Stickman Readers' Submissions April 8th, 2010

Wanderlust Loses the Plot

I think my title gives away my feelings on Wanderlust’s latest addition to the dialog about western women. Based on the rambling, nearly incoherent, structure and the content, I hope that Wanderlust was under the influence of heavy narcotics when
he wrote it. Otherwise we should be concerned for his mental well being. I apologize in advance for the length of this submission and hope some of you find it to be worth the effort to read it to the end.

I had trouble reading through Wanderlust’s whole entry as it provoked the harshest possible reaction from me. Korski noted that there are many non-feminist women in the west. This is true, but, like Wanderlust, they have absorbed the feminist agenda
without realizing they have. The concept of “The Big Lie” is that if you tell an outright lie often enough, people will accept it as the truth. This has been the feminist left’s modus operandi for many years.

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Several premises underlie every word in Wanderlust’s submittal. I will list three of them, but will undoubtedly miss others that are just as important, as I was seeing red half way through. Here they are, as I see them, with quotes from Wanderlust’s
submission in italics to demonstrate what I am summarizing:

  1. Women are good, men are bad.

    1. The truth of the matter is I know all too many men are down right nasty, sleazy, low life, asshole characters and that is the fact of the matter.
    2. If I was a women and I knew as much as a man knows about men in general and the way men think and or like to behave and or their life long attitudes about women and things pertaining to women …I would run for the hills if I ever met most of those men that I would meet or could meet in nearly all parts of the world.
    3. Men all too often perpetrate aggression and abuse and outright physical harm and damage inflicted upon women and that fact is ever lasting and never forgotten by women…ever! …repeat never!
    4. Men beat women and abuse them in several ways, mentally and physically “far more so” than women perpetrate the same behaviour.
    5. Maybe the mindset of the modern western women is similar to that and they can not forgive us for our infidelities, our transgressions, our insensitivities, our aggressive behaviour, our domineering ways and our self serving male attitudes…truth be told.

Wanderlust dismisses comments where many men tell of friends that have been screwed over by a woman, or a case or two that happened to them, but his own few anecdotal experiences mean all men are nasty, sleazy, low life, asshole characters, and women are so much better. I wish I had his life experience instead of mine. The comments above contain the big lie. That lie is that men do the vast majority of domestic abuse. The statistics, in the US at least, show this is just not true.
Study after study that actually examines abuse cases, rather than just quotes police statistics, have shown that the abuse is initiated by both genders about equally, and more often by women where the abuse is serious (involves serious bodily
harm or death, usually involving use of a weapon.) How often would the police report and record an incident of a woman slapping a man, versus a man slapping a woman? This imbalance in police attitudes (with which I have personal experience) skews
the police records greatly. We never hear of the results of these studies because they go against the battered woman industry. Think of all the battered women’s shelters, and the charities that bring in huge bucks to support them. Ever
hear of a battered men’s shelter? That a wife can kill her husband in a premeditated way, and get off totally free by claiming abuse, is just a license to kill. My oldest sister is a true feminist. She said Lorena Bobbit should have gone
to prison. If you are afraid of your husband, you stick the knife in his chest to kill him. If you are pissed at him for sleeping with another woman, you cut off his penis. Yet she got off totally scot free with maiming her husband. My sister
also says Mike Tyson should have got off. Any woman that goes to a man’s hotel room at 4 in the morning dressed only in a nightie, is giving consent. As my sister puts it, “A woman has to do more than whisper no in a man’s
ear as he sticks it in for it to be rape.” How refreshing; a woman that actually thinks women have some responsibility for the sex act. This attitude of a woman sharing responsibility for her own sexual behavior is totally absent from Wanderlust’s
world view.

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Speaking of rape, a couple of years ago a men’s lacrosse team at an Ivy League college was having a little social get together. They hired a stripper for the entertainment. The next day the stripper claimed to have been gang raped by at least 5
members of the team. She was not able to consistently pick out from a picture line up the team members she was accusing, but 5 were charged none the less. There were no witnesses. On her accusation alone the five were expelled from college, and
the entire lacrosse program was closed out. As evidence mounted that disproved her story, she just changed her story, repeatedly. No matter what happened, no matter how much evidence contrary to the accusation piled up, the District Attorney pressed
on. One of the accused was able to prove he was in another state at the time of the alleged rape. Did this discredit the woman? No way. Eventually so much physical evidence was obtained that proved the boys were not involved that the charges were
dropped. But first the (male) DA had to be fired for prosecutorial misconduct (withholding evidence, he is currently under criminal charges for false prosecution.) Charges were dropped only because the families of these boys had money out the
wazoo to fight the witch hunting court. We mortals would be in the state pen for the next 20 years. What happened to the parties involved? The five boys did not graduate, will remain under a cloud, and will be considered rapists by many, if not
most. The lacrosse program remains closed. And the stripper, who was a student at the same school, suffered nothing, and graduated on schedule. No charges were ever filed on her for filing a false police report. This is the typical outcome. False
rape charges never have a negative impact on the woman making the false accusation. Why would the DA go to such lengths to nail boys where there was ample evidence of innocence? Because if a poor black woman accuses 5 rich white boys of rape,
and the DA doesn’t get a conviction; good luck at the next election. I find it interesting in the context of this discussion that the boys having a stripper at the party was given as sufficient reason to expel them and close the lacrosse
program due to moral issues (in advance of any conviction). However, the woman being a stripper was perfectly alright, morally. Once again women are not held accountable.

Another big lie foisted here is that it is men that cheat on their wives and never the other way around. I went over this in an earlier submission in great detail. Statistics say this is just not true. Women and men are equally sleaze balls in this area.
(See statistics below.) Yet we are to forgive them, while they are justifiably angry at us, and, according to Wanderlust, deserve to bash us with the help of the biased legal system. Just how biased? A Georgia family court judge was quoted in
the newspaper as stating, “I assume anything a man says in my court is a lie, and anything a woman says is the truth.” Care to go before this “impartial” judge in your divorce case?

Just some statistics to refute Wanderlust’s proposition that nasty, sleazy, low life, asshole characters are linked to the Y chromosome:

From the Guardian, 1998-07-14: "More than 25 years ago the consultant obstetrician E E Phillipp reported to a symposium on embryo transfer that blood tests on between 200 and 300 women in a town in the south-east of England revealed that 30 per cent
of their children could not have been fathered by the men whose blood groups had also been sampled".

From The REPORT Newsmagazine 2000-04-24: "The rate of wrongful paternity in "stable monogamous marriages," according to the Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany, ranges from one in 10 with the first child to one in four with the fourth".

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That's Life! magazine survey (Dec 9 2004) questioned 5,000 women, average age 38, across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on their attitudes to truth, relationships, and behaviour.

  • The overwhelming majority (96%) admit to lying.
  • Almost half (45%) of the 5,000 questioned told the researchers for That's Life! magazine they tell lies most days.
  • Half of all women would lie to their husbands or partners to keep their relationship going if they became pregnant by another man, a survey said today.
  • Figures showed one woman in two would not tell her man that the baby she was carrying was not his – if she wanted to stay with him.
  • They also said four out of ten (42%) would lie about contraception in order to get pregnant, in spite of the wishes of their partner.
  • Eight out of ten women (83%) admit to telling "big, life-changing lies", with 13% saying they do so frequently.
  • Partners (70%) are most likely to be lied to by women, with friends (65%), parents (64%), customers and clients (58%) and bosses (57%) also being deceived.
  • Six out of ten (57%) admitted to stealing something, while one in four had taken from their parents. A quarter (23%) would "sneak a bottle or two" home if they were invited to a party by a well-off friend.
  • Half (49%) would "kiss and tell" to the media for £25,000 if they had a one-night stand with a celebrity, and 38% say they would marry purely for money. 23% would allow their man to sleep with another woman for £50,000.
  • Meanwhile, some 79% have got drunk at the office Christmas party, while a third admit to "getting off with someone they don't fancy" and 5% have ended up having sex with the boss.
  • An alarming 31% of all women say they would not tell a future partner if they had a sexual disease. This rises for 65% for single women.
  • Nearly half (46%) fake orgasms and more than half (55%) claim they are tired, have a headache, or feel ill to "get out of lovemaking".
  • A fifth of women with a long-term partner (19%) say they have cheated on him by having an affair, while 30% of all women have had an affair with a married man.
  • Most women (68%) do not trust their partner

I put this forward not to demonize western women, but rather to counter the insidious effect of the nursery rhyme “girls are sugar and spice and everything nice.” Wanderlust has bought into this myth, big time. How much worse can we men
be than a woman who lies about having an STD or about whose child she is carrying?

There was a cartoon I saw recently that puts it in perspective. Two archeologists were looking at a cave wall painting and commented, “It is amazing, it could have been written today.” The cave wall said, “Women = Good, Men = Bad.”
Hallmark cards have the sales pitch, “for when you care to send the very best.” They have a card the front of which shows a woman who is saying, “Men are slime.” On the inside it says, “Sorry, for a minute there
I was being overly generous.” This is where men stand in western society today.

  1. The laws are written to protect all equally, women are just finally “enacting” them to defend themselves.

    1. the modern women is not going to be ignored any longer and the same laws that men made and men enforce, “for everyone“, are now being exercised by women..even if the laws are manipulated and lopsided in some cases.
    2. The men that bitterly complain about the small percentage of cases where women screw over men, using the law …even if it is , at present, often lopsided and in their favour.
    3. We listen to other men giving examples of a friend or 2 that had a bad marriage resulting in the ex wife winning everything or all too much in the divorce court and she did it by way of lies and deceit and manipulation.
    4. the point is the legislation and laws are enforced for good reason and all you good guys out their should be just as pissed off as the women because the irresponsible conduct of so many men is what is choking the rest of us.
    5. In the countries with laws, within a democracy, the end result is all those “pissed off women“, with justified good reason, have turned to the laws, made by men, by the way, which protect all people, in unjust situations.
    6. You can be glad that only a small percent of the women actually enact those laws but all women will naturally support the efforts of other women who take their cases of unjust male behaviour to the courts and beyond.
    7. Again…that is not you or may not be you…but your buddy or the guy you know at work or all too many men who sustain the ongoing questionable male behaviour that the laws of a democratic society will not tolerate.
    8. And that thinking is all part of why the modern western women is capitalizing on their legal right to confront the all too common male attitude concerning male aggression perpetrated against women

The following is taken from a web site called

“Traditional Western culture balanced special privileges for women with special obligations, and the same for men.

Equality states that no one gets special privileges, and that responsibilities and rights should be equally shared.

Either system is balanced and fair. The problem with modern Western culture is that many women want only the positives from both systems:

They want special privileges from the traditional system (men paying, being "gentlemen" by using special deferential manners and language to women, being the main breadwinner, etc) but not the old-fashioned obligations (being modest and ladylike,
being a housewife, etc).

They want the positives of equality (rights, equal access to work and education, etc) without the responsibilities (paying your own way financially a full 50% for life, taking risks with no safety net, and taking your lumps without complaint like men
do…not expecting to be protected or sheltered from harsh reality, etc).

You can't take only the good from both systems…you have to take the bad with the good in any balance you strike. When women try to have their cake and eat it in this way, the bad doesn't disappear…it gets paid by men, and this is why the
current culture is one of exploitation by selfish hypocritical women…and it's why men are tired of the inequity. If American women chose one system or the other and took their full share of the bad with the good there would be no problem.
But current American culture discourages women being looked at critically, instead projecting all blame unjustly onto men; and so the inequity is rationalized away. “

How did this come to be? In the late 60’s and early 70’s, in the US, NOW (The National Organization of Women) fought long and hard to get an Equal Rights amendment to The US Constitution passed. It always failed at the ballot. It failed
with 75% support from men. How is this? Because women were smart enough to know that they would be giving up too many special protections and privileges if they became equal to men before the law. NOW changed tactics, and instead of striving for
equality merely eliminated any treatment that disadvantaged women, one at a time, with legislation. Thus they retained all special privileges, and got all the rights. Nice; if you are a woman.

Wanderlust is correct in that these laws were passed by men. However, these laws were never written to protect all citizens equally. They were written to protect women at a time when their special responsibilities warranted special protections. Later
they were passed by law makers that were from an older generation where these special privileges would have been appropriate. None of that should apply now; as the special responsibilities have been shed by modern western women. As Wanderlust
has said, things have changed. They have changed for women, but men are still shackled to the same responsibilities, as if women had kept theirs. Women have the whip hand, and we have given it to them. They have so much power that no politician
who wishes to stay in office will speak against them. They have had the whip hand for at least two generations, so the current crop of western women out in the dating world have never experienced the male dominated abuse that Wanderlust posits
occurred in the past. And past “oppression” by men does not “justify” women abusing the law to harm men now. I did nothing to oppress women last century, and the women abusing the law now did not suffer the oppression
last century; so where is the justice in a group guilt and punishment?

By the way, Wanderlust and the family court judge quoted above have a lot in common. Wanderlust dismisses all anecdotal evidence put forward by the writers of these submissions that is prejudicial to women as circumstantial and inadmissible, while sustaining
any anecdotal evidence against men. Also, in all cases, even if the woman is twisting the law to her own interest, it is because of some man’s bad behavior. If a woman wrongs a man, well, it is because a man forced it on her. Women are
never held accountable for their actions by the Wanderlusts of this world. And if any man wrongs any woman, then it justifies every man getting screwed by any woman.

  1. Since men have oppressed women in the past, all men today, as a group, are guilty, and deserve any punishment today’s women choose to mete out.

    1. The injustices suffered by women at the hands of men and the long reaching negative ramifications resulting in women fighting back…and sometimes in dirty ways.
    2. How we are seen or perceived by women and understood to be by way of men’s historic “actions” and therefore seen and understood in the eyes and minds of women, historically and or at present, we will begin to understand how they react to us…key word here…“react” to us.
    3. Men throughout the world including the “western man” have created the prevailing conditions we now see turning against us resulting in women standing up for themselves and protecting one another from the all too many historic “abuses” and the “historic aggressions” of men, including all that “manly behaviour” that most men are so eager to protect at all costs.
    4. If you ask how the laws in the USA. and Canada and Britain and Australia etc, the advanced countries, the democracies with abundant freedoms and rights and protective laws for all citizens, came to the point where women have the means to legally screw over a man, big time, you only have to research our own track record and easily learn just how long men have been screwing women over in a number of ways.
    5. Historically, rape and physical abuse of women by men has happened so often and so much it should be no surprise to any educated man or informed man as to why the laws have turned in favour of women in the western countries and the court systems…in the democracies with laws that are enforced and upheld..for all citizens..women included.
    6. Yes there are all too many cases of women abusing their lawful rights and manipulating the system in their favour but they pale in comparison to how men have traditionally abused their lawful privileges perpetrated against women.
    7. I am not saying what I am saying in defense of those seemingly bitchy, nasty women but the world is evolving and this is part of the evolution and it is not comfortable for us men having to accommodate women's grievances and displeasures concerning the way men traditionally behave towards women in general.
    8. At present we are suffering for our past and or ongoing transgressions and our male nature.
    9. I think they want an apology…they all want an apology …but they will never get that apology in any meaningful way from all the men in the world, in part because most men have not or feel they have not done anything to harm them.

Let’s start with “The injustices suffered by women at the hands of men and the long reaching negative ramifications resulting in women fighting back…and sometimes in dirty ways.” In Wanderlusts view past injustices
make it Okay for a woman to use any dirty trick she can to get her way. After all, she is only looking out for her interest. What might one of these dirty ways be? How about accusing your husband of child sexual abuse in a divorce? It is a
tactic deemed justifiable by lots of divorce lawyers; as while the hubby is defending himself from that charge you can pick him clean in the divorce. It works because the presumption in all courts is that all men are child sexual predators,
even of their own children. You may say this is not true. I had a co-worker at one job that went through this. It pushed him over the limit. He electrocuted himself to death in the bath tub. His note stated that he just could not deal with
the charges anymore; he couldn’t prove he didn’t do anything, and they made life not worth living. Note: a man is guilty until he can prove himself innocent; if he can. No one is going to help him; he stands alone. At least the
ex did not get future income from him. Does this tactic sound justified to you?

In one of the statement above Wanderlust states that it is justifiable that laws have turned in favor of women, which contradicts his argument that the laws are upheld for all citizens, which he puts forward in the same sentence. He is correct that the
laws have turned in women’s favor, and incorrect that they are enforced for all equally. If the laws are not equal for all, then why should any of us at a disadvantage accept them? And if the women are justified in twisting and distorting
them to suit their needs, and feel no guilt as they are just looking out for their interests, then maybe we men should take the same attitude and evade or twist any law to suit our interests.

In Wanderlust’s comments above, note the number of times you read “historically’ or “traditionally”. In other words, we are accountable for all past transgressions of all men while women are accountable for…..
nothing. The underlying assumption is that men have transgressed and all women are totally innocent of all faults. I don’t agree with either of those sentiments. The present is where we live. I bear no responsibility for the attitudes
and actions of others which occurred before I was born. I also reject the notion that if one guy is a jerk that justifies a woman twisting and distorting the truth and the law to get vengeance against a man that did not behave like a jerk.
(I assume there are men or women that can cast the first stone, being them selves without sin. I doubt I am one of them. Let’s leave vengeance to the lord.) However, to Wanderlust this matters not, since I am guilty of being a man (At present we are suffering for our past and or ongoing transgressions and our male nature.)
And what is this male nature, or as described by Wanderlust elsewhere, the traditional male values? They are: beating your wife or girlfriend, raping women, abusing women physically, emotionally, and otherwise, and sport fu**ing women and
then abandoning them when they get pregnant. Women’s fight against these traditional male values is what forms the justification for all they do, as far as Wanderlust is concerned. As my grandmother would say, horse apples. Traditional
male values are to protect and support women and children, and if you get a woman pregnant then to do the right thing, be a man, and marry her so your children are not bastards. And these are still the male values. Why were most of the dead
on the Titanic men; because there was, and still is, a women and children first attitude in western culture. Almost all work place deaths are men. The vast majority of serious workplace injuries happen to men. Why; because it is almost entirely
men that do all the dirty, dangerous, and unpleasant jobs. Wanderlust exhibits these male values of protecting women at cost to himself. Note his head long, unthinking, defense of all women from us brutes who would harm them. His insistence
that the poor dears have to fight dirty just to survive, since we are so powerful and they are so weak.

Women do not fight against traditional male values; they do everything they can to reinforce them, because they depend on them, and use them against us, when it suits their “interests”. They will fight tooth and nail to get all the rights
and pay, saying that they can do anything a man can do, only better. Then when it comes time to pay the bill it is, “helpless little old me needs to be protected and taken care of by you big strong men.” And we usually fall for
it. This is the reason the laws are so skewed in women’s favor.

As to sport f**king and abandoning pregnant women, Wanderlust is far behind the times. He acknowledges that the western law pretty much nails all the men. What he doesn’t discuss are the many women that lie about their use of contraceptives to
get pregnant against the wishes of their partner. (See the above statistics in section 1.) Sometimes these women are the children of ugly divorces, and have no interest in a marriage or long term relationship with any man, but, as the biological
clock ticks down to zero, they go out and get pregnant intentionally. The only thing that matters to them is what they want. After the fact, they will, of course, nail the guy (an unwilling victim) with a paternity suit so the court will force
him to support her life choice. Is any evidence about her intention, or her deceit, admissible in court when deciding support? No! The man is responsible for all aspects of sex, and the woman has no responsibility. We men stand guilty of having
had sex, and the woman is always the victim of our crime (unless you favor Katoeys). The criminalization of all heterosexual intercourse is an overtly stated goal of many feminist organizations. For proof of how effective they have been just
look at the direction the laws have taken incrementally in the US and many other western nations over the past 40 years or so.

As to his instance that women are owed an apology; well aren’t we all. If you look at history, every group can claim victimhood at the hands of someone, at some time. I don’t particularly care; as I have no intention of apologizing to my
first wife, who was a serial adulterer, for all the wrongs ever done to women by men. Nor am I likely to get an apology from any group that in the past wronged any group in which I can claim membership. I don’t believe in group guilt,
and that is the basis for Wanderlust’s enter entry. We are responsible for our own actions, and any harm we do to individuals as the result of those actions. We are not responsible for harm done at anytime in the past to anyone by any
person or persons who may share some trait or connection to us.


Wanderlust puts forward his agenda for women’s causes and then puts up the weakest and most hackneyed excuses as men’s argument against them. He then tears these straw men apart as if that proves his point. He is not presenting my case I
would make. I make no argument in favor of a man’s “right” to beat his wife any more than I do for a wife to beat her husband. I don’t defend rapists. Yet what passes for evidence in rape cases, and the rampant
number of false rape charges which go totally unpunished, is ludicrous. I had a sister that used to say that there need be no trial in cases where a woman charged a man with rape. He should just be sent to prison for life; no testimony or
proof need be provided. Her tune changed when her 18 year old son was imprisoned for having consensual sex with his 16 year old girl friend. The consent laws here allow 16 year old girls to consent to sex, but only with a partner within 24
months of her age. The girlfriend’s parents objected to him, and found that he was 25 months older. He got out of prison long ago, and is married with kids. However, he is still on the sex offenders list, and he has his address posted
on the state web site as a child molester. The issue is a total imbalance in the law and public opinion that puts men at the very limited mercy of women in this country.

Wanderlust concludes with the question of, “Which is worse; angry, bitter Asian woman or an angry, bitter western woman?????” If those were my only choices I would say that Korski is right, the only winners (if you are men) are the ones
that rent women one night at a time. Why would any man want to live with, and support, an angry bitter women that wishes to do men harm? I choose to believe that these are not the only two options. There are western women that are good marriage
and mother material. I am not throwing all western women into one category. I do believe that the percentage of western women that have the attitudes and attributes that make them good candidates for a life partner is very small, and that
your odds are much better seeking one in Asia. You can get screwed (and not in a nice way) by women in either place, but why play in a game that is rigged against you from the start.

If we all ignore women with the attitudes currently on display in most western women, then maybe they will change. They for sure won’t give up their current position of power for nothing. Gandhi got the British out of India by peaceful, but active,
non-cooperation. We must not cooperate with western women’s continued exploitation of us.

Stickman's thoughts:

I have been away for sufficiently long that I am very clearly out of touch with the whole "Western women situation". If even only a fraction of what you say is true (and I bet almost all that you say is spot on), the situation is dire!

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