husband both have job, no home as husband lost everything when he was divorced from his ex-wife and has to pay for maintenance for son by ex-wife. Trying to get permanent accommodation. Sin Sot Paid. Status ex bar girl.

Lady E

Married a farang after having known him about 2 days. He proposed and wouldn’t leave her house until she said yes. Relatively wealthy Thai lady who has her own business in her 40’s or 50’s, farang husband has just retired and has sold his flat and moved lock stock and barrel to Thailand. Has moved to Pattaya after selling house. Told his Thai wife he owed a lot of money to the taxman so I think he has hidden some of his money or given it to his children. After buying house and car in Pattaya he will have hardly any money left. I believe he married this lady because a friend told him she was quite well off. Have not worked out why she married him though. Status businesswoman (allegedly so Thai Social class B) although I cannot imagine why she married him as he is definitely social class C. Claims to have high ranking officials as relatives in Pattaya. Sin Sot Paid.

Lady F

Have known her about 7 years as she was a GF of my best friend. Has married farang and has daughter. Happily married. Ex bar girl.

Lady G

Married less than 1 year. Divorce in progress. Sin Sot Paid. Ex Go-go dancer. Cannot say anymore as husband is one of my best friends and reads this column.

Lady H

Has son and Thai daughter. Has 2 cars , 2 houses. Has bought house for her family, and her parents are wanting their son-in law to buy them a 4×4 car as well to which the answer is NO!!. Happily married (I think !!??). Sin Sot Paid. Status Ex Go-Go dancer.

So what does this prove?



Thai women marry for money. True 100%.


Thai women own their own farang style house in Thailand. True 50%.


Thai women own their own car in Thailand True 37.5%.


Long term marriage chance of success True 25-50%.


Medium term marriage chance of success True 50-75%.


Short term marriage chance of success True 75%.


Thai Women marry for money True 100%.


Farang men marry for money True 12.5%.


Marriage likely to go wrong due to lack of money. True 62.5%.


Bar girls as % of Farang Thai marriages 75-87.5%.


Payment of Sin Sot True 75%.


Thai women working in Farangland 75%.


Thai women saying they want to work in Farangland 100%.


Thai women who would leave their husband for another richer farang. 75%-100%.

Reason why Thai women married farang:


Money 100%.


Love 0%.


Pregnant 12.5%.

My Observations

Affected by working in P4P industry 0%. A probably highly controversial figure and only my estimation in the sample of women above, they all seem to me to have no regrets or been affected by it, however bear in mind this is a sample of Thai women who have escaped from the bars and gg’s. Bearing in mind Mr. Stickman's statements about it affecting Thai women, I would like to suggest that it really only affects those women that do not find a farang husband or who have worked in the industry for many years..

Thai women soon find out about the divorce laws in the west and aren’t afraid to use it. When my wife threatens to divorce me I tell her I will go off and spend all the money on the ladies of Pattaya so she will get nothing in the divorce. She backs down. She has asked me would I really disinherit our son and I say yes (not really, but I don’t let her know that).

All of these ladies are not 100% happy living here and would much prefer to be living in Thailand in the sun eating Thai food. From my wife’s comments they all thought farang were much richer than we really are, when they arrived here and saw where husbands live, cars they drive and what they earn etc and realise that Farangland is not Utopia. Wages are higher but so are living costs. They have all been misled by seeing farang spend 2 weeks holidays in Thailand spending on their credit cards and think we live like that all year round. When they come here they discover reality. Before I married my wife I used to constantly tell her I wasn’t rich so that she wasn’t misled, so now when she complains that I am not as rich as she thought. I tell her I did tell you. She thought I was lying to her but now she realises the truth. Luckily I am richer than most of her friends husbands so she hasn’t lost any face.

Mr. Stickman's and his contributors statements that Sin Sot isn’t normally paid in Thailand well from my limited experience and my survey it is the norm in the country. I wouldn’t like to say whether this is true in Bangkok and maybe that is where Mr. Stickman and contributors are talking about. Even my wife’s brothers have paid Sin Sot and on second marriages so the custom is plainly well established. However Sin Sot in the villages for 2 Thai’s seems to be more like 1 baht of gold and 30,000 baht, not the amounts farang are required to pay.

Observation on Conclusion 14. The only reason that this is not 100% is because 2 of the women have children with their farang husbands but even that probably wouldn’t be enough. My wife tells me she would marry Simon Cowell like a shot.

A further Thai lady I have met once and but not included in the survey as I have only met her once and don’t know enough about her yet. She is regretting her marriage already to a farang in his 40s as after marriage she is still living in rented accommodation (he has an ex-wife who has the house) the same as in Thailand and hasn’t seen any material benefits so far. I believe their relationship is rocky and she is regretting marriage.

All the marriages that fail or are failing are the ones where the farang doesn’t have enough money to keep his wife in the required style. If you haven’t got much money don’t marry a Thai lady as it is unlikely to work out.

Final Conclusion.

It’s all about the money.

Stickman's thoughts:

Yep, it is mostly about the money. There are exceptions though.

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