Stickman Readers' Submissions April 21st, 2010

My Thai Experience in Farangland

After reading as many of your readers submissions as I could, the thought of travelling to Thailand to try the bar scene for the first time did not fill me with dread. I felt I had planned well, read well and really clued up on what was to happen.

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The thought of possibly going through this in my own country had never crossed my mind. Until one timely visit to a local brothel was to change all of that.

I phoned up and was told what time to turn up for my appointment. The room was a nice clean room and as I sat down a vision of beauty walked into the room. Her name was Nina, 5 foot 6 and 34dd implants. Now when I saw the implants I thought to myself, hang on a second how did she afford them.

The sex was good, very good and we chatted a lot. Her English was very good and after some more discussion she informed me that she had come over to England to learn English but her course had finished.

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Now I can normally get dates with Western girls. I like to go to the gym at least 4 times a week and am only 32. The lure of Asian women was so strong that I had decided to try brothels and massage parlours in the UK. I mentioned that I liked Asian women and that I might be going to Thailand and quick as a flash her Iphone came out and she took my number. Again the site of an Iphone made me think something was going on.

The next time she came back into town, as she lived in a different town to where she worked, I received a phone call. The idea of a Thai lady with fake breasts was too much to resist and thinking with my penis I decided to go visit her again.

We chatted some more, and in the process of conversation she informed that she was poor. To which I quickly said no you are not and she laughed.

It became clear that she only worked as a hooker for 1 week out of 3 months and she lived with 5 Thais in a different town. Her friend had a farang boyfriend but she did not like them, something to do with some racial abuse she had received.

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I managed to get her guard down and she showed me pictures of a massive house in the north of Thailand, a house that an average Thai would never be able to afford. After complimenting her on the house and its furniture etc she decided to give me the girlfriend treatment. This involved kissing and the sort of sensual stuff I had never had from a whore.

As all of this was happening I was thinking how many men or even one man had been used to buy her a house that big. I asked what she did in Thailand before coming over and her answer was insurance which I didn’t believe. Also the tell tale tattoos which were discretely hidden sort of gave the game away.

The next time she came to town she once again phoned so I waited a couple of days and popped around to see her. She was all giddy and excitable like a school girl, cuddling up to me, kissing me etc. Now I wasn’t going to say no to this (but I kept a level head again from reading stories on here).

The affection levels were through the roof so I thought hey, why not play along with this. She informed of the next time she would be in my town and that she would like to cook for me. I double checked she had said that and yes she wanted to cook and take care of me. This was probably a bad idea but again I thought let's see where this leads to but hey, such is life.

I left feeling very happy and she had obviously enjoyed herself, went home and that night had a message from her saying Night Night XX. My response was kind as I am not the sort of person to be nasty. She mentioned that she wanted to see me again before I went back.

We met again and more of the girlfriend side, I tried to pay her but she declined payment. This really surprised me as she is a prostitute, with all the obvious material wealth of being a bargirl at home and here. After chatting to her more and paying nice compliments she eventually gave away her age as 40; however she looked 25 and not a day older.

The discussion of her job came up and that she was meeting a client for an overnight stay the following weekend, but she wanted to come to my house the night before cook for me and make love to me. No mention of gifts yet but she did ask me for a CD as she did not know where to find it. It is an old CD and not the sort you can find in a shop. I will be playing ignorance on this and just say I couldn’t find it.

Where this experience leads me I don’t know. She has just phoned saying she knows a shop to get the ingredients from. However I did miss a phone call from her which she was extremely unimpressed about saying I was a liar and it was bullshit!

I still need to ask her if she is going to charge me for cooking and staying over. If she is then thanks but no thanks. Plus I don’t really want her to know where I live so have arranged the usage of a friends place just in case it all goes wrong.

Stickman's thoughts:

Who knows what's really going on here? She might be married and playing around on the side. She might be a prostitute who is able to make it your way some of the time. I would find this sort of thing to be a real mind fxxx. I hate not knowing what is really going on.

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