Stickman Readers' Submissions April 9th, 2010

Re: Wanderlust Submission

To tell the truth, I never in my live read such a lot of uneducated drivel. What on earth has male behavior 100 or more years ago got to do with the modern she dragon in the western world.

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He gave one example that man tend to make babies and then run away from their responsibilities. He forgets totally that it needs a man and a woman to make a baby and that at least 50% of the fault is the girl's. She does not have to open her legs at all. In a case of rape of course all bets are off.

Also unfortunately far too many of the western bitches live of the children they manufactured on an assembly line production. They might have up to 8 or 9 children all by different fathers and live a very good and comfortable life from all the child support they receive.

Also I know of quite a few cases where the husband worked his guts out to supply his family with a family home, a car for his wife and all the other trimmings which are accepted in western families. All seemed to be ok with the lazy wife sitting at home chatting with her friends. Then suddenly at her change of life she become abusive and literarily attacked her husband with the noodle roller. After the first hit the husband held her hands to prevent further damage. She screamed for help and the husband got arrested for attacking his wife. She got a court order to prevent him from even getting his few personal belongings out of the house. That he had witnesses to show that she attacked him first and he was acting in self defence did not count at all. He was holding her hands and that is an assault under the law. Anyway, he lost all in a divorce court of law and had to pay more then 70 % of his income for alimony and child support. He made sure that he got fired from his job, now unemployed he actually has more money to use than if he was working full time as only a very small amount of his unemployment benefit can be confiscated. If this would happen to me I know what would happen to the judge of the family court and my ex wife! But I would make darn sure that I am overseas during the retaliation.

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As far as I can see the family laws are completely one-sided and the woman can do no wrong. The funny thing is that DNA tests in most western countries show that almost 60% of all children born in a normal marriage can not possible be from the husband of the woman concerned. <60%? A few percent, perhapsStick> But usually in a family court he still has to pay maintenance for the bitch's children regardless if he can prove they are not from him. The judges usually say the well being of the child is of primary importance, that the husband might go bankrupt paying for somebody else’s child is not taken into consideration. Also in many western countries if a child is born to a married couple the law clearly states that the child is the responsibility of the husband.

The only way out of this mess would be to hang all the family lawyers and judges, as this unfortunately will not happen in the foreseeable future we will be screwed royally and remain so. Another way is of course not to have any long term relations and change lady every few months, and also make sure that they do not live in your house for any length of time.

I am very glad that so far I have had no problems, but of course you never know what the future will bring.

To bring an Asian woman into a western country is generally asking for trouble. She soon will be in contact with ladies from her own country and learn about all the rights she has. This applies to ex bargirls and also to highly educated ladies from well off Asian families. As far as I can see almost all of the apparently happily married ladies have their boyfriends and the husband is of course the last one to know about it. I do not know how it compares to western ladies, but I do believe that almost all Thai women play up if they believe that they can get away with it. Also I found numerous cases where the Thai wife left her husband as soon as she got Australian citizenship and started a divorce case trying to get as much as possible of the husband's property. Funnily enough the same cheating does not appear to happen in marriages where both partners are Asian. That really makes me wonder sometimes.

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So the way it looks the poor western man is screwed no matter which way he turns. So far he can always escape to Brazil as they have no extradition treaties with most countries. But the man has to be very careful over there, if his girl friend claims he has fathered a child the authorities take his passport and he can not leave Brazil until the child is 18 years old. This happened to two friends of mine. So there are really not to many places were it is really save to be.

Ok enough of my rambling.

Stickman's thoughts:

Seems to be rather a bit of exaggeration in this submission… Best to try and stick with the facts, I reckon.

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